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It must be a disaster to find that you have lost your Windows password and cannot access your Windows PC. To enter your computer, what you need is a reliable Windows password cracker to recover your password without any data loss.

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Windows Password Reset

Remove Your Windows Password:

Efface the forgotten passwords to the local accounts for administrator, domain, or guest users.

Reset Your Windows Password:

Reset the password if you cannot access Microsoft, administrator, domain, or guest-user account.

Erase Your Windows Account:

Delete and clear the Windows account that is no longer in use from your Windows PC.

Create a New Windows Account:

Set up a new Windows account directly without logging in to the current user account.


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Thanks to the advanced cracking technology, imyPass can help you solve all kinds of password and boot issues.

Windows Password Reset Windows Password Reset

The best solution to reset the original password without restoring your Windows system to factory default.

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imyPass – Your Password Recovery Expert

With imyPass, you don’t need to worry about losing your precious password anymore. Cracking the locked account or files is as easy as ABC. And we are devoted to provide professional solutions and services for our customers.

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