Forget Your Apple ID Password? Recover, Reset, or Unlock It

For iOS users, Apple ID is an essential account. When you own an iOS device or Mac, an Apple ID and password can let you access all Apple services. These services include App Store, iCloud, Messages, FaceTime, etc. However, some users may forget the Apple ID password at times. It means you cannot log in and access it temporarily. Meanwhile, from personal photos to crucial work documents, everything is locked behind passwords. Therefore, is there any way to solve this problem?

The answer is yes! Forgetting an Apple ID password is not a hard problem if you use the right tools and ways. Fortunately, this article aims to guide you to access your Apple ID account without compromising your data. Now, get the recovery, resetting, and unlocking solutions for your Apple ID password here!

Forgot My Apple ID Password

Part 1. Best Password Manager to Recover Apple ID Password

Password managers have become indispensable tools in managing and recovering our various passwords. For Apple users, imyPass iPhone Password Manager stands out as the integrated solution. It can securely scan, manage, and save all your Apple ID and other passwords stored on your iOS devices. Besides Apple ID, it also supports scan email and app passwords, such as Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, it has a user-friendly interface, which is easy to use for beginners. By accessing this tool on your iPhone and iPad, you can retrieve your Apple ID password in a few simple steps. Now, have a try if you want to find your Apple ID password.

iPhone Password Manager

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Scan Apple ID and various accounts stored on iPhone, iPad, or iPod quickly.

Recover the iOS password securely to unlock the device without resetting it.

Manage, export, and share various accounts and passwords in a .csv file.

Be compatible with the iOS devices even with iOS/iPadOS 17 version.

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Step 1Download the Apple ID password recovery tool on your Mac or Windows PC. Step 2Please connect an iOS device you stored Apple ID before to the desktop using a USB cable. Tap the Trust option to confirm that you trust the computer when prompted on this iPhone/iPad. Connect iPhone Step 3Open the password software on your desktop. Then, you can click the Start option to begin to scan this iOS device. Start Scan iPhone Step 4After scanning successfully, you will view a list of password categories on the left panel. Select Apple ID and view your Apple password on the right side. View Passwords

If your device is signed into more than one Apple ID, this best password manager for iPhone and iPad will recover all used accounts and passwords. Therefore, be relaxed if you forget your Apple ID password!


Tips :

If you are using or borrowing someone else's iOS device, then the password recovery tool cannot retrieve your existing Apple ID. In this case, you can read the next part to reset your Apple ID password.

Part 2. 3 Effective Methods to Reset Your Apple ID Password

If you have other trusted iOS devices or Mac, you can use method 1/2/3 to reset your Apple ID password. Otherwise, you can move to the method 3 to reset a new one. Now, follow the detailed steps accordingly!

Method 1. Reset Apple ID Password on Your iOS Device

If you want to reset a password for your Apple ID account on your iOS device, you can follow the step-by-step guide here!

Step 1Find the Settings app and tap it on your iPhone or iPad. Then, you can tap your Apple ID profile on the top. Step 2Select the Password & Security option. Then, tap Change Password. Step 3Enter your passcode to continue. You will be asked to enter the new Apple ID password and verify it. Finally, tap the Change button to finish.. Reset Apple ID Password on iOS

You had better choose a memorable password for your Apple ID. Meanwhile, please confirm that the password is not the same as your other apps or services. It can improve the data security and protect your information security.

Method 2. Reset the Apple ID Password on Your Mac

If you have trusted your Mac, you can reset your Apple ID password with your Mac. This process is not complex. You can read the detailed steps below.

Step 1Open the Apple menu on your Mac. Select System Settings and then click your Apple ID profile. Step 2Then, enter Password & Security and click the Change Password option. Step 3Enter your Mac screen password to continue. Then, you can type the new Apple ID password twice on a prompt page. Finally, click the Change button on your Mac. Reset Apple ID Password on Mac

After changing successfully, you can try to log in to your Apple ID with your Mac. Then, enjoy your various Apple services again.

Tips :

If you forget your Mac password, you can follow here to recover it first.

Method 3. Reset Your Apple ID Password Online

If you borrow other’s device or computer, you can reset your Apple ID password online. Follow the detailed steps now!

Step 1You can access and find the login page. Enter your Apple ID account on Mail or Phone Number. Step 2Select the Forget password? option. Step 3Then, you should enter your phone number or email address that is associated with your Apple ID account first. Then, you should follow the on-screen instructions to reset a new Apple ID password. Reset Apple ID Password Online

After resetting, you will be able to enter a new password for your Apple ID account. And you can access your needed Apple services again.

Part 3. Remove Apple ID from iOS Devices without Apple ID Password

imyPass iPassGo is an excellent iOS unlocking tool. It supports all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. If you forget your Apple ID password, this tool can remove the Apple ID from your device, including the iPhone 15/15 Pro/15 Pro Max. Besides, it can unlock various screen passcodes, such as the 4/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and Screen Time passcode. Now, have a try if you want to remove the Apple ID without the password.

Step 1Install and open this Apple ID removal tool on your computer. Next, select the Wipe Password option. Choose Wipe Passcode Mode Step 2Then, you can use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to desktop. Next, please click the Start button to download the firmware package accordingly. Download Firmware Package Step 3After downloading successfully, you can click Unlock to get the on-screen notification. If you want to continue the wiping process, enter 0000 on the software interface. Finally, the Apple ID password will be removed from your device automatically. Unlock iPhone Passcode

Once removed, you can create a new Apple ID account and password. And you can use your new Apple ID to access Apple services again!

Part 4. Contact Apple Support Team When Forgetting Apple ID Password

When all methods mentioned above fail, you can contact the Apple support team for assistance. If you cannot recall or reset your Apple ID password, this option serves as a last resort to regain access to your Apple ID accounts. You can emphasize the importance of Apple customer support in helping resolve this issue.

Part 5. FAQs of Forgetting My Apple ID Password

How do you change your Apple ID password?

If you want to change your existing Apple ID password, you can follow these steps. First, go to and sign in. Second, enter Security and click Change Password. Third, enter your existing password, then enter a new password and confirm the new password. Finally, you can click Change Password to save the changes.

Is my Apple ID linked to my iCloud?

Yes. Your Apple ID is linked to your iCloud account. Using the same login, your Apple ID provides access to various Apple services, including iCloud.

Can I recover my Apple ID if I forget my Apple ID password and email?

Yes, you can use a linked phone number or some professional password recovery tools. Then, you can set a new and strong password for your Apple ID again.

Will I lose my data if I remove my Apple ID from my device?

No, removing your Apple ID from your device does not delete the data stored on your device. However, you will lose access to Apple services like iCloud and App Store until you sign in again.

Can I apply a new Apple ID if I already have one?

Of course. You can create a new Apple ID even if you already have one. Each Apple ID requires a unique email address. However, managing multiple Apple IDs can become complicated, especially regarding syncing data and making purchases.


Forgetting your Apple ID password means losing access to various Apple services. Fortunately, you can get several methods from this article to fix this problem. With the right tools and steps, recovering or resetting the forgotten Apple ID password is simple. Whether you choose to use a recovery tool, reset by mail, or phone number, try an unlocking tool, or contact Apple Support, the key is to act promptly. Always ensure you have multiple recovery options and consider using a password manager to avoid future losses. If this guide were helpful, we'd love to hear your feedback.