Ultimate Guide to Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID Password

Want to know how to reset your iPhone without an Apple ID password? Explore a detailed guide on factory resetting your iPhone using several methods such as Settings, iTunes, and third-party programs. Compare various options, learn key suggestions for a seamless reset, and get answers to common questions. This article provides a full path for resetting your iPhone without using an Apple ID password, from safeguarding your data to starting over.

Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID Password

Part 1. Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID Password with imyPass iPassGo

imyPass iPassGo is a secure iOS unlocker adept at bypassing iPhone screen passcodes and removing Apple ID without a password. Compatible with various passcode methods, it ensures efficient unlocking.

Key Features:

1. Remove iOS Screen Locks:

◆ Works for all iOS versions and scenarios (e.g., forgot the passcode, disabled device, non-functional Face ID/Touch ID).

◆ It supports 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.

2. Remove Apple ID:

◆ It helps remove Apple ID without a passcode for various situations, like resetting a locked iPhone or iPad or when you forgot your Apple ID password.

3. Bypass Screen Time Passcode:

◆ Allows disabling Screen Time on iPhone/iPad without the passcode.

4. Remove MDM:

◆ Frees the device from MDM restrictions, enabling free access to all functions.

◆ Needs a steady connection between the device and the computer.

5. Turn Off iTunes Backup Encryption:

◆ Removes iTunes backup encryption settings without data loss.

How to Use:

Step 1

Download and install iPass iPassGo onto your PC.

Step 2

First, use the UI's Wipe Passcode mode to delete the password and restore iPhone access.

Click Wipe Passcode
Step 3

Additionally, connect your gadget to the computer via USB. To begin the procedure, press the Start button.

Connect iPhone Computer Wipe Passcode Start
Step 4

After that, check your device information and download the firmware package by selecting the Start button from the network.

Download Firmware Package iPhone
Step 5

After completing the download, click Unlock. Enter 0000 to confirm that you want to erase the passcode.

Unlock Button iPhone Passcode

Part 2. Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID Password Via Settings

Explore the traditional method of factory resetting an iPhone via Settings. Follow established steps to ensure a reliable and secure reset process.

Step 1

Access your iPhone's settings by tapping the Settings app icon on your home screen to begin the desired operation.

Step 2

Next, go to Reset in the Settings app, and subsequently click Erase All Content and Settings to initiate a comprehensive reset on your iPhone.

Step 3

When prompted, input your device passcode to authenticate and erase all content and settings on your iPhone.

Step 4

Finally, confirm the reset action by tapping Erase iPhone after entering the passcode, initiating the process of erasing all content and settings.

iPhone Reset via Settings App

Part 3. Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple ID Password Via iTunes

Understand how to do a factory reset on your iPhone without the Apple ID password using iTunes, including steps to turn off the iPhone passcode and restore to factory defaults.

Step 1

First, put your iOS device into Recovery Mode, disconnect it, power off, and continue to press and hold the Home button until a recovery screen shows.

Step 2

Then, open iTunes, connect your iOS device, select it in the iTunes toolbar, and click Restore iPhone. Follow on-screen prompts for the restoration process.

Restore iPhone via iTunes
Step 3

Following that, to confirm the restoration process, click Restore again. Your computer will erase your iPhone or iPad, installing the latest iOS on the device. Wait for completion.

Step 4

Upon completion, your iOS device will restart. This action erases all data, restoring it to factory defaults. Follow setup prompts to configure the device as new, ensuring a fresh start.

Part 4. Comparison Chart of the 3 Methods

Criteria Settings Method iTunes Method Using imyPass iPassGo
Method Description Factory reset through iPhone Settings app. Factory reset using iTunes on a synced computer. Using a specialized third-party tool.
Find My iPhone Requirement Find My iPhone must be disabled. Find My iPhone must be disabled. Varies; check specific tool requirements.
Passcode Requirement Requires the iPhone passcode. Requires the iPhone passcode. Varies; may require passcode or use alternative methods.
Restriction Passcode Knowledge of restriction passcodes may be required. No specific mention of restriction passcode. Varies; check specific tool requirements.
Backup Requirement Not explicitly mentioned but advisable. No specific mention, but having a synced computer is needed. Not explicitly mentioned but advisable.
Ease of Use User-friendly via Settings app. Requires following specific steps in iTunes. User-friendly interface; process guided by the tool.
Data Erasure Erases all content and settings on the device. Erases all content and settings on the device. Erases all content and settings on the device.
Device Sync Requirement Not applicable. Requires prior syncing with iTunes on a computer. Not explicitly mentioned; depends on the tool.
Device Compatibility Applicable to all iOS devices. Applicable to all iOS devices. Applicable to all iOS devices.
Common Limitation Find My iPhone must be disabled. Requires prior syncing with iTunes. Specific tool limitations may apply; check details.

Part 5. Tips on Resetting iPhone

Resetting an iPhone can be a helpful troubleshooting step or necessary for various reasons. Here are some tips to keep in mind when resetting your iPhone:

1. Backup Your Data: Ensure you have a recent backup to avoid data loss. Use iCloud or iTunes for backups.

2. Check Find My iPhone: Disable Find My iPhone in device settings to ensure a smooth reset process without encountering any issues or interruptions.

3. Remember Passcodes: Know your device passcode. If you need to remember, consider alternative methods or contact Apple Support.

4. Use Official Methods First: Prefer official Apple methods like the Settings app or iTunes for security and compatibility.

5. Stay Updated: Before initiating a reset, ensure a seamless process by updating both iOS and iTunes to their latest versions for compatibility.


  • How do I force my iPhone to factory reset?

    To fix a disabled iPhone or iPad, force a factory reset, swiftly press and release the volume up and down keys, followed by the side button, until the Apple logo displays. The device in question will be reset to its factory settings when you release the button. This hard reset helps address difficulties with disabled devices and return them to functioning status.

  • Does factory reset remove Apple ID?

    A factory reset alone doesn't remove the Apple ID. To eliminate an Apple ID, sign out from iCloud and iTunes in the device settings. Alternatively, use methods such as entering the Apple ID password, disabling Find My, or relying on specialized tools designed for Apple ID removal. These additional steps are crucial for a comprehensive removal of the Apple ID.

  • How do I reset my iPhone with iCloud?

    To reset your iPhone with iCloud, ensure Find My is enabled. Go to iCloud's website, sign in, and select All Devices. Choose your iPhone and click Erase iPhone. Confirm, and your iPhone will be remotely wiped, erasing all content. Set it up as new or restore from a backup.

  • Is it possible to recover data after a factory reset on an iPhone?

    No, recovering data after a factory reset on an iPhone is challenging. The reset erases all content and settings, making data retrieval difficult. Having a recent backup through iCloud or iTunes is crucial to restore your data after the reset process.

  • Can I perform a factory reset on my iPhone without knowing the Apple ID password?

    A complete reset on an iPhone usually requires the Apple ID password. With it, you can initiate the reset through official methods. Alternative approaches involve signing out of iCloud, disabling Find My, or using third-party tools designed for Apple ID removal, depending on specific circumstances.


In this piece, you learned about numerous techniques for wiping an iPhone without an Apple ID password. Each option has its own set of advantages, ranging from using the Settings app and iTunes to third-party apps. Remember to back up your data, follow formal procedures, and consider your specific restrictions. With this knowledge, you can confidently continue on the adventure of resetting your iPhone, ensuring a secure and smooth process that restores your device to factory settings for the best user experience.

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