Discover How to Remove the Activation Lock on Apple Watch Effectively

Stuck with an activation lock on your Apple Watch and unsure how to remove the activation lock on your Apple Watch? Don't worry, we're here to help. In this post, we'll provide a reliable method for removing the activation lock from your Apple Watch. These methods are straightforward to follow, making them suitable even for first-time users. Rest assured, you'll be able to master the process with ease. Let's dive in and unlock your Apple Watch together.

Bypass Apple Watch Activation Lock

Part 1. How to Check Apple Watch iCloud Activation Status

Before purchasing an Apple Watch, it's crucial to ensure that Activation Lock isn't enabled, which can be done through a few simple steps. If you encounter the Activation Lock screen while setting up the Apple Watch, it indicates that the device is still linked to the previous owner's Apple ID. In this case, it's essential to request the previous owner to remove the device from their Apple ID.

Alternatively, if the Apple Watch is already set up and functional with visible watch faces and apps, it suggests that the owner hasn't erased it yet. To resolve this, kindly ask the owner to access the Watch app on their iPhone and proceed to unpair the Apple Watch from their account. It's crucial not to erase the device from the Apple Watch Settings app, as doing so might inadvertently keep the Activation Lock enabled.

Ensuring the Activation Lock is disabled before purchasing an Apple Watch safeguards against potential issues related to ownership transfer and ensures a smooth and secure transition to your ownership.

Part 2. How to Turn Off Activation Lock on Apple Watch [Password Required]

How to turn off the activation lock on the Apple Watch? Most of our Apple Watch are linked with an iPhone which is why this method can be effective. Learn more here:

Step 1

Ensure your Apple Watch and iPhone are within proximity and open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Apple Watches
Step 2

Navigate to the My Watch tab, then tap on All Watches located at the top of the screen.

Select Apple Watch
Step 3

Locate your Apple Watch in the list and tap on the information button next to it and within the Apple Watch app, tap on Unpair Apple Watch.

Unpair Apple Watch

Part 3. How to Remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch [No Password Required]

1. Apple iPhone Unlock

Bypassing the Apple Watch Activation Lock without the Apple ID and password is possible through various online services, such as the Apple iPhone Unlock service. Here is how to bypass the activation lock on Apple Watch do it:

Step 1

Open your preferred web browser on your computer and navigate to the Apple iPhone Unlock website.

Step 2

Locate the serial number on the case of your Apple Watch and take note of it.

Step 3

Enter the serial number on the website, select your specific Apple Watch model from the dropdown menu, and then click on the option to Remove Activation Lock.

Apple iPhone Unlock
Step 4

Follow the prompts to proceed with the unlocking process, make the necessary payment, and confirm your order. After a few days, you should receive an email confirming that your Apple Watch has been successfully unlocked, allowing you to use it with your account.

2. iCloud

If you're unable to access your iPhone or Apple Watch, or if your Apple Watch isn't paired with your iPhone and you need to disable the Activation Lock, you can follow these steps on how to get past the activation lock on the Apple Watch:

Step 1

Visit and log in with your Apple ID credentials. From the Quick Access Menu located in the top right corner, select Find My. You may need to sign in again for verification.

Step 2

Choose All Devices and then click on your Apple Watch from the list displayed. Select Erase Apple Watch and proceed by clicking Next until the device is completely erased.

Step 3

Finally, click on the remove button to complete the process. Following these steps will effectively disable Activation Lock on your Apple Watch, allowing you to proceed with any necessary actions without hindrance.

Part 4. How to Bypass Activation Lock on Other Apple Devices [iPhone & iPad]

imyPass iPassBye is known for its effectiveness in removing the activation lock on iPhones and iPads to regain access and lift the restriction. Its effectiveness lies in its overall build and jailbreaking. However, it does not offer a jailbreaking feature which means you will need to jailbreak your device before you proceed to the steps added here.

Step 1

After jailbreaking the device, click the download button below to have the app on your PC. Then, install the program and do the setup.

Step 2

Next, open the app and use your USB cable to connect the device to your PC. When there is a prompt, click the Trust This Computer.

Connect Your iOS
Step 3

There are three things you need to take note of as it is mentioned and if you agree click the Start button and Next.

Begin to Bypass
Step 4

Confirm the information that is generated and click Start Bypassing Activation to confirm the action.

Go Bypass Activation


  • Does the factory reset remove the activation lock?

    No, a factory reset alone does not remove the activation lock. Activation Lock is a security feature tied to the Apple ID and requires specific steps to be disabled.

  • How do I pair my locked Apple Watch?

    If your Apple Watch is locked, you will need to first remove the Activation Lock associated with it before pairing it with a new iPhone. Follow the recommended methods provided by Apple or use specialized services to bypass the lock.

  • How do I reset an Apple Watch that I bought second-hand?

    To reset a second-hand Apple Watch, ensure that the previous owner has removed the Activation Lock. If not, ask them to follow the necessary steps to disable it. Once the Activation Lock is removed, you can perform a factory reset by going to Settings, General, Reset, Erase All Content, and Settings on the Apple Watch.

  • Can I bypass the activation lock without the Apple ID and password?

    While services and methods are claiming to bypass the activation lock without the Apple ID and password, it's important to note that these may not always be legitimate or recommended by Apple. Proceed with caution and ensure the legitimacy of the method before using it.

  • Can I bypass the activation lock if the Apple Watch is reported lost or stolen?

    Activation Lock serves as a security measure to deter unauthorized use of lost or stolen devices. If an Apple Watch is reported lost or stolen, it may be flagged in Apple's database, making it difficult or impossible to bypass the activation lock without proper documentation and verification of ownership.


Isn’t it amazing? that you can learn how to take the activation lock off the Apple Watch easily with the help of a password and even do it without it. All the tutorials added here are used for educational purposes only and not for illegal purposes.

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