Learn 3 Easy Ways to Get into a Locked iPhone

You can unlock your iPhone using 4-digit or 6-digit lock screen passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. These security features can lock down and protect all the data across your iPhone or iPad. Are you facing a situation where you locked yourself out of an iPhone?

Locked Out of iPhone

iPhone can be locked and disabled for a variety of reasons, some of which are preventable and some are not. This post explains some of the main reasons why your iPhone gets locked and three verified solutions to get into a locked iPhone.

Locked Out of iPhone

Part 1. Why My iPhone/iPad Is Locked

You may get locked out of your iPhone or iPad for several reasons. Before telling you how to get into a locked iOS device, we like to discuss some common and main factors that may cause your iPhone to get locked.

Enter the wrong passcode too many times

One of the most common reasons why an iPhone gets locked and disabled is due to entering the wrong passcode too many times. This is a security mechanism that Apple has implemented to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your iOS device. The more times you enter the wrong password, the longer your iPhone will be disabled. After a certain number of failed attempts, your iPhone will be permanently locked and needed to be restored.

Too many incorrect fingerprints or faces

Apple lets you easily access your iPhone or iPad through Face ID or Touch ID. When you don’t remember the current lock screen passcode, you can unlock your iOS device through your face or fingerprint. However, your iPhone/iPad can be locked and disabled if too many incorrect fingerprints or faces are used to try and unlock the device. Similar to the passcode mechanism, Touch ID and Face ID will become disabled after a certain number of attempts.

iOS update issues or app bugs

Occasionally, your iPhone can get locked and disabled after a system update goes wrong. Various factors, including interrupted downloads, insufficient storage, and corrupt iOS update files, can cause it. Also, some app bugs may cause your iPhone to become locked.

Hardware issues

In rare cases, hardware issues, such as a broken Home button or faulty charging port, can cause you to get locked out of your iPhone. It will prevent you from being able to enter the correct passcode or use a Touch ID to unlock the iOS device.

Jailbreaking iPhone or iPad

Jailbreaking an iPhone involves altering the phone's software to remove any restrictions put in place by Apple. It allows you to access features and apps unavailable through the App Store. However, jailbreaking can also cause an iPhone to become locked and disabled, especially if the iOS device's software is tampered with improperly.

Part 2. Easy Way to Get into a Locked iPhone Without Password or iTunes

Getting into a locked iPhone can be challenging and frustrating, but it is possible. This part shares a simple method to unlock your iPhone without a password and iTunes. You can use the all-featured iPassGo to easily get into a locked iPhone or iPad. It lets you wipe the current lock screen passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID with ease.


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Step 1

Download and open this iPhone passcode unlocker on your computer. It enables you to get into a locked iPhone on your Mac or Windows PC. When you reach its main interface, you get four key features, Wipe Passcode, Remove Apple ID, Bypass iCloud Activation Lock, and Screen Time. Select the Wipe Passcode function to get into your locked iPhone.

Choose Wipe Passcode Mode
Step 2

Connect your locked iPhone and click the Start button. Confirm the device information and download the associated firmware package when the connection is created.

Download Firmware Package
Step 3

Click the Unlock button when the firmware package is downloaded. Then enter 0000 to confirm your operation of removing the lock screen password. After that, you can get into your locked iPhone without a passcode.

Unlock iPhone Passcode

Part 3. How to Get into a Locked iPhone with iTunes

If you have ever synced your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, you can use it to get into your iOS device without a password. This method will erase all your iOS data and factory reset your device. Ensure you have backed up all important files before proceeding with this solution.

Step 1

Connect your locked iPhone to a computer via a compatible USB cable. Open iTunes and choose your iPhone in it.

Step 2

Go to the Summary tab in iTunes, then click the Restore iPhone button. Then you should follow the on-screen instructions to restore your iPhone to its factory settings. After restoring your iPhone, you can get into it and set it up as a new Apple device.

Restore iPhone via iTunes to Unlock

If iTunes can't detect your locked iPhone or iPad, the iOS device is permanently locked and disabled. You should use Recovery mode to unlock it. Disconnect your locked device from your computer, put it into Recovery mode, launch iTunes, then connect it via a USB cable. iTunes will detect that your iPhone is in recovery mode and let you restore it. Click Restore to restore your locked iPhone/iPad.

Restore iPhone Recovery Mode iTunes

Part 4. How to Get into a Locked iPhone Through iCloud Erasing Way

If you have enabled the Find iPhone feature on the locked iPhone and have access to your iCloud account, you can use iCloud to get into it without a password.

Step 1

Go to the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Choose Find iPhone once you are in iCloud.

Step 2

Click All Devices in the top central part to display all Apple devices linked to your account. Choose your locked iPhone from the device list.

Step 3

Click the Erase iPhone button to erase all iOS files and settings on this iPhone. This operation will also remove your forgotten password and get into a locked iPhone.

Erase iPhone to Unlock Find MY


  • How can I avoid being locked out of my iPhone?

    To prevent your iPhone from becoming locked and disabled, follow the instructions to set up a locked screen passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. You must ensure you can unlock your iPhone through your face or fingerprint in case you forget the password. Also, you should not jailbreak your iPhone or avoid interrupting iOS downloads.

  • How do you unlock an iPhone using your Apple Watch?

    To unlock your iPhone through an Apple Watch, you should first pair your phone with the watch, then turn on the Unlock with Apple Watch feature on your iPhone. After that, you can wear your Apple Watch to easily unlock your iPhone.

  • How to get into a locked iPhone without resetting it?

    When your iPhone is locked, you can try using Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it without resetting. If it is permanently locked and disabled, you have to factory reset it to access it again.


Being locked out of your iPhone is a frustrating experience. But with the right solutions, you can regain access to your iOS device and get back to using it quickly. This post explains why your iPhone may get locked and three methods to get into a locked iPhone. You can use your preferred way to unlock your phone with ease.

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