Understand How to Change Apple ID Name on iPhone, iPad, & Mac Easily

Your Apple ID serves as a digital passport, seamlessly connecting you to the vast world of Apple services. While creating an Apple ID might be straightforward, customizing it to reflect your identity is equally important. Whether using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, this guide will teach you the uncomplicated steps to modify your Apple ID name. From the essential recommendations for the best tools to simplify the process to detailed instructions tailored for each device, let's transform your Apple ID to suit your digital persona better. So, without further ado, learn how to change your Apple ID name with the tutorial here.

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Part 2. How to Change Apple ID name on iPhone and iPad [Simplest Way]

Learning how to change Apple ID names on iPhone and iPad is a straightforward process reflecting your online persona's growth and evolution. Follow these simple steps for the quickest way to refresh your digital identity.

Step 1

Turn on your iPhone or iPad, then gracefully enter the Settings app. Locate and tap on your profile, initiating the journey to redefine your digital identity.

Step 2

Find the Name, Phone Numbers, and Email section within the profile settings. Tap the Edit button next to CONTACTABLE/REACHABLE AT.

Step 3

Spot your Apple ID name, represented by the red minus button. Gently tap it and press Delete. Confirm your decision by selecting Continue.

Step 4

Verify your ownership with a passcode, a rite of passage. Introduce your new email address and tap Next to finalize. Await the arrival of an email containing a verification code, a key to unlocking your redefined identity.

Change Apple ID Name on iOS
Step 5

Open your email, find the verification code, and confirm it. You are now the proud owner of a freshly minted Apple ID name, a reflection of the new you.

Part 3. How to Change Apple ID Name on Mac [Effective Way]

Changing your Apple ID name is an effective way to stay aligned with your evolving self within the Apple ecosystem. Follow these steps on how to change your Apple ID username for a seamless process that ensures your digital persona reflects your true identity.

Step 1

On your computer, open a web browser and go to the Sign in with your existing name and password since it is a requirement.

Step 2

If you've embraced the extra layer of security with Two-factor Authentication, enter the secret code. Click Edit beside the Account section to signal the commencement of change.

Click Edit
Step 3

Go to Change Apple ID Link, type in your new email address, and click Continue to proceed.

Step 4

Retrieve the validation code from your email and enter this code into the designated boxes to complete the process.

Enter Verification


  • Can I rename my Apple ID?

    While Apple doesn't allow a direct renaming of your Apple ID, you can modify its display name. This display name is what others see when you communicate through emails, iMessage, or FaceTime calls. To adjust it, refer to the guide and follow the steps provided for your specific device. It's important to note that changing the display name doesn't alter your Apple ID email address.

  • How do I correct my name on my Apple ID?

    To correct your name on your Apple ID, you must update the personal information linked to your Apple account. On iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings, Your Name, Name, Phone Numbers, Email, and Edit. On a Mac, visit System Preferences, Apple ID, and Name. If using the Apple ID website, log in at and edit your name accordingly. Ensure your name accurately reflects your preference after making the necessary corrections.

  • Why is my Apple ID showing a different name?

    If your Apple ID displays a different name, it might result from outdated or incorrect information associated with your account. Follow the steps outlined in the guide to review and update your Apple ID name. Verify whether changes made on one device are syncing across all your Apple devices. If the issue persists, consider contacting Apple Support for further assistance.

  • Can I recover my Apple ID without a phone number?

    Yes, you can recover your Apple ID without a phone number. Apple understands that users may not always have access to their registered phone numbers. To facilitate account recovery, Apple offers alternative methods to ensure you can regain access to your account without relying on a phone number.

  • Can I use special characters or symbols in my Apple ID name?

    No, Apple ID names cannot include special characters or symbols. Your Apple ID name is limited to letters, numbers, and certain punctuation marks. Attempting to use unsupported characters prompts the system to ask for an alternative name. Always ensure your chosen name adheres to these guidelines during the modification process.


With the tutorial here, you have gained an idea of how to change Apple ID username quickly and easily. Whether using imyPass iPassGo for effortless Apple ID removal or following the simplest and most effective ways to modify your Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you've taken control of your digital identity. Remember, your Apple ID is more than just an account since it reflects your growth within the Apple ecosystem. Stay updated, stay secure, and continue enjoying the vast world of Apple services with your redefined digital presence.

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