3 Easy Ways to Factory Reset ASUS Laptop

For a variety of reasons, you need to restore your ASUS laptop to its factory settings. For instance, you may want to format hard drive and reinstall the Windows system to fix some issues. You like to improve the computer performance or remove all personal data. Do you know how to reset ASUS laptop?

How to Reset ASUS Laptop

ASUS laptop has a Recovery Partition that includes software to restore itself to the original condition. You can rely on the recovery partition to factory reset ASUS laptop. What’s more, you can use the default reset option and professional tool to restore ASUS laptop back to factory settings. This post shares 3 effective ways to reset ASUS laptop, even when you forgot computer password and couldn’t access your ASUS account.

Part 1. How to Reset ASUS Laptop with Recovery Partition

First, we will show you the regular way to factory reset ASUS laptop, with its recovery partition. When you are no longer able to access your ASUS account, you should first give this method a try.

Step 1Restart ASUS laptop and keep pressing F9 key as soon as the ASUS logo appears on the screen. By doing so, you can access the hidden partition and enter the boot screen. Step 2When the Windows Boot Manager appears, you can choose a suitable language from the options and then click Next. Step 3Now you will be guided to the ASUS Preload Wizard screen. There are 3 recovering options offered there, Recover Windows to first partition only, Recover Windows to entire HD, and Recover Windows to entire HD with 2 partitions. Reset asus laptop to factory settings Step 4Select your preferred option and click on the Next button. Then follow the instructions to restore your ASUS laptop back to the factory settings.

Part 2. How to Reset ASUS Laptop with Default Reset Option

If you have the ASUS password and can sign in your account normally, you can rely on the default resetting option to factory reset your ASUS laptop.

Step 1Log into your ASUS account and go to Settings. If you are using a Windows 10 laptop, you can click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner and then click on the Settings icon. When you get there, click on the Update & Security option and then select Recovery. Get started to reset this pc Step 2Click the Get Started button under the Reset this PC section. Select the Restore factory settings option in the next Choose an option window. Restore asus laptop to factory settings Step 3Now you are given 2 options to factory reset ASUS laptop, Only the drive where Windows is installed and All drives. Pick one based on your need. Select drive to factory reset asus pc Step 4Click the Restore button to confirm your operation of resetting the ASUS laptop. Ready to restore asus

Follow the similar steps, and you can easily reset HP, Lenovo, and more computer models.

Part 3. How to Reset ASUS Laptop When Forgot Computer Password

Are you face the situation that you forgot computer password and could not unlock your ASUS laptop? Or you are required to input the password for the factory resetting? Here we introduce you with a professional way to reset your ASUS computer without password. To do that, you can rely on the powerful imyPass Windows Password Reset.

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Step 1Free download, install and run this imyPass Windows Password Reset on your ASUS laptop. You should first create a Windows password reset USB drive or disk. Connect an external USB drive or CD/DVD disc to the computer. Run imypass Windows Password Reset Step 2You can create the Windows password reset USB drive/disk with 2 ways, Create Password Reset CD/DVD, or Create Password Reset USB Flash Drive. Choose either one as you like. Step 3Click the Burn CD/DVD or Burn USB button to start creating the password reset disk or USB drive. Then click OK to complete the process. Step 4Restart your ASUS laptop and press F9 key to enter the Boot menu. Select the reset USB drive/disk you just created, and then press Enter. Boot menu windows Step 5ASUS laptop will reboot itself. After that, you can choose the ASUS account you want to reset its password, and then click the Reset Password button to do it. When the forgotten computer password is removed, you can factory reset ASUS laptop as normal. Select windows account

Part 4. FAQs of How to Reset ASUS Laptop

Question 1. Is ASUS is a Chinese company?

Yes, ASUS is a Chinese company. ASUS is Taiwanese multi-national tech brand which is officially known as AsusTek Computer Inc. or ASUSTeK.

Question 2. Where is the reset button on ASUS laptop?

ASUS laptops are not designed with a specific reset button to directly perform a factory resetting on your computer. When you want to reset ASUS laptop, you can rely on the methods above. Or you can choose to press and hold the Power button to force a shutdown.

Question 3. What is ASUS system recovery partition?

ASUS system recovery partition is a hidden partition that mainly used to restore your laptop back to its original brand-new condition. It contains a recovery image file. Also, you can create ASUS system recovery CD/DVD disc and USB drive for saving the system image file.


After reading this post, you can learn 3 methods to reset ASUS laptop with Windows 10, Windows 8/7 or an earlier version. You can unlock ASUS laptop even when forgot computer password. Note that, a factory resetting will erase all existing data on your ASUS laptop. So you’d better backup all necessary and important files before the resetting.