Ultimate Guide to Create a Custom IPSW for iCloud Bypass [Completed]

Creating a custom IPSW for iCloud bypass involves modifying the firmware to circumvent iCloud activation. This is the simplest explanation about creating a unique IPSW, but what is the purpose of creating one? In this blog, we will dive into its intricacies and see how it works for iCloud Activation and if there are any simpler alternatives you can use that work like this but in a much simpler way for everyone.

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Part 1. What Is IPSW and How to Get One?

IPSW, short for iPhone Software, is Apple’s proprietary file format for iOS and iPadOS firmware updates. These files contain enhancements, bug fixes, and security patches. Here is how to work with IPSW files:

Automatic Downloads:

When you update your iPhone via Finder, iTunes, or Software Update, your device automatically downloads the appropriate IPSW files. These files are stored in specific folders on your computer, and you can not change this location in iTunes.:

• On macOS: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

• On Windows: C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunes

Manual Downloads:

If you want more control over firmware files, download IPSWs from specialized websites. Visit recommended sites and choose the IPSW for your device and OS version. The downloaded IPSW is saved in your computer’s Downloads folder. You can rename, move, or delete it without affecting your device.

Part 2. Custom IPSW for iCloud Bypass on Computer - Requirements, Steps, & More

Before you can create a custom IPSW to bypass iCloud, you will need to prepare certain things, and we have included all the information you need below. Ensure to follow the steps here to learn how to create a custom IPSW for your needs!


• You will need a modified IPSW file that removes the iCloud activation lock.

• Install iTunes on your Windows or Mac.

• Connect the iPhone you want to use via USB to a computer.

Steps on How to Do It:

On Windows:

For Windows users, download a custom IPSW file from a trusted source. With your iPhone connected and iTunes open, enter DFU mode by holding the Home and Power buttons for iPhone 6s and earlier and the Volume Down and Power buttons for later models. In iTunes, click your device icon, hold Shift and click Restore iPhone to select the downloaded custom IPSW file. iTunes will then restore your device using the modified firmware.

For Windows

On Mac:

Mac users can restore with a custom IPSW file by downloading it first. Connect your iPhone and put it in DFU mode using the same method as Windows. Open Finder, select your device, hold the Option key and click Restore iPhone. Finally, choose the downloaded IPSW file, and Finder will handle the restore process using the custom firmware.

For Mac


  • Bypassing the iCloud lock gives you full access to your device, including calls, messages, and apps.
  • If you’ve forgotten your iCloud credentials, this method allows you to use your device again.
  • Custom IPSWs can be tailored to your preferences.


  • Bypassing iCloud security compromises your device’s security.
  • Bypassing iCloud activation is against Apple’s terms of service and may violate local laws.
  • Some features like iCloud services will need to be fixed.
  • Custom IPSWs won’t receive official iOS updates.

Part 3. A Simpler Way to Bypass iCloud Activation In A Single Click

imyPass iPassBye offers a much easier way to edit IPSW and bypass iCloud Activation on your iPhone easily and quickly. Even if you are not a pro, managing to use the app became possible due to its user-friendly interface and on-point process on how to use it. Intrigued on how to use the app? If so, read the tutorial because we got your back this time!

Step 1

To download this, click the button on your computer to download the iPassBye directly. After you download it, install and launch the app!

Step 2

After opening the app, connect the iOS using the charging cable to the PC where you downloaded the app.

Connect Ios
Step 3

Review the following warnings added to the app about bypassing the activation lock before you proceed and click Start. Also, entering your device to jailbreak is needed. If you do not know how to do it, click the iOS Jailbreak Tutorial and then Next.

Read Before Bypass
Step 4

To start the bypassing, click the Start Bypassing Activation button after you confirm the information the app generated about your connected device. Wait for a few minutes, and your device will be ready to use!

Start Bypassing Activation


  • Where can I download IPSW without activating my iCloud?

    You can download an IPSW file without iCloud activation, but it’s a complex process with risks. One option is Lockra1n_v2.0 Beta 3, a free untethered iCloud bypass app for iOS 15.0 to 16.7.7. It now entirely bypasses untethered on iOS 15.0 to 15.8.2. Remember that this app is still in its early stages, so be patient with any bugs you encounter.

  • Can IPSW bypass the iOS 16.5 iCloud Activation lock?

    Lockra1n_v2.0 Beta 3 covers iOS 15.0 to 16.7.7 and adds support for the ramdisk loading problem on iOS 16.5. So, you can also use this app to bypass iOS 16.5. However, the same principles apply, and you can explore other methods cautiously.

  • Is IPSW safe?

    Modifying IPSW files can be challenging and lead to irreversible damage if done incorrectly. Proceed with care and consider seeking professional assistance.

  • Can I downgrade my iOS version using an IPSW file?

    Yes, you can use an IPSW file to downgrade your iOS version, but following the correct steps is essential. Remember that Apple often stops signing older iOS versions, so check the signing status before attempting a downgrade.

  • Can I use an IPSW file to fix issues like boot loops or crashes?

    Yes, in some cases, restoring your device using an IPSW file can resolve issues like boot loops or crashes. However, it’s essential to choose the correct IPSW version that is compatible with your device and follow the proper steps during the restore process.


IPSW iCloud bypass is a known solution for iOS users who encounter a problem on their devices, and indeed, it can solve the problem. However, using this method is a bit stiff, mainly if new users use it. Even with the simple method mentioned here, there are other options that work the same as IPSW but in a much less complex way. With iPassBye, you can do almost everything that IPSW has to offer.

Samuel Spenser
Samuel Spenser

Samuel Spenser, a senior editor from imyPass, is an expert on password unlocking and recovery. He has more than 3-year experience in writing tutorials about password recovery for Windows.

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