Forgot iPad or iPhone Password? 4 Simple Ways to Fix It

Forgetting the iPad or iPhone password can be a common experience. With the increasing importance of security, Apple devices have robust mechanisms to protect your data. However, it also means that regaining access can be challenging if you forget your password. Today, this article will guide you through 4 best methods to recover or reset your password. Then, you can access your iOS device without hassle. Just read carefully. And pick up one suitable way for you!

Forgot My iPad iPhone Password

Part 1. How to Find a Forgotten iPad/iPhone Password

imyPass iPhone Password Manager is a professional software to retrieve, view, manage, and share passwords stored on your iOS devices. When you forget the iPad or iPhone password, just try to recover the used one in a few steps. And you can quickly finish the process with its user-friendly interface. Besides the screen password, it can recover the Apple ID password, email password, and more. More importantly, it allows you to simultaneously export and save all passwords in a CSV file. Now, download and try it to find your iPad or iPhone password!

iPhone Password Manager

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Scan all passwords stored on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Recover the iOS password to unlock the device without hacking.

Manage various accounts and passwords, including Wi-Fi, iCloud, etc.

Be compatible with the latest versions, including iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

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Step 1Download the password manager on your Mac or Windows PC. Step 2Connect your iOS device to the desktop using a USB cable. Tap Trust when prompted on the iOS device to confirm that you trust the computer. Connect iPhone Step 3Open the software and click Start to scan your iPad or iPhone. Start Scan iPhone Step 4After scanning, you will see a list of passwords for you. And you can view your iPad or iPhone password here. If needed, export it directly. View Passwords

The best password manager for iPhone and iPad can easily recover your used password. Just be relaxed if you forget your iOS password.

Part 2. How to Access and Unlock an iPad/iPhone When You Forgot the Password

Besides password recovery, 3 ways below can help you access your iOS device again.

Ways 1. How to Bypass iPad/iPhone without Resetting

imyPass iPassGo is one of the best tools to help you bypass the iPad or iPhone password. This password unlocker can unlock various iOS passcodes. Whether your device password is 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, it can help you. Besides, it supports removing the Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and MDM mode from your iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps below if you forgot your iPhone/iPad/iPad Pro password.

Step 1Install and open this password unlocker on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad and select Wipe Password. Choose Wipe Passcode Mode Step 2Connect your device to the desktop. Click Start to download the firmware package. Download Firmware Package Step 3After downloading, click the Unlock button to read the notification carefully. If you confirm the wiping process, enter 0000 on the program. Then, the password will be removed from your iPhone or iPad. Unlock iPhone Passcode

Once removed, you can set a new password again. And you can also learn how to turn off iPhone password or iPad screen password here.

Ways 2. How to Reset iPad/iPhone Password When You Forgot Your Password

When entering the wrong passcode on the Lock Screen too many times, your iOS device is disabled while receiving an alert notice. There is another way if you forget the iPad or iPhone password. You can try to put your device into recovery mode. Then, you can erase the old password and set it up again. Follow here, and the steps will be different for Mac and PC.

Step 1Connect your iPhone/iPad to a computer via a USB cable. If you use a PC, confirm it is Windows 10 or later, and install iTunes first. Step 2Unplug your iOS device from the computer. Then, turn it off and put it into recovery mode by following the Apple official guide. The steps will be different according to your device model. Step 3After that, you can restore your iPhone/iPad. Locate your device in iTunes or Finder on the connected computer.

For Windows:

Find and click the Device icon in the sidebar. Select Summary and click the Restore iPhone/iPad option.

Follow the on-screen prompts to continue.

Reset iPhone iPad Passcode via iTunes

For Mac:

Find your connected device and choose Restore when you see the prompt to Restore or Update. Your computer will begin the restore process.

Reset iPhone iPad Passcode via Finder

Later, your iPhone/iPad can be accessed with no password. Then, you can reset a new password manually.

Ways 3. How to Erase iPad/iPhone Password Online

When you have enabled the Find My feature before, you can unlock and access your iPhone/iPad using iCloud. This process does not need any installation or complex operation. Here is how to erase it when you forget the iPhone/iPad passcode.

Reset iPhone iPad Passcode with iCloudReset iPhone iPad Passcode with iCloud Step 1Access the on your computer or other iOS devices. You can sign into iCloud with your Apple ID account and passcode. Step 2Once signed in, click Find My iPhone/iPad on the top right toolbar. Enter your Apple ID passcode to access the Find My iPhone/iPad interface. Then, select the unlocked iPad/iPhone from All Devices. Step 3Select Erase iPhone/iPad and choose Erase. Click Next and follow the on-screen guide to continue.

Finally, all data and settings like the screen passcode, will be removed.

Part 3. FAQs of Forgetting the iPad/iPhone Password

How to factory reset your iPad if you forgot password?

If you forget the iPad password, you can follow the guide on how to factory reset iPad/iPhone/iPod without password.

What if I forgot my Apple ID and my password?

You can recover your Apple ID via Apple's official recovery process on their website.

Can I retrieve data after resetting my device?

You can restore your data if you have a backup on iCloud or iTunes. Otherwise, you will lose all your data after resetting.

Can Apple Support help me recover my password?

No. Apple cannot help you recover a forgotten device password directly. But they can guide you on resetting it.

Can you unlock an iPhone with an Apple ID?

Yes. Just sign in to with your Apple ID with any browser. And you can use iCloud to unlock your iPhone online.


This article shares several ways to fix it if you forget the iPad or iPhone password. With the right tools and methods, you can regain access. Whether you choose to use a professional tool, iTunes, Finder, or iCloud, ensure you follow the steps carefully. Meanwhile, remember to back up your device regularly to prevent data loss. If you found this guide helpful, please comment and share your experience.