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Samuel Spenser, a senior editor from imyPass, is an expert on password unlocking and recovery. He has more than 3-year experience in writing tutorials about password recovery for Windows.

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Dec 16,2022 Bypass Windows 10 Password
Windows 10 Password Bypass – Reset Windows 10 Login Password

Here’re 4 easy ways to bypass Windows 10 password with or without password. You can unlock your locked Windows 10 computer and disable the password feature by yourself.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Bypass Adminstrator Password
4 Ways to Bypass Windows Administrator Password without Remembering it

Here’re 4 easy ways to bypass administrator password on Windows 10/8/7. You can remove and reset the forgotten Windows administrator password on any Windows computer successfully.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Microsoft Password Reset
Top 4 Ways to Reset Microsoft Password Online or Locally

Forgot your Microsoft password and cannot access your PC or other Microsoft services? Here are four methods to help you reset Microsoft password quickly.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Forgot Windows 10 Password
5 Verified Solutions When You Forgot Windows 10 Password

Here are five verified solutions that are worth to try when you forgot your Windows 10 login password and cannot access the operating system or your files.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Windows 7 Password Reset
Top 4 Methods to Reset Your Windows 7 Password Easily

Cannot log in your Windows 7 due to password loss? Here is a comprehensive guide offering four ways to reset Windows 7 password without losing files.

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Jun 13,2022 Remove Password Windows 10
How to Remove (Forgotten) Login Password on Windows 10

To remove the login password on Windows 10 can streamline your login process. This post tells 2 ways to turn off Windows 10 login password with or without an old password.

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Jun 13,2022 Show Administrator Password Using CMD
2 Ways to Show and Reset Administrator Password with/without CMD

Read and learn how to show administrator password using CMD on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. You can find, remove and reset Windows password with the highest success rate here.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Windows Password Recovery
Windows Password Recovery – How to Recover Forgotten Password in Windows 10/8/7

How do I recover my Windows password? Is Windows password recovery tool safe? What is the best password recovery software?How to create a bootable USB recovery password? This post shares 5 best Windows password recovery tools for you to choose from.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Windows 7 Password Reset Disk
Windows 7 Password Reset Disk – Reset Windows 7 Password with or Without Disk

Is there any way to reset Windows 7 password without a bootable USB? How to make a Windows 7 password reset disk? How do I bypass password on Windows 7? This post shares 2 ways to make a Windows 7password reset disk and reset your forgotten password.

Windows Password
Jun 13,2022 Windows Passsword Reset USB
Windows Password Reset USB – How to Make Windows 10/7/8 Bootable USB

How can I get into Windows 10 if I forgot my password? How to bypass a Windows password? How to make a Windows password reset disk on one computer and use it on another? This post shares a detailed guide to make Windows 10/7/8 password reset USB drive.

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Jun 13,2022 Reset HP Laptop
2 Ways to Factory Reset HP Laptop With(out) Password on Windows 10/8/7

Factory reset on an HP laptop is an efficient fix when your HP PC gets stubborn issues. Let’s check the 2 ways here to reset an HP PC with or without a password on Windows 10/8/7.

Windows Tips
Mar 12,2021 Forgot HP Laptop Password
Forgot HP Laptop Password – Reset Password on HP Windows 10/8/7

Read and learn how to unlock an HP laptop of Windows 10/8/7. If you forgot your HP laptop password, you can get 4 easy ways to reset the password on your HP laptop.

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