How to Unlock a Sprint Phone Easily on Windows/Mac

When you buy a Sprint-plan phone, the price you pay is adorable, but the network fee may be higher than you expect. In that case, you should unlock Sprint phone so that you can use any network carrier whose charges are affordable. But is getting a Sprint unlock phone from any phone model feasible? How much will it cost to do that? You will know the answer and learn how to unlock a Sprint phone from this article.

Sprint Unlock Phone

Part 1: Check Eligibility Before Checking a Sprint Unlock Phone

There are many ways to unlock Sprint phone, but before that, you'll need to check your phone first to ensure three premises. With them, you can get a Sprint unlock phone.

1. Ensure that you've used your current Sprint phone for at least 40 days.

2. There's a SIM card slot on the phone.

3. The user must have completed the contracts with Sprint to unlock a Sprint phone.

With the three requisites above, you can unlock your Sprint phone using unofficial methods, which means you have to pay for a Sprint unlock code from Sprint.

Part 2: How to Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account

After you've checked the requirements, you can start to unlock your Sprint phone. There are two types of ways to do that: one is SIM unlock tools; the other is Sprint carrier. If you want to unlock Sprint without an account on any device, you should learn how to unlock a Sprint phone with a SIM unlock tool. Some of these tools may be free.

Step 1

Let's take SIMNEVERLOCK as an example to unlock Sprint phone for free online. Open the dialer on your phone and dial *#06#. Then, the IMEI number of your phone will show up on the screen. If your iPhone is locked to the owner and you can't open it, you can tap the Information button to view the IMEI number.

Call For Imei Number
Step 2

Go to SIMNEVERLOCK and enter your valid email address, IMEI number, and phone model, such as iPhone 11 Pro. Tap on the UNLOCK button. Then, this tool will confirm your request. Finally, it will ask you for a task to help you unlock your Sprint phone for free.

Unlock Sprint Simneverlock

Bonus: Unlock the Screen Before You Get a Sprint Unlock Phone

You can unlock a Sprint phone when you don't know the screen lock passcode, but you still can't access the device, so unlocking the SIM is in vain. How can you unlock a phone with a forgotten passcode? Please try iToolab UnlockGo. This program can quickly unlock a locked Android phone when you don't know the screen passcode. You will access all features and apps on your phone and unlock the Sprint phone without obstacles.

Main Features:

Remove screen lock, Face ID, and Touch ID quickly.

Supports many phone brands and Android OS versions.

Unlock Android phones with a USB plugin into your computer.

Remove the screen passcode while changing the OS version.

Step 1

Connect your Android phone to your PC or Mac and launch iToolab UnlockGo. On the main interface, click on Remove Screen Locks.

Start Remove Screen Lock Itoolab
Step 2

You should confirm your device model. Please select your phone brand to start screen unlock, or you can't unlock the Sprint phone with full access to your device.

Select Phone Brand Itoolab
Step 3

Finally, you only need to click the Start button to unlock the screen lock on your phone easily. Every feature and setting on your phone will return.

Unlock Phone Screen Lock Itoolab

Part 3: Call the Carrier to Unlock Sprint Phone

If you are not using a Sprint-plan phone, you can ask Sprint to unlock the phone. Maybe the staff are unwilling to help you do that, for your continuous use means their performance. In that case, you should clarify that you don't break any contract and that it's legal and feasible to unlock a Sprint phone. Then, they will give you a Sprint unlock code. However, Sprint may not help you solve problems related to the phone brand; for example, you can't ask them to unlock a lost iPhone.

Part 4: FAQs of Sprint Unlock Phone


  • Can I unlock the Sprint phone online?

    Yes, you can. There are many SIM unlock services online. However, you'd better not select a paid tool, which can be a scam.

  • Will unlocking my Sprint phone erase my data?

    No, it won't. SIM unlock only removes the technique on your phone that refuses other network, but it won't influence on your device storage.

  • Can I unlock my Sprint phone with an account?

    Yes, you can. The account is your ID when you want to unlock the network restriction. However, Sprint has now merged with T-Mobile, so you need a T-Mobile account to unlock your Sprint phone.

  • Can I get a Sprint unlock phone from Sprint stores?

    Yes, you can. Those SIM-locked phones are sold from a particular plan, whose price is very low. If you choose a normal phone, it won't have SIM locks.

  • Can I factory reset my phone to unlock the Sprint SIM lock?

    No, you can't. Factory reset can't remove the technique inside your phone that forbids other networks.


There are two ways to own a Sprint unlock phone. You can choose some third-party unlock tools that will unlock your Sprint phone without an account. If your phone is not a network-plan phone, you can unlock it directly from the Sprint official. But if you can't open your phone, unlocking the Sprint phone is useless, for you can't use it at all. Remember to use iToolab UnlockGo to remove the screen lock quickly. You will encounter no obstacles on your phone.

Samuel Spenser
Samuel Spenser

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