Unlock the Screen Locked & Carrier Locked TCL Phone

Screen lock is an essential security protection for TCL phone users. It can protect your digital privacy and keep it away from others' prying eyes. However, it can block you from accessing data when you forget the passcode. In the same way, carrier lock can be an obstacle when you want to travel abroad and switch to a local carrier. So, how to unlock a TCL phone in the two aspects? This guide will provide solutions in two parts with detailed steps.

Unlock A Tcl Phone

Part 1. How to Unlock TCL Phone Without Password [Screen Lock]

Many third-party programs are available in the market to unlock a TCL phone without a previous password. In this guide, we recommend iMobie DroidKit to wipe all types of screen locks on a TCL phone without password. iMobie DroidKit is an all-in-one Android unlocking program that can not only help you unlock screen locks and FRP locks but also fix system issues and recover Android data.

How to turn off the lock screen on most Android phones

Step 1

Download and install iMobie DroidKit on your Windows PC or Mac. After launching it, connect your locked TCL phone to your computer via a USB cable. Click Screen Unlocker from its home interface.

Imobie Droidkit Screen Unlocker
Step 2

In the following interface, you can read all the information and click Start. Choose Device Connected from the pop-up window. Then, DroidKit will prepare the configuration file for your TCL phone. Click Remove Now once the preparation process is finished.

Step 3

Follow the detailed on-screen instructions to put your TCL phone into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. Then, DroidKit will start removing the screen lock. In minutes, your TCL phone will be restarted without a screen lock.

Unlock Tcl Phone With Imobie

Part 2. How to Unlock TCL Phone with IMEI [Carrier Lock]

If your TCL phone is carrier-locked, you cannot switch to other carriers whenever you like. In this case, you are unable to take advantage of better deals offered by different carriers. Besides, you might fail to download some special apps for entertainment or work that haven't been verified on the current carrier's approved app store.

To deal with the tough nut, you should apply for a TCL phone unlock code to unlock the carrier lock. If you are the original owner of your TCL phone, you can apply to your TCL phone's carrier for a free TCL phone unlock code. If not, you can turn to paid online services.

Step 1

Confirm the carrier brand of your SIM card and go to its official website to check its unlock policy. Usually, your TCL phone should be paid off, and your phone number should be active on its network for a certain period.

Step 2

If your TCL phone is eligible to unlock the carrier lock, you can contact the current carrier and apply for a free TCL phone unlock code.

◆ T-Mobile IMEI Unlock: 800-937-8997
◆ AT&T IMEI Unlock: 800-288-2020
◆ Boost Mobile IMEI Unlock: 1-833-502-6678
◆ Mint Mobile IMEI Unlock: 1-866-646-4638
◆ Verizon IMEI Unlock: 800-922-0204
◆ Xfinity IMEI Unlock: (888) 936-4968
◆ Sprint IMEI Unlock: 888-211-4727
◆ U.S. Cellular IMEI Unblock: 888-944-9400

Step 3

Once connected, you should give them the necessary information, including the IMEI number, phone number, special account, etc. Then, you should wait patiently until they approve your application and send your TCL phone unlock code for free. Now, you can unlock the carrier lock on your TCL phone with the unlock code.

Unlock Tcl Phone With Imei


  • How to unlock TCL phone without losing everything?

    If the Android version of your TCL phone is Android 4.4 or below, you can use the Forgot Pattern feature to unlock your TCL phone without losing everything. In addition, you can use the Google Find My Device feature to reset a new screen password.

  • Is TCL Flip 2 unlocked better than a locked one?

    In terms of carrier freedom, TCL Flip 2 unlocked is superior to a locked one. In terms of price, a locked TCL Flip 2 is cheaper than an unlocked one. They both have their upsides and downsides, you should make an advisable choice between them based on your needs.

  • How to unlock the carrier lock of a second-hand TCL phone?

    Since you cannot apply to the carrier for a TCL phone unlock code because you are not the original owner, you can use other online unlock services like CellUnlocks to unlock the carrier lock from a TCL phone. All you need to do is to enter your TCL phone's IMEI number and pay upfront.


By reading this guide, you can learn how to unlock TCL phone without password and with IMEI number. Therefore, you can access full functions in your TCL phone without restrictions.

Samuel Spenser
Samuel Spenser

Samuel Spenser, a senior editor from imyPass, is an expert on password unlocking and recovery. He has more than 3-year experience in writing tutorials about password recovery for Windows.

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