How to Reset Your Keychain Passwords on Mac Computers with or without Current Password

This guide will talk about how to reset Keychain passwords on your MacBook or iPhone/iPad. When you visit websites using Safari, the browser can save your log-in information, and auto-fill it. That is convenient especially if you sign up for lots of online services and websites, like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc. When you access the saved information, you will need your Keychain password. To protect your information, you'd better reset the password regularly.

Reset Keychain Password

Part 1. Reset Keychain Password on Mac

There are four ways to reset the Keychain password on Mac. Moreover, the procedures are pretty simple and straightforward. Plus, you can get the job done with and without the old password on your Mac.

Way 1: How to Reset Keychain Password on Mac with Old Password

Step 1Open the Keychain Access app. Head to the Applications folder in Finder, and go to Utilities, and you will find the app. Or find the app using the Spotlight Search. Step 2Here you will get the list of saved items and details. Select the login option on the left sidebar. Then enter the Edit menu on the menu bar, and choose Change Password for Keychain login. Login Mac Step 3Input the old password, enter a new password, and enter it again on the pop-up dialog. Once you click the OK button, you reset Keychain certificates on Mac successfully. New Password for Keychain Mac

Way 2: How to Reset Keychain Password without Password

Step 1If you forgot your current password, open the Keychain Access app on your Mac. Step 2Go to the Keychain Access menu, and choose Preferences. Click the Reset My Default Keychain button on the dialog, and input your Mac user password when prompted. Click OK. Reset My Default Keychains Step 3Go to the Apple menu, choose Log Out, and log out your account. Next, log in to your account again.
Tips :

The cost is losing all stored passwords in your Keychain.

Way 3: How to Reset Keychain Password Using Admin Account

Mac allows you to create multiple Admin accounts. So that you can reset the Keychain password for one account using another Admin account. If you just have one Admin account, this way is not available.

Users and Groups Step 1Reboot your MacBook, and log in to the other Admin account. Go to the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, and select Users & Groups. Step 2Click the Lock icon at the bottom left corner. If prompted, input the Admin account and password again. Next, select your username on the list. Step 3Press the Reset Password button, and then follow the instructions to make a new password. Step 4Log out the current Admin account, and sign in to your account with the new password. Then create a new password for Keychain.

Way 4: How to Reset Keychain Password on Mac by Terminal

Resetting the Keychain password requires Admin privilege. That is why some people said that the Change Password for Keychain Login button turned grey and they could not reset it. The solution is to do the job with a system command.

Reset Keychain Terminal Step 1Open a Terminal window on your Mac. Step 2Input the command security set-keychain-password and hit the Return key on your keyboard. Step 3Then enter the old password, and then the new password, and retype in the new password.

Part 2. A Better Way to Manage Passwords on iPhone

iCloud Keychain is an easy way to manage login items on iOS devices, but it is not the only method. It only covers the certificates of websites and services that you have accessed in Safari. imyPass iPhone Password Manager, on the other hand, is available to more accounts including Apple ID, Wi-Fi networks, email accounts, and Screen Time. That makes it the best alternative to iCloud Keychain.

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How to Manage Passwords on Your iPhone

Step 1Scan iPhone passwords

Launch the best password manager for iPhone once you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac users. Next, connect your iPhone to the same PC with a Lightning cable. Then click the Start button to begin scanning your device.

Start Scan iPhone Step 2Preview iPhone passwords

After password scanning, you will be taken to the main interface. All passwords stored on your iPhone are organized by type. To view websites login information, for example, choose the Web & App Password item on the left sidebar. Then you will get all of them on the right panel. Click the Eye icon and you will see the password for a specific website.

View Passwords Step 3Export iPhone passwords

When you are done with password management, select the important login items, and click on the Export button. Then follow the instructions to back up iPhone passwords to your hard drive. It does not require Keychain password resetting even if you forgot the password.

Export Passwords

Part 3. FAQs about Resetting Keychain Password

What to do if you forgot your Keychain password?

If you do not remember your current password, you need to reset your default Keychain. Bear in mind that resetting Keychain will delete all the passwords saved in the account.

Why is my Keychain password not working?

Your Keychain may be locked automatically if your device has been inactive for a period of time or your user password and Keychain password are out of sync. Then your Keychain password won't work until you fix it.

How to disable Keychain on iPhone?

Open the Settings app from your home screen, tap on your profile, go to the iCloud tab, and select Keychain. Then turn off the iCloud Keychain switch.


This guide has told you four ways to reset the Keychain password with the current password or when you forgot the password. You can get the job done effortlessly following our post. imyPass iPhone Password Manager is the best alternative password manager for iCloud Keychain. If you have other questions, please write them down below.