How to Unlock an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without Passcode Effortlessly

”I forgot my iPhone passcode, how can I access my device now, any suggestions?”

It is well known that iOS devices are secure and safe partly because of the advanced unlock settings. Currently, users can turn on iOS devices with Face ID, Touch ID, and PIN. It cannot be denied that biometric identifications are convenient. However, users have to enter the PIN code to access their handset after restarting or charging. This tutorial tells you what to do when you forgot your iPhone/iPad/iPod passcode.

Forgot My iPhone iPad iPod PasswordForgot My iPhone iPad iPod Password

Part 1: Fix a Forgotten iPhone Passcode Without Restore or Erasing

When you forgot your iPhone, iPad, or iPod passcode, don't rush to erase your device. Alternatively, try recalling your passcode. It can save you from the hassle of having to explore methods of removing your password. You can write down all your password, and try one by one.

Bear in mind that Apple allows you to unlock an iPhone or iPad with up to 5 failed attempts. After 6 failed attempts in a row, your iPhone will be disabled for 1 minute. After 10 failed attempts in a row, your iPhone will be disabled. If you still cannot unlock your iPhone, move to the solutions below.

Part 2: Fix a Forgotten iPhone Passcode by Erasing

Is it possible to fix a forgotten iPhone passcode without restoring it? The answer is no. According to our research, the open option to unlock an iPhone/iPad/iPod without a passcode is erasing the device and restoring it to the factory status. The next problem is how to erase an iPhone without the passcode. What you need is imyPass iPassGo, which is a powerful iPhone unlocking software.


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Step 1Connect your iOS device

Install the best iPhone unlocking software on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Launch it when you forgot your iPhone or iPad passcode. Hook up your iPhone to the same machine with a Lightning cable, and click the Start button to detect your device.

Choose Wipe Passcode Mode Step 2Check the information

After detecting, check the information of your iOS device including Device Category, Device Type, Device Model, and iOS Version. Make sure that everything is okay and click the Start button to download the firmware.

Download Firmware Package Step 3Unlock your handset without a passcode

When prompted, click the Unlock button to move on. Read the notification carefully. Next, type 0000 into the box, and hit the Unlock button again. Wait for the process to finish and you will be taken to the welcome screen. Now, disconnect your handset and set a new passcode.

Unlock iPhone Passcode
Tips :

This way is the best option for beginners and average people. Plus, it does not require your Apple ID and password.

Part 3: Fix a Forgotten iPhone Passcode Using iTunes or Finder

What to do if you forgot your iPhone, iPad, or iPod passcode? According to Apple, you can resolve this problem in the Recovery Mode. It is an effective way to access a locked iOS device. This way also requires a computer.

How to Fix a Forgotten iPhone/iPad/iPod Passcode with a PC

If you are using a PC to fix a forgotten iPad passcode, iTunes is indispensable. You can install it from Apple's website for free. If you already have it on your desktop, make sure to update the application to the latest version.

Step 1Put your iPhone or iPad in Recovery Mode:

On iPhone 8 and later: Press and release the Volume up button, press and release the Volume down button, and hold down the Side button. 10 seconds later, you will see the Apple logo. When you see the Recovery Mode screen, release the Side button.

On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Power off your iPhone, and hold down the Side button until your device enters the Recovery Mode.

On iPhone 6s and earlier: Turn off your device. Hold down the Home button while connecting your iPhone to your PC. When you see the Recovery Mode screen, let the Home button go.

On iPad with a Home button: Hold down both the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10-15 seconds. Then the iPad will enter the Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode iPad

On iPad without a Home button: Press and release the Volume button, press and release the Farther button, and hold down the Power button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

On iPod Touch: Hold down the Power and Home buttons. You will see the Apple logo and then enter the Recovery Mode. Release the buttons.

Step 2Connect your iOS device to your PC with a Lightning cable. Run the latest version of iTunes if it does not pop up automatically. Step 3Click the Phone icon at the upper left corner, move to the Summary tab from the left side, and click on the Restore iPad button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration. Restore iPad with iTunes Step 4When it finishes, you can set up your handset as a new device or restore a backup from iTunes.

