How to Factory Reset A Dell Laptop from the Beginning (Windows 10/8/7)

There are many scenarios that you need to factory reset your Dell laptop.

1. The Dell laptop does not work smoothly after installing some programs.

2. Improve the performance of your Dell laptop.

3. Reset the Dell laptop back to the original state when you buy it.

4. …

Before you start a Dell factory reset, it is recommended to make a backup. Thus, you can perform a system restore after resetting a Dell laptop to the factory settings.

If you want to remove the Dell password, factory resetting is not your best choice. You can use an ultimate Windows password reset tool to reset Dell laptop forgotten password.

Now, let’s see how to factory reset Dell laptops with or without password on all Windows versions.

Bypass Administrator Password

Part 1: How to Factory Reset a Dell Laptop

In case of unexpected data loss, it is recommended to back up Dell manually. Later, you can reset your Dell system files to factory settings.

Section 1: Use File History to Back Up Dell Files

Step 1From the Windows Start menu, choose the Settings option. Step 2Choose Update & Security followed by Backup. Step 3Choose Add a Drive. Then select a certain external drive or network location for your Dell laptop. Back Up Dell

Section 2: Factory Reset a Windows 10/8/7 Dell Laptop

Step 1Disconnect all unnecessary hardware components from your Dell laptop, such as a scanner, modem, USB drive, etc. Step 2Power off and on the Dell laptop. Press F8 on your keyboard when you see the Windows logo immediately. Step 3In the Advanced Boot Options menu, use the arrow down key to select Repair Your Computer. Press the Enter key to move on. Step 4Choose your preferred computer language. Select OK to continue the Dell laptop factory reset process. Step 5Choose Dell Factory Image Restore followed by Next. Then confirm with Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition. Step 6Click Next and wait for a while to complete the process. At last, choose Finish and restart your computer. Now you can factory reset Dell laptops on Windows 10 and earlier versions successfully.

Part 2: Reset Dell Laptop Password without Losing Data

If you want to factory reset a Dell laptop on Windows 7, you will be required to enter the administrator password. It is complicated to reset the admin password from Dell in traditional ways. During this time, you can use imyPass Windows Password Reset to reset any Dell computer without password. All your previous Dell files and settings stay safe. There is no need to back por restore your Dell laptop after unlocking. Later, you can unlock Dell and perform all changes with ease.


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Part 3: FAQs of Factory Resetting Dell Laptop

How to factory reset Dell laptop without password using Command Prompt?

Insert a Windows setup disk. Press F12 to show Boot Menu. Choose CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive. Press Enter to move on. In the Windows installation screen, press Shift and F10 keys together. Type the following commands in Command Prompt.
cd Windowssystem32
ren magnify.exe magnify1.exe
ren cmd.exe magnify.exe
Get wpeutil reboot typed in. Press Enter to restart your Dell laptop. In the Windows login screen, find and click the Ease of Access icon. Choose Make items on the screen larger (Magnifier) followed by OK. At last, use net user yourusername '' to find and remove your Dell password. Later, you can reset a Dell computer to factory settings.

How to restore a Windows 10 Dell laptop after factory reset?

Type Control Panel from the Windows menu. Select Recovery and then Open System Restore. Click Next to move on. Choose a specific restore point. At last, click Next and Finish to end up Dell laptop restore on Windows 10.

How often should you factory reset your Dell laptop?

It would be best if you never have to reset your computer to factory reset. But if your Dell laptop runs out of control, you can perform a factory reset to minimize glitches and system issues.

How to reinstall Dell and delete all files?

Type reset in the Windows Start menu. Choose Reset this PC (System Settings). Click Get Started and Remove everything. If you want to factory reset Dell Windows 10, you can choose Just remove my files. For people who want to recycle this laptop, you can choose Remove files and clean the drive instead. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.


All in all, you can factory reset a Dell laptop in 2021 with the above steps. All Windows versions and Dell laptop models are supported. You can factory reset Dell laptop with or without password here. By the way, you can reset a Dell desktop to factory settings with the same steps as well. Factory resetting a laptop is not a universal solution. You can use imyPass Windows Password Reset and other professional tools to get better Dell unlocking and troubleshooting solutions. If you have any other questions and suggestions about resetting your Windows 10/8/7 Dell laptop, you can feel free to contact us. Or you can leave messages in the comments below.