Guide for iPhone Jailbreaking on Windows/Mac/iPhone

Do you know that it's still worth jailbreaking an iPhone? In the past, iOS offered very few apps and services, so you could jailbreak an iPhone to unlock more apps and features. Today's iPhone has a grand number of apps and standard or special features, but you can still engage in iPhone jailbreaking to obtain something magnificent.

Jailbreak iPhone

Part 1: What Does Jailbreaking an iPhone Do?

You are worth it when jailbreaking an iPhone brings particular benefits. However, you should also notice the disadvantages. Please check what a jailbroken iPhone can do that even today's iPhone can't offer.

Remove iPhone Carrier Deal

A carrier deal means you can only use your iPhone with a specific SIM from a specific carrier, or the iPhone will be locked. It is a deal between Apple and the carrier. How can you remove this carrier plan? iPhone jailbreaking is a feasible way.

Install Apps for Free

Some apps are paid only on iOS. With a jailbroken iPhone, you can install these apps for free in a legitimate version.

Great Customization

Although today's iPhone has more customization compared to what it was, it's still not comparable with a jailbroken iPhone. For example, you can use folders, install themes, customize device controls, etc., after jailbreak an iPhone 15/14/13/12.

Part 2: How to Jailbreak an iPhone on Windows with checkn1x

If you want to jailbreak an iPhone on Windows, 3 preconditions should be promised on your computer - an ISO image file, a program, and a blank USB drive.

1. checkn1x.iso

2. Rufus.exe

3. A Blank USB Drive with more than 2GB capacity

Step 1Copy the check1x file to the USB Drive

Download the checkn1x ISO file and Rufus from the Internet. Plug in the USB drive. Install Rufus and launch it. In the main interface, click the Select button to add the checkn1x ISO file, and then click the Start button.

Select Checkn1x Rufus Step 2Change the Boot Sequence of the Computer

When the checkn1x file is written, you should restart your computer and repeat pressing F12 or other keys (depending on your computer's brand or motherboard) to enter the BIOS interface. Change the boot priority to the USB drive and restart your computer again.

Change Boot Sequence Step 3Plug in Your iPhone and Jailbreak

It's time to jailbreak your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer, and use the direction keys to locate Start. Press the Enter key to go on.

Start iPhone Jailbreak

Follow the instructions on your computer to put your iPhone into DFU recovery mode. Then, it will start iPhone jailbreaking. Your iPhone will run many commands, and the computer will show the process. What you should do is only wait.

Start iPhone Jailbreaking Step 4Check Your iPhone

Once the progress ends, you can unlock your iPhone. Your iPhone won't change in its interface except that the checkra1n app is installed. It also means that your iPhone is jailbroken successfully.

Check Your iPhone Jailbreak

Part 3: How to Jailbreak an iPhone on Mac with checkra1n

Your MacBook can help you jailbreak an iPhone, and it's very easy to do that. However, before that, you need to ensure two stuffs:

1. checkra1n program

2. A USB cable to connect your iPhone

Step 1Install checkra1n

Go to the official website of checkra1n and select the version that suits your Mac and iOS devices. A MacBook requires only this software without any extra files to jailbreak your iPhone. Scroll down to click the Download for macOS button to download it.

Download Checkra1n Mac

You need to install it manually. Open the dmg file and drag it from left to right in the panel to install it.

Drag to Install Mac

When it's installed, you should open Finder and find checkra1n in the Application panel. Right-click on it and click the Open button.

Open Checkra1n Mac Step 2Start iPhone Jailbreaking on Mac

Connect your iPhone to your MacBook. Then, you should click the Start button on the bottom right side of the panel to start jailbreaking your iPhone.

Confirm iPhone Jailbreaking Mac

Accept all steps to go on. Then, it will show you how to put your iPhone into DFU mode. This is a crucial step for iPhone jailbreaking. Click the Start button and follow the guide.

Put iPhone to DFU Mode Mac

Your iPhone will run many demands, which means that it's in progress. Your MacBook also shows the progress of iPhone jailbreaking.

Start iPhone Jailbreaking Mac Step 3Check Your iPhone

Your iPhone will be restarted. Unlock it and check if there's a checkra1n app. If so, you've managed to jailbreak your iPhone on Mac.

Check iPhone Jailbreak Mac

Part 4: Uncover - Jailbreak an iPhone Without a Computer

Unc0ver is a website that can jailbreak an iPhone in iOS 18 versions. You only need to open the website on your iPhone and tap the Jailbreak button, and it will jailbreak your iPhone. However, this method has a lower success rate. To promise efficiency, you can also turn to iPhone jailbreaking on Windows/Mac.

Uncover iPhone Jailbreaking

Bonus: How Can You Jailbreak an iPhone Without a Passcode?

You may wonder if iPhone jailbreaking removes the screen password. It sounds quite good to jailbreak an iPhone while wiping out the forgotten password. However, the answer is no. Jailbreaking can break some iOS restrictions but can't approach the passcode security, which means there's no link between iPhone jailbreaking and passwords.

However, there's a way out - you can remove the password before jailbreaking an iPhone, and iPassGo can easily handle it, for it can remove all password restrictions, whether it's screen passwords, Face ID, or Touch ID.


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Connect your iPhone by USB and one-click remove the password.

Erase password restrictions while resetting your iPhone in a fresh state.

Offer the firmware package of every iOS version for iPhone unlocking.

You can also remove the Apple ID within seconds before jailbreaking.

Free Download Free Download
Step 1Downlaod iPassGo and launch it. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Click the Wipe Passcode button. Then, click the Start button on the next window. Choose Wipe Passcode iPassGo Step 2The program recognizes your iPhone; please check it and click the Start button to download the firmware package of the iOS version. When it‘s completed, your iPhone will be unlocked without the password, and you can jailbreak your iPhone without password restrictions. Download Firmware Package iPassGo

Part 5: FAQs about jailbreaking iPhone

Can I still use my iPhone after jailbreaking if I forget the password?

No, you can't. You'd better not jailbreak your iPhone when you forget your iPhone's password. Luckily, iPassGo can help you unlock an iPhone without a password.

Is jailbreaking an iPhone illegal?

It's legal to jailbreak your iPhone. However, it's not a good idea to do that if you have no urgent specific needs, for a jailbroken iPhone won't receive support from Apple, and bugs may affect your iPhone.

Will jailbreaking an iPhone remove the saved passwords?

Generally, it won't do that. However, you can't avoid bugs when jailbreaking an iPhone, so you'd better manage the passwords on your iPhone and back them up in advance.


You've learned what iPhone jailbreaking can do and how to do that on Windows, Mac, and simply on the iPhone. It's still meaningful to jailbreak an iPhone because infinite customization is infinitely needed as long as you want to attain great features or realize your imagination on your iPhone. However, you must not forget that iPhone jailbreaking means declining any Apple software and hardware support, so you'd better not do that if you have only one iPhone. We are glad to keep offering tech support and hope that you can do better in your life and work.