How to Reset Your Locked iPhone or iPad to Factory Status Quickly

"My iPhone keeps going to the lock screen, how to fix this problem and reset my iPhone?" There are many reasons why an iPhone or iPad is locked. The main reasons include corrupt iOS settings, incorrect date and time settings, software conflicts, system crashes, and more. Moreover, you will be locked out if you forgot your iPhone or iPad passcode. The good news is that you can reset a locked iPhone or iPad following a proper method.

How to Reset a Locked iPhone iPad

Part 1. How to Reset A Locked iPhone/iPad with imyPass iPassGo

When you reset a locked iPhone or iPad in common ways, you must follow the prerequisites. Can you complete the job without your Apple ID and password? The answer is yes and all you need is imyPass iPassGo. It is a powerful iPhone and iPad unlocking tool.


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Here are the steps to reset your locked iPhone or iPad:

Step 1Connect your handset

Run the best iPhone unlocking software once you install it on your PC. There is another version for macOS. Choose the Wipe Passcode option in the home interface, plug your locked iOS device into the same machine with a Lightning cable, and click the Start button.

Choose Wipe passcode Mode Step 2Confirm the information

As long as your handset is detected, you will be taken to the Info screen. Check the information of your device, such as category, type, model, and iOS version. Make sure that everything is correct and click the Start button again. The software will begin downloading the indispensable firmware.

Download Firmware Package Step 3Reset the locked iPhone/iPad

When the download is done, press the Unlock button, then enter 0000 into the box, and hit Unlock again. Now, all you need to do is to wait for the process to finish. When your locked iPhone restarts, it should display the welcome screen.

Unlock iPhone Passcode

Part 2. How to Reset A Locked iPhone/iPad with iCloud

iCloud is far more than a cloud backup service for iPhone and iPad users. It also offers a window to reset your locked iPhone or iPad remotely. Before we move on, let's learn the prerequisites:

1. You need an accessible mobile device or computer.

2. An internet connection is indispensable.

3. You must have set up Find My or Find My iPhone/iPad on your device.

4. That also needs your Apple ID and password.

If you are ready and have backed up your device, follow the steps below to factory reset your iPhone or iPad when locked out.

Recover iCloud Step 1Open a web browser, and access Sign into your iCloud account. If you have configured two-factor authentication, enter the code that appears on your screen. Step 2Press the Find My or Find My iPhone/iPad entry on the home page. That will bring you to the map page. Pull down the Devices menu on the top of the page, and choose your locked phone. Step 3Now, the location of your iPhone will appear on the map. Click the Erase iPhone or Erase iPad button on the pop-up dialog. Step 4When prompted, enter your Apple ID password. Then click on the Erase button to confirm the action. If your iOS device is online, the locked iPhone reset process will start immediately. If it is offline, the process will initiate once the device connects to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Part 3. How to Reset A Locked iPhone/iPad with iTunes

Although Apple has stopped the application on the latest MacBooks, you can still reset a locked iPhone or iPad with iTunes on PCs. Of course, there are some prerequisites that you have to follow.

1. You must disable Find My or Find My iPhone/iPad on your handset.

2. Your iTunes should be up to date.

3. You need a computer that your iPhone or iPad has connected and trusted.

Before performing the steps below, you'd better make a backup for your iOS device to avoid data loss.

Reset iTunes Step 1Hook up the locked iPhone or iPad to your computer with a Lightning cable. Then iTunes should pop up automatically. If not, open it manually. Step 2Click the Phone icon at the upper left corner, and go to the Summary tab from the left sidebar. Step 3Next, press the Restore iPhone or Restore iPad button on the right panel. Then you will be asked to back up your device. To create a backup, click Back Up. If not, hit Don't Back Up. Step 4Now, you should be presented with an alert. Read it carefully and click on the Restore button to confirm the action. When prompted, press Continue to begin downloading firmware. Wait for the process to finish and restart your iOS device. You will get a new device.

Part 4. How to Reset A Locked iPhone/iPad Using Recovery Mode

The Recovery Mode is another way to reset a locked iPhone or iPad with a computer. This way requires a PC running Windows 10 and later or a Mac. The iTunes or Finder app, and a Lightning cable.

Step 1Long-press the Side or Power button on your handset until you enter the power-off screen. Move the slider to make it shut down. Step 2Next, put your mobile phone in the Recovery Mode:

iPhone X/8 and later: Side button

iPhone 7/7 Plus: Volume down

iPhone SE/6s and earlier: Home button

iPad without Home button: Top button

iPad with Home button: Home button

Recovery Mode

Hold down the button while connecting your iOS device to your computer immediately. Let the button go when you see the Recovery Mode screen.

Step 3Then iTunes or Finder app will open automatically and pop up a dialog. Click the Restore button. The app will do the rest job. When it finishes, the locked iPhone or iPad should reboot and show the setup screen. Macos Moneterey Finder

Part 5. FAQs on How to Reset a Locked iPhone/iPad

Can you restart a locked iPhone?

Yes, you can reboot a locked iPhone, but you still cannot access the device. After power-off the locked iPhone, long-press the Side button until you see the Apple logo. Then you will be taken to the Lock Screen.

How to reset an iPhone without Apple ID password?

The Recovery Mode allows you to reset an iOS device without Apple ID and password, but it requires a computer running the latest operating systems.

How to access my locked iPhone again?

The only way to access a locked iPhone again is to reset the device. Here you have multiple choices, such as resetting it with iCloud, iTunes, or third-party software.


This tutorial has talked about how to reset a locked iPhone or iPad in various situations. We have listed the verified methods above and the prerequisites. You can pick an appropriate method and follow our steps to finish the job easily. imyPass iPassGo is the best option for beginners and average people. If you have other problems with this topic, please feel free to contact us by leaving your message below this post and we will reply to it quickly.