Understand How IP Address Trackers Work & the 7 Apps You Can Use

The internet connects us all, with information flying across continents within milliseconds. But how do devices find each other in this giant digital landscape? Enter the IP address, a unique code that acts like your computer or phone's virtual address. However, IP addresses are just cryptic numbers, like a long and confusing combination lock. Here's where IP address trackers come in, as they act as the key, unlocking the hidden information behind those numbers. This article will explore the power of it, their limitations, and the various ways they are used.

IP Address Tracker

Part 1: What Does IP Address Tracker Look For?

IP Address Trackers look for various information depending on their purpose. The most basic function of the tracker is to find the location by referencing the databases as they pinpoint the device's general location. Often, it identifies the ISP or Internet Service Provider that assigns the IP Address, giving an idea of the organization providing Internet access to that device.

In a wider space like business, dedicated IP addresses can reveal the company or organization associated with them. Some trackers can analyze website visitor traffic based on their IP addresses, which helps them understand user demographics and browsing behavior. Lastly, trackers can be used to identify suspicious activity or potential security threats originating from specific IP addresses.

Part 2: Top 7 IP Address Trackers Accessible on Windows, Online, and Mobile Phones

1. SolarWinds IP Address Manager

Price Starts: $1,340

SolarWinds IPAM is a comprehensive software solution for managing IP addresses within an organization's network. Solarwind IP address tracker goes beyond basic tracking, offering features for efficient allocation, monitoring, and reporting on IP usage.

Solarwinds IPAM


  • Powerful for managing over a million IP inventories.
  • Offers features like IP allocation, subnet management, DHCP/DNS integration, and reporting.
  • Ideal for large organizations and network administrators.


  • Complex and Expensive
  • Paid software with a free trial.
  • Not suitable for basic needs.

2. ManageEngine OpUtils

Price Starts: $345

ManageEngine OpUtils is a feature-rich network management platform with built-in IP address tracking functionality. This IP address location tracker allows network administrators to discover devices, map their connections, manage switch ports, receive alerts on network events, and track allocated IPs.

ManageEngine OpUtils


  • Multi-function network management tool with IP tracking capabilities.
  • Offers features like IP discovery, network mapping, switch port management, and alerting.
  • Useful for managing various network aspects alongside IP tracking.


  • Similar to SolarWinds IPAM, paid software caters to enterprises due to its feature set and cost.

3. Angry IP Scanner

Price Starts: Free

Angry IP Scanner is a lightweight IP address tracker that is free for Windows. Users can scan a network range and identify active devices with their corresponding IP addresses. It's a good option for fundamental network discovery without needing advanced features.

Angry IP Scanner


  • Simple and free IP scanner for Windows.
  • Quickly scans networks to identify active devices and their IP addresses.
  • Easy to use for basic network reconnaissance.


  • Lacks advanced features like location lookup or ISP identification.
  • Primarily helpful in finding active devices on a network.

4. Advanced IP Scanner

Price Starts: Free

Advanced IP Scanner is a free and user-friendly network scanner for Windows. It builds upon Angry IP Scanner by offering location lookup with limited accuracy, ping sweep for connectivity testing, remote shutdown for connected devices, and Wake-on-LAN functionality to remotely wake up devices.

Advanced IP Scanner


  • Accessible and user-friendly IP scanner with more features than Angry IP Scanner on Windows.
  • Offers location lookup, ping sweep, remote shutdown, and Wake-on-LAN or WOL functionalities.


  • Limited to Windows operating systems.
  • Lacks the in-depth features of paid enterprise trackers.

5. IP Location Finder by

Price Starts: Free

IP Location Finder by is another online link to the IP address tracker. It permits users to enter an IP address and view its estimated location on a map, along with details like the associated ISP. While user-friendly, it shares limitations with other online trackers, such as potentially less accurate location data, and must be more suitable for frequent IP lookups.

IP Location Finder By


  • Another user-friendly online tracker offering IP geolocation, ISP details, and a map view.
  • Similar to other online trackers, it may offer slightly different data points.


  • Similar limitations to other online trackers – limited data and accuracy.
  • It could be better for frequent or bulk IP lookups.

6. IP2 Whois

Price Starts: Free

IP2 Whois is a free online IP tracking service that goes beyond basic location information and a great alternative for IP2Location. If publicly available, it lets users enter an IP address and view details like the approximate location, associated ISP, and sometimes even organization details. Additionally, it might show network information like the Autonomous System Number or ASN, which can be helpful for network engineers. While still an online tool with limitations on real-time tracking and bulk lookups, it offers a more comprehensive picture than basic trackers.

IP2 Whois


  • Free online IP tracker with more features than basic trackers.
  • It offers locations such as city, region, country, ISP, organization details, and sometimes network information like an autonomous system number or ASN.
  • Provides a more comprehensive picture compared to basic online trackers.


  • A similar limitation to other online trackers is that data accuracy may vary.
  • It could be better for real-time tracking or large volumes of IP lookups.

7. Fing

Price Starts: $1.49 - $ 59.99

Fing is a free mobile IP address tracker for Android and iOS devices. It offers network scanning capabilities, allowing users to identify devices connected to their Wi-Fi network. It also provides basic IP location information and device identification. The free version may have limitations, and a premium option offers additional features. However, it's important to remember that mobile IP tracking accuracy can be limited due to reliance on user location data and the dynamic nature of mobile IP addresses.



  • It helps identify devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • It can help troubleshoot network issues or identify unauthorized devices.


  • It relies on user location data and may not be as accurate as dedicated IP trackers, especially for dynamic mobile IP addresses that change frequently.
  • The free version may have limited features.

Bonus: Change Your iPhone Location to Avoid Being Tracked By Anyone

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  • Is an IP address the same as my location?

    No, an IP address gives a general idea of your location, such as city, region, and country, but it doesn't pinpoint your exact address. It's like knowing the zip code of a house rather than the specific house number.

  • Are IP trackers safe to use?

    Most online IP trackers are generally safe. However, it's essential to be cautious of websites that ask for excessive personal information in exchange for an IP lookup. Stick to reputable websites with clear privacy policies.

  • Are there any limitations on IP trackers?

    Yes, IP trackers have limitations. The location data might differ, especially for mobile IP addresses, which can change frequently. Basic trackers only reveal basic details, and the advanced ones require a subscription that isn’t budget-friendly. Sometimes, the IP address tracker you use requests excessive information about you, affecting data privacy.

  • What are alternatives to IP trackers for location sharing?

    If you want to share your exact location with someone, you can use location-sharing features built into messaging apps or social media platforms. These services typically rely on GPS data from your phone for more precise location tracking.

  • Can I hide my IP address?

    There are ways to mask your IP address, such as using a Virtual Private Network, VPN, or a proxy server. These services route your internet traffic through a remote server, making it appear you're browsing from a different location.


You can now choose which IP address trackers for Google Maps works well to find the IP address of a particular organization or person. Even though there are multiple selections you can find over the internet, it is still important to respect a person's right to privacy. You should use something other than the information you have gathered, like IP address tracking, for no good use. We hope that the information we offer will open your eyes to the IP tracker, so always be careful when browsing over the internet, for there is a possibility that someone might be using this to track you.

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