How to Fix a Forgotten iPhone/iPad/iPod on MacBook Pro

Apple has announced that it was getting rid of iTunes on Mac. Instead, users can fix a forgotten iPad mini password using the Finder app by restoring the device. You'd better make a backup before the process.

Restore iPhone Finder Step 1Enter the Recovery Mode on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Connect your handset to your MacBook with a Lightning cable. Step 2Run the Finder app, select your handset from the Locations section, and then choose General from the top bar. Click the Restore iPad button. Step 3Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration process.
Tips :

Generally speaking, the Finder app should pop up after you plug an iOS device with Recovery Mode into your Mac. Then click the Restore button directly.

Part 4: Fix a Forgotten iPhone Passcode Using Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an important feature released by Apple for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It allows users to control their devices remotely and locate the devices on the map. More importantly, it is the only way to fix a forgotten iPad passcode when your device does not in your hand. The prerequisite is that you have set up Find My iPhone or Find My iPad on your handset and your device is online.

iCloud Find My iPhone Erase Step 1Open a web browser on your computer or another smartphone, and visit Step 2Log into your iCloud account and password. If you have turned on two-factor authentication, enter the code that appears on your iPhone to verify that you are the owner. Step 3Choose the Find My option on the home page. Then you will be presented with a map. Pull down the Devices list, and select your iOS device. Step 4Then the location of your handset will appear on the map. Locate the pop-up dialog, and click on the Erase iPhone or Erase iPad button. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password. Then click Erase again to confirm the action. Step 5When the process finishes, you can unlock your device even if you have forgotten the iPad passcode.
Tips :

This way erases all data and settings on your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, you should back up your device before the process.

Part 5: Fix a Forgotten iPhone Passcode on iOS 15.2 and above

Since iOS 15.2, Apple has added a new feature on iPhones and iPad called Security Lockout. In the past, you have to put your iOS device in the Recovery Mode to reset it when you forgot your iPhone or iPad passcode. On the latest iOS versions, you can erase your device directly after several failed attempts. This method does not require extra hardware, but your device must connect to a cellular or Wi-Fi network and have enabled Find My.

Security Lockout Step 1After five failed attempts, you will see the Unavailable screen on your Lock Screen. Continue to enter your passcode until the Security Lockout screen appears. Step 2Now, you get two buttons at the bottom. If you are ready, tap the Erase iPhone or Erase iPad button. Then tap the button again to confirm it. Step 3Enter your Apple ID password to sign out of your account on your iOS device. Then press Erase iPhone or Erase iPad to begin erasing your handset. Step 4When it is done, your iPhone or iPad will restart. Now, you can set it up again, restore your data from a backup, and set a new password.
Tips :

According to Apple, the Security Lockout will be activated after you enter failed attempts 10 times. Bear in mind that you need to contact your carrier and ask for a QR code to set up your eSIM if you are using an eSIM on your iOS device.

Part 6: FAQs about Forgot My iPhone Password

How do I change my iPad passcode?

If you still remember your current passcode, open the Settings app on your iPad, choose Face ID & Passcode, enter your current passcode, tap Change Passcode, and follow the instructions to complete the process. If you forgot your iPad passcode, you have to erase your device and set a new passcode.

How to unlock an Apple Watch if you forgot the passcode?

To access an Apple Watch without a passcode, you have to reset the device. Put your Apple Watch on its charger, tap and hold the Side button until it shuts down. Next, hold the digital crown until your screen displays Erase all contents and settings. Finally, tap Reset.

How to fix a forgotten iPod password without restoring it?

According to our research, it is impossible to recover a forgotten iPod passcode without restoring it. You have to turn off your iPod Touch, put it in Recovery Mode, and connect the device to a computer. Then restore the device with iTunes or Finder. Remember that the process will erase all your data and settings.


This guide has discussed what you can do if you forgot your iPhone/iPad/iPod passcode. The Recovery Mode is the official way to resolve this problem. The process requires a computer and the latest version of iTunes or Finder. The iCloud website provides a way to restore your iOS device without a passcode remotely. If you have updated to the latest iOS, you can also fix this issue on the Security Lockout screen. imyPass iPassGo lets you erase an iOS device without any prerequisites. You can pick an appropriate method and follow our steps to erase your device. More questions about this topic? Please feel free to leave a message below this post.