2024 DoulCi Activator Best Review on Features, Tutorial & Alternative

Activation Lock on iPhone has become a huge problem for iOS users, and one of the most proficient tools you can use to solve it is the DoulCi Activator. But what makes the app a promising tool for unlocking your device? This review will crack open the app's functionalities, analyze its effectiveness, and see its limitations. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dig in!

Doulci Activator

Part 1. DoulCi Activator Review

Developed by a team of computer security experts, DoulCi Activator is the first free tool allowing users to unlock iCloud activation locks on Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs without needing iTunes. Its purpose is to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, which can occur when you forget your Apple ID password or purchase a second-hand device locked by iCloud Activation. Here are some key points about the app:


  • The DoulCi Activator offers several advantages. First, it’s free to use, allowing you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock without any cost. Second, it effectively bypasses the lock without requiring an Apple ID password. Third, it unlocks Activation and decodes the password, enabling you to set up a new Apple ID or restore from backups. Importantly, it won’t jailbreak your iOS device during the process.


  • On the other hand, it has some limitations: it is only available for iOS 7.1.2 and lower versions, and there have been scams associated with DoulCi tools in recent years. Due to its limitations, remember to explore alternative methods if you’re using a more recent iOS version.

Platform Supported:

The DoulCi Activator can be launched on both Linux and Windows, supporting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The key point is that it can work on various iOS versions, from iOS 12.0 to iOS 16.5

Part 2. How to Use DoulCi Activator - Tutorial How to Use It

DoulCi Activator is a third-party tool designed to help users unlock iOS devices locked due to iCloud activation. However, using such tools may violate Apple’s terms of service, so move cautiously and ensure you have the legal right to unlock the device.

Doulci Activator Ui
Step 1

First, download the DoulCi Activator tool. Remember that it’s available only for Windows and Linux operating systems. Install the tool if necessary, and then launch it on your computer.

Step 2

When the program is running, provide the device model and indicate the iOS version it is currently running into.

Step 3

Connect your locked iOS device to the computer, run the DoulCi Activator program, and the app will establish the connection.

Step 4

If the bypass is successful, you will receive a message indicating that it has been completed. Disconnect the device and set it up with a new Apple ID.

Part 3. Finest Alternative to Doulci Activator to Bypass Activation Lock

Bypassing the iCloud activation lock on your iOS device is easier than ever with imyPass iPassBye, a mighty tool that offers several advantages over DoulCi Activator. With just one click, iPassBye removes the activation lock regardless of whether your device is stuck on the Locked to Owner screen or Lost Mode. It works on various iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches across multiple iOS versions. If you want to experience this app's greatness as a DoulCi Activator alternative, read our tutorial here!

Step 1

Download the imyPass iPassBye on your computer by ticking the button we added here. Then, install the package on your PC and launch the program to start using it!

Step 2

Connect the iPhone or iPad you are using to the computer using a USB cable. Confirm the connection by tapping Trust This Computer on your handheld device.

Trust This Computer
Step 3

Next, read the highlighted information here; these are the precautions you need to take before you proceed with using it. Take note that you need to jailbreak your iOS device before you can use the app.

Read Precautions
Step 4

Confirm the information it generates and see if it matches your iOS device information. Then, click Start Bypassing Activation and wait for a few minutes until the bypassing is done.

Start Processing


  • Does DoulCi Activator work for iOS 17?

    Based on the information we gathered through deep searching, we discovered that the DoulCi Activation supports iOS 9.1 or lower, which means iOS 17 is not included. However, numerous claims exist that the DoulCi Activator can work on iPhone 11 with iOS 17. If you want to see if it works, you are free to try it out!

  • Where can I have an official download of DoulCi Activator?

    DoulCi Activator was suspended in 2014, and most downloadable DoulCi tools available now are scams. Be careful on the websites you visited and downloaded the app from since it is possible that it will harm your PC. We suggest using an alternative app that works similarly to the activator, such as imyPass iPassBye.

  • Is DoulCi Activator safe?

    While DoulCi Activator was once a legitimate tool, scammers have exploited its name. Be wary of fraudulent applications claiming to be DoulCi. Always verify the source and use trusted tools to avoid security risks.

  • Is DoulCi Activator free?

    DoulCi Activator was initially free, but it’s no longer actively maintained due to misuse and scams. Be cautious of any paid versions claiming to be DoulCi.

  • Can DoulCi bypass iCloud activation on all devices?

    DoulCi was primarily designed for iPhones and iPads. While it may work on some iPod Touch models, it’s not guaranteed for all iOS devices.


DoulCi Activator for iCloud bypass once hailed as a savior for those locked out of their iCloud-locked devices, offered hope by claiming to bypass the locks without requiring an Apple ID password. However, its effectiveness was limited to older iOS versions, and its development ceased in 2014. Fast forward to today, and the name of it is synonymous with scams. It was masquerading the app as a downloadable app with malware, which may pose a security risk to users.

For a reliable solution, consider imyPass iPassBye. This user-friendly tool effectively removes activation locks on various iOS models, even the latest iOS.

Samuel Spenser
Samuel Spenser

Samuel Spenser, a senior editor from imyPass, is an expert on password unlocking and recovery. He has more than 3-year experience in writing tutorials about password recovery for Windows.

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