Fastest Ways to Get into an HP Laptop Without Password

Have you started on your login screen when you realized the password you have set on your HP is gone in your memory? Instances like this are more likely to happen if you use several alphanumerical combinations. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock an HP laptop without password needs, starting with the built-in features and the handy software apps you can find in the market.

Unlock HP Laptop without Password

Part 1: Is it Feasible to Unlock an HP Laptop Without a Password?

Yes, it is feasible to unlock an HP laptop without the help of a password. You can try several methods, and here are some of them.

1. Password Reset Disk

If you made a password reset disk when you first set up your laptop, you can use it to reset your password easily. Think of it like a backup key you made in advance.

2. Another User Account

If another user account has administrator privileges on your laptop, that user can reset your password. This is helpful if you share the laptop with someone you trust.

3. Technical Methods

Some methods involve booting your laptop into a special mode or using command prompts to reset your password. However, these methods are more complex and carry some risk, so they're best left as a last resort. It's essential to be comfortable with technical procedures before attempting these.

4. HP Recovery Manager

Some HP laptops come equipped with a built-in HP Recovery Manager. This tool allows you to reset your system to its factory settings, effectively removing any password associated with your account. However, consider this a drastic option as it will erase all data on your laptop. Make sure to back up any important files before using HP Recovery Manager.

5. Safe Mode

Booting your HP laptop into Safe Mode can be another avenue for regaining access. In Safe Mode, you can access the built-in administrator account, which typically doesn't require a password. From this administrator account, you can change or remove the password for your regular account.

Part 2: 4 Ways to Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

1. imyPass Windows Password Reset [Best Choice]

While there are various methods to regain access to your locked HP laptop, imyPass Windows Password Reset offers a unique advantage, especially if you lack a pre-created password reset disk or need to enable alternative login methods. It is a third-party program designed to help you regain access to a locked Windows PC by resetting forgotten passwords. It permits you to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive to bypass the login screen and grant access to password reset options.

Step 1

Download the app on a PC by clicking the download button and following the required installation process.

Step 2

Once downloaded and installed on another PC, launch imyPass. Choose between creating a reset disk using a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Follow the on-screen prompts within the software to burn the reset tool onto your chosen media.

Create Disc
Step 3

With the reset disk created, turn on your locked computer and enter the Windows Preinstallation Environment mode by consulting the HP manual for specific key combinations. During boot, choose the burned reset disk you created.

Boot Locked
Step 4

Choose the user account for which you need to reset the password and tick Reset Password. Reboot your PC after the reset to regain access without needing the old password.

2. HP Recovery Method

How do you unlock the HP notebook? This method suits users who don’t want to go into technicalities but works well for unlocking devices without passwords.

Step 1

To access HP Recovery Manager, turn on or restart your HP laptop and press the F11 key repeatedly until you see the Windows Recovery Environment screen appear. Then, click Troubleshoot to continue.

Trouble Shoot
Step 2

On the next screen, select Recovery Manager to initiate the HP system restore tools.

Recovery Manager
Step 3

Within Recovery Manager, navigate to the Help section and choose System Recovery. This will begin resetting your laptop to its original factory settings.

Step 4

Follow the on-screen prompts provided by the HP Recovery Manager to complete the factory reset. Once the process is finished, restart your laptop. You should then be able to access your HP laptop without a password.

Reset Passcode

3. Password Reset Disk

How to unlock an HP laptop? Following the steps written below can help you to do so. However, this method only works if you have created a password reset disk on the locked HP laptop before you forget the passcode.

Step 1

If you have a password reset disk you created earlier, insert it into the locked computer.

Step 2

At the login screen, enter any incorrect password and press Enter. Click OK on the error message that appears. This will reveal an additional sign-in option. Click on Reset Password.

Reset Password
Step 3

Click Next on the initial Reset Password screen. Select your password reset disk from the dropdown menu and click Next again.

Initial Password Reset Disk
Step 4

Type your desired new password and a hint to help you remember it in the future. Click Next and, finally, Finish to complete the password reset process.

4. Reset PC

How do you unlock an HP laptop and forget the password without the disk? You can use this last resort to reset the HP laptop by following the indicated steps.

Step 1

To access Advanced Startup, turn on your PC, go to the Sign-in screen, click the power icon, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then select Restart. Confirm the restart by clicking Restart anyway.

Restart HP
Step 2

Once your PC restarts and boots into the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), select Troubleshoot to continue.

Open Troubleshoot
Step 3

Click Reset this PC to initiate the reset process within the Troubleshoot menu.

Reset this PC
Step 4

Choose the Keep My Files option to preserve your data during the reset. Then, decide whether you prefer a Cloud download or a Local reinstall of Windows, and finally, click Reset to begin the process. Remember, depending on your system setup and the data being kept, this might take some time.

Backup Data File


  • What's the safest way to unlock my HP laptop?

    The safest ways are using a pre-made reset disk or having a friend with an admin account reset it for you.

  • Will resetting my laptop to factory settings erase my data?

    Yes, resetting your laptop to factory settings will erase all your data. Make sure to back up your important files before proceeding with this option.

  • I don't have a password reset disk, and there's no other user account. What can I do?

    You can try booting into Safe Mode or using a third-party password reset tool like imyPass Windows Password Reset. However, remember these methods carry more risk.

  • After resetting my password, can I recover any data I lost?

    Unfortunately, no. Resetting your password, whether through a reset disk, Safe Mode, HP Recovery Manager, or third-party tools, typically erases all your data unless you have a backup. Regularly backing up your important files is crucial to avoid data loss in situations like this.

  • Can I use my phone to unlock my HP laptop?

    Unfortunately, there's no built-in way to unlock your HP laptop using your phone. However, some password managers offer functionalities to access a backup password stored on your phone. This would require having set up such a system beforehand.


Learning how to unlock an HP computer is a must-have skill, especially if it happens to your HP laptop. With the methods and tutorial added here, surely you wouldn’t need to worry anymore about handling these things.

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