How to Recover Your Apple ID Without Your Phone Number

When you forget your Apple ID, it is about as frustrating as losing your keys. Your Apple account is the key to unlock and access all Apple services, such as iCloud, Apple Music, App Store, and more. Moreover, Apple ID is an essential security measurement on iOS devices and Mac computers. It keeps your device and information safe. This guide shows you how to recover Apple ID properly.

Recover Apple ID

Part 1. What is Apple ID and What Happens If You Lose It?

The Apple ID is the account that you use to access all Apple services and make all of your devices work together seamlessly. Once you get a new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, Apple will ask you to create an Apple ID with your main email address. So that you can activate your device, and sign in to Apple services. The services that you can access with your Apple ID account include:

App Store and Apple Arcade

• Apple Musi

• Apple Podcasts

• Game Center

• iCloud and iCloud+

• iMessage

• iTunes

• Apple TV, Apple TV+

Once you lose your Apple ID account, you cannot access these services and features.

A recovery key is an optional security feature that helps you reset your Apple ID password and regain access to your account. It is a randomly generated 28-character code. You can set up and use it on iOS 14 or later and macOS Big Sur or above.

To avoid data loss, Apple also added the Account Recovery feature in macOS Monterey and iOS 15 or later. After set up, you can recover your Apple ID when you forget or lose your account.

Part 2. How to Recover an Apple ID Account Without a Phone Number

According to Apple, you can access your account with the associated phone number or email without your Apple ID. Even if you stop using the phone number and cannot receive the verification code, there are methods to recover your Apple ID account.

Way 1: How to Recover Apple ID Account with Recovery Key

As mentioned previously, Recovery Key is one way to regain access to your Apple ID when you are locked out of your iPhone or iPad. In other words, it allows you to recover your Apple ID account without a phone number or email.

Set up Recovery Key on iPhone/iPad:

Create Apple ID Recovery Key
Step 1

Run the Settings app from your home screen, and tap on your profile.

Step 2

Navigate to Password & Security, Account Recovery, and Recovery Key.

Step 3

Toggle on the Recovery Key option, and tap Use Recovery Key on the confirm box. Then you will be prompted to enter your iPhone passcode.

Step 4

Write down your recovery key. Tap Continue, and then input it on the next screen to confirm it. Now, your recovery key is activated.

Set up Recovery Key on Mac:

MacOS Account Recovery Section
Step 1

Click the Apple menu, choose System Settings, and hit your name.

Step 2

Choose Password & Security, and press the Manage button on the Account Recovery entry.

Step 3

Next, click Turn On in the Recovery Key section. Then follow the instructions to create your recovery key and write it down.

Use Recovery Key to Recover Apple ID

Recovery Key

If you forget your Apple ID password or are locked out of your account, visit the iForgot website in a web browser, input your Apple ID, and tap the Continue button to begin recovering your Apple ID. Follow the on-screen instructions until you are prompted to choose a way to verify the ownership. Enter your recovery key and move on. Then enter a new Apple ID password, re-enter it, and confirm the changes.

Way 2: How to Recover Apple ID with Account Recovery

Account Recovery is another way to recover your Apple ID without email or phone number. Similar to the Recover Key, you need to set up the Account Recovery Contacts on your iPhone or Mac.

Set up Account Recovery Contact on iPhone:

Set Account Contact
Step 1

Run your Settings app, and tap on your name.

Step 2

Choose Sign-in & Security, tap Account Recovery, press Add Recovery Contact, and tap it again. When prompted, authenticate with your Face ID or Touch ID.

Step 3

Select a proper contact on the list. If you cannot find the desired one, tap Choose Someone Else. Then the contact will get a notification. Once they accept your request, the process is complete.

Set up Account Recovery Contact on Mac:

Set Account Contact Mac
Step 1

Click the Apple menu, choose System Settings, click your name, and choose Sign-in & Security.

Step 2

Press Account Recovery, hit the Add icon, and click Add Recovery Contact. If prompted, enter your Mac password.

Step 3

Select an appropriate contact on the list, and click Continue. Wait for the contact to accept your request.

Recover Apple ID with Account Recovery:

iforgot Website

When you are locked out of your account, start recovering the Apple ID with the normal steps on As long as you reach out to your recovery contact, turn to the device of the contact. Navigate to Settings on iPhone or System Settings in the Apple menu on Mac, tap on the profile, Sign-in & Security, and Account Recovery. Tap on your name, and press Get Recovery Code. Then enter the code on your device and move on.

Part 3: The Easiest Way to Remove Apple ID and Password from iPhone

Instead of Apple ID account recovery, you can access your iPhone or iPad and other Apple services with a new account. To remove the locked account from your iPhone, imyPass iPassGo is the best option.


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Here are the steps to remove your Apple ID account without recovery on your iPhone:

Step 1

Connect to your iPhone

Launch the best Apple ID removal app after installing it on your computer. Choose the Remove Apple ID mode. Plug your iPhone into the same machine with a Lightning cable. Click the Start button to continue.

Remove Apple ID Mode
Step 2

Remove your Apple ID

The process will begin immediately without enabling Find My iPhone.

On iOS 11.3 and earlier with Find My iPhone enabled, reset all settings on your device, and the software will do the rest.

On iOS 11.4 and later with Find My iPhone enabled, input 0000, and click Confirm to download the firmware. Then enter 0000 again, and hit the Unlock button.

Remove Apple ID


  • Why cannot access my Apple ID?

    Your Apple ID is automatically disabled if someone tries to log in too many times with the wrong password, security question during Apple ID recovery.

  • Can I access an old Apple ID?

    If you are still using the associated email or phone number, you can access the old Apple ID directly.

  • Does Apple ID recovery lose anything?

    No, Apple ID recovery won’t interrupt your data and files on your device.


This guide has discussed how to recover an Apple ID without an email or phone number. Sometimes, you just discover that you are locked out of your account and cannot log in to all Apple services. The good news is that Apple provides multiple ways to unlock your account. imyPass iPassGo can help you get rid of the old Apple ID and make a new one. More questions? Please write them down below.

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