4 Ways to Bypass Windows 10 Password with High Success Rates

The Windows login screen can protect your computer from unauthorized use. You need to enter the correct Windows 10 login password to run this computer properly. However, many people are locked out because they forgot Windows password. What you can do to bypass Windows 10 login credentials? Here are 2 workable methods to bypass Windows 10/11 password.

Moreover, if you want to resell or give away your old Windows 10 computer, it is also necessary to disable Windows 10 login screen and lock screen. Is there any way to remove the login password and account from Windows 10/11? Of course, the answer is Yes. You can also get 2 detailed ways to bypass and turn off Windows 10/11 password with ease.

Bypass Windows 10 Password

Part 1. 2 Ways to Bypass Windows 10 Login When You Forgot Windows 10 Password

If your Windows PC is locked out, you need to bypass the password on Windows 10/11 by resetting it. For example, you can use a pre-made Windows 11 password reset disk to remove login password on Windows 11. Or you can reset password on Windows 10 with third-party Windows 10 password reset software.

Way 1: Bypass Windows 10 Password by Burning a Bootable CD/DVD/USB Drive

imyPass Windows Password Reset allows users to bypass, reset, and change Windows login password and other types of passwords directly. Even though you are locked out of a Windows 10/11 computer, you can burn a password reset disk and drive it on another normal computer. Later, boot your locked Windows 10/11 computer with this burned password reset tool. You can bypass the Windows 10/11 login screen with the highest success rate.

imyPass Windows Password Reset

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How to reset Windows 10 password without logging in

Step 1

On your normal computer, launch imyPass Windows Password Reset after the installation. Register the software with the email address and registration code.

Register imyPass Windows Password Reset
Step 2

Choose between Create Password Reset CD/DVD and Create Password Reset USB Flash Drive based on your plan. Click the Burn CD/DVD or Burn USB option. Later, insert a blank CD/DVD or USB drive into your normal computer. After the burning process, click OK and take out the burned disk.

Burn CD DVD USB Disk Drive
Step 3

Go back to your locked Windows 10/11 computer. Insert the burned disk or drive into it. Restart your computer and press F12 or ESC on the keyboard. In the Boot Menu screen, highlight your inserted drive or disk from the list. Press the Enter key. Later, save it and exit Boot Menu. Your computer will restart automatically.

Boot Menu Windows
Step 4

Choose the Windows 10/11 operating system. Select your admin account for Windows 10/11 password bypass. Click Reset Password and OK to confirm. After unlocking your computer, eject the password reset disk. Reboot your unlocked Windows 10/11 computer. Now you can make further changes.

Reboot Computer

Way 2: Bypass Windows 10 Password with an Existing Password Reset Disk

If you have a password reset disk, you can remove the forgotten Windows 10/11 password directly. Just insert the disk into your locked Windows computer. Later, you can follow the Password Reset Wizard to reset your Windows 10/11 password successfully.

Step 1

Put the password reset disk into your computer. Click the Reset Password link on the Windows 10/11 login screen.

Step 2

The Password Reset Wizard window pops up. Browse and select your inserted password reset disk.

Step 3

When you are prompted with a new password, click Next and Finish instead of typing anything.

Step 4

Exit the Windows 10/11 password reset wizard.

Step 5

Reboot your computer. You can find that the Windows 10/11 login password screen disappears.

Password Reset Eizard

Part 2. 2 Ways to Bypass Windows 10 Login Screen with Password

If you can sign in to your Windows 10/11 account, you can bypass Windows 10/11 password without resetting or erasing it. It will be much easier to disable the password feature in Windows 10/11.

Way 1: Bypass Windows 10 Password Login Screen with Netplwiz

There is an option called Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. You can uncheck this option to bypass Windows 10 login screen and password.

Step 1

Power on your Windows 10 computer. Sign in to the account with the correct password.

Step 2

Hold and press the Windows and R keys at the same time to open the Run box.

Step 3

Type netplwiz into the blank box. Then press Enter to move on.

Step 4

Go to the User Accounts dialog. In the Users section, select your admin user account for Windows 10 login.

Step 5

Find and uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

Step 6

Fill in the chosen user password. Click OK to confirm. Now you can access the Windows 10 computer directly after rebooting.

Bypass Windows Login Screen With Netplwiz

Way 2: Bypass Windows 10 Password in PC Settings

If you have an available administrator account, you can get one more solution to bypass Windows 10 password without a disk. To be more specific, you can go to PC Settings to turn off Windows 10 password manually.

Step 1

Sign in to your Windows 10 account. Find and go to PC settings.

Step 2

Choose the Accounts option. In the section of Sign-in options, click Change under Password.

Step 3

Type the current password in the Change your password screen. Click Next to continue the process.

Step 4

Bypass the New password, Reenter password, and Password hint options. Click Next followed by Finish. Now you can bypass Windows 10 login with a password.

Windows 10 Settings


  • How to bypass Windows 10 password with Command Prompt?

    Find Command Prompt from the Windows list. Choose Run as administrator from the right-click menu. Type
    move d:windowssystem32utilman.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe.bak
    copy d:windowssystem32cmd.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe into Command Prompt. Later, use the wpeutil reboot command to restart your computer.

  • Can you bypass Windows 10 password using an Android phone?

    Yes. First of all, your Android phone should be rooted. Later, you can run WPGenius to reset and bypass Windows 10 password remotely. Go to the Phone section and choose the Mount option. Connect your Android phone to the Windows 10 computer. Enable USB debugging from Android Settings. Choose Media device (MTP). Press F12 while rebooting your Windows 12 computer. Choose WPGenius and follow the on-screen instruction to bypass Windows 10 login password by Android phone.

  • How to bypass Windows 10 password through BIOS?

    Power on your computer. Enter the BIOS password continually. When you are locked out, you can see a System Disabled notification with a number. Write down the code on your phone or notebook. Visit the BIOS password website on your phone or normal computer. Enter your code and choose Get password. Enter the copied password to access BIOS.


That’s all to bypass Windows 10/11 login screen in different aspects. No matter you forgot Windows password or not, you can use the above methods to reset password on Windows 10/11 successfully. Thus, you can unlock a locked Windows 10/11 computer by yourself. If you still have questions about Windows 10/11 password bypass, you can leave messages in the comments below.

Samuel Spenser
Samuel Spenser

Samuel Spenser, a senior editor from imyPass, is an expert on password unlocking and recovery. He has more than 3-year experience in writing tutorials about password recovery for Windows.

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