Reasons Why iPhone Locked to Owner Happens & Find the Best Solutions

iPhone locked to the owner is a security reinforcement feature by Apple that prevents anyone else from using your device if lost or stolen. When it is on, you will see a message that it is locked. Does your iPhone do the same thing even if you are the original owner? This article will answer all the queries surrounding this topic and introduce three ways to solve the problem effectively without asking for professional help.

iPhone Locked to Owner

Part 1: Why Is Your iPhone Locked to Owner? 3 Reasons Behind It

There are three reasons why iPhone Locked to Owner appears on your screen that may cause you to access the iPhone like a standard device:

1. Enable Find My iPhone

The most common reason your iPhone might be locked to the owner is because you enabled Find My iPhone. This security feature is fantastic if your phone ever goes missing. When you enable Find My iPhone, the Activation Lock also turns on. Activation Lock makes your iPhone a paperweight for anyone who doesn't have your Apple ID and password. So, if your iPhone is lost or stolen, a thief can't use it or access your data. It's a win-win for security but can be a headache if you forget you enabled it before selling your phone.

2. Second-hand iPhone

Another situation is if you bought a used iPhone that wasn't reset properly. Let's say you found a fantastic deal on a second-hand iPhone. But when you try to set it up, you're greeted with the dreaded message. This means the previous owner only partially erased the device after selling it. They likely only reset the phone to factory settings, which wipes their data but keeps the iPhone linked to their Apple ID. They should have removed the device from their iCloud account to prepare it for a new owner. Since they didn't, you're stuck with a locked iPhone.

3. Software Glitches

The last reason, and the least common, is a software glitch. In these sporadic cases, a glitch in the iPhone's software might cause you to remove the Activation Lock when enabled unexpectedly. If you're sure you didn't enable Find My iPhone yourself and you bought a brand new iPhone, a software glitch could be the culprit. If none of the other scenarios seem likely, contacting Apple Support is your best bet. They have the tools and expertise to diagnose the problem.

Part 2: How to Do iPhone Locked to Owner Bypass - 3 Ways

1. Best Way to Bypass iPhone Locked to Owner

imyPass iPassBye is the app that you will need to easily remove the Activation Locked on your iOS device quickly, and it currently supports the latest version of iOS. After bypassing, you can fully control the device without the lock's limitation. Moreover, the technicalities in the iPhone Lock to Owner bypass have been removed once you use this. Learn it now with the steps here!

Step 1

With the clickable button below, download the app on your computer by choosing the appropriate operating system. Then, install the program on your computer, and once it is done, run it entirely into your computer to start using it.

Step 2

Next, establish a wired connection with the app between iOS and the desktop. When a message appears on your iOS, tap Trust This Computer to confirm it.

Trust Computer
Step 3

Now that the iOS is recognized, the app will warn you about what will happen when you bypass it with the app, and if you agree, click the Start button. Don't forget to put your iOS device into jailbreak mode. And the app doesn't offer this, but you can read a tutorial and click Next to proceed.

Bypass Start
Step 4

Read the device information and confirm if it is correct, then click Start Bypass Activation to begin the process. When it is done, you will receive a notification on your computer screen, and you will now be able to use the iOS without the Activation Lock.

Start Bypass Activation

Using Way

Aside from the option above, you can bypass the iPhone locked to the owner for free using However, this method will require you to access the Apple ID activated on the locked device. If you or the owner don't have access to it, it is ideal to use the first way. Nevertheless, here is the tutorial on how to use this.

Step 1

Open, log your Apple ID, and navigate the Find iPhone menu.

Step 2

To see the device connected, click the All Devices option and select the iPhone from which you want to remove access.

Step 3

Choose the Erase iPhone option to remove the device from the iCloud account if required.

Erase iPhone
Step 4

You can also go to the Activation Lock screen and sign your Apple ID account there. If you forget, you can reset it by answering security questions or receiving recovery email addresses.

Activation Lock Screen

3. Contacting the Apple Support

If the bypass iPhone Locked to Owner for free didn't work, you can ask for Apple Support's assistance. The staff can help you unlock your iOS if you have acquired proof of purchase that the device is yours. After presenting the required documents, Apple staff will help you in this situation so you can regain the device's full function.


  • What happens if I find a lost iPhone locked to the owner?

    It's best to return the lost iPhone to its rightful owner. You can contact them using the emergency contact information displayed on the lock screen. If that fails, turning it into the authorities allows them to locate the owner.

  • What should I do when I buy a locked iPhone online?

    If you purchased a locked iPhone and weren't informed it was Activation Locked, contact the seller and request a refund. If they refuse, you should report the issue to the platform you used to buy it.

  • Will Apple unlock my iPhone if I don't have the original receipt?

    Apple may consider other forms of proof of purchase, such as bank statements showing the transaction or packaging with serial numbers matching the device. However, having the original receipt is the most potent form of proof.

  • Can I reset the iPhone to factory settings to bypass the Activation Lock?

    A simple reset will not bypass the Activation Lock. The device will still be linked to the previous owner's Apple ID.

  • What if I see a message: This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID. Can I sign in to use iCloud?

    This message indicates the device is Activation Locked, but it's okay if you are the rightful owner. You can sign in with the Apple ID associated with the device to unlock it.


Do not hesitate to bypass an iPhone Locked to Owner when that message appears on your screen. This is a way to unlock your iOS, which is locked by it. This is the information you need when this happens, but do not use it for illegal purposes.

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