Sticky Password Review - Features, Pricing & Its Best Alternative

Imagine being frustrated and running the risk of security breaches trying to remember all your passwords on different platforms. You can relax knowing that Sticky Password Manager has your back. Discover more about its features, cost, and mobile app in our in-depth review. Learn why it's a well-liked option for managing passwords and learn about imyPass iPhone Password Manager, which provides smooth iPhone password storage as a substitute.

Sticky Password

Part 1. Features Offered By Sticky Password Manager

This part will teach us about Sticky Password Manager's key features. Since it's one of the most popular apps for password management, let's see if it can serve as your go-to tool.

Key Features:

◆ To help secure online accounts, Sticky Password's generator creates and saves strong passwords. Strong security against cyber threats is ensured with unique and unbreakable passwords that it identifies and replaces, allowing password length and character sets to be modified.

Generator Password

◆ An extra layer of security is added with two-factor authentication or 2FA, which necessitates secondary verification in addition to the master password.

◆ The security dashboard of Sticky Password notifies users of weak or compromised passwords, allowing for quick action to bolster security. It gathers all problematic accounts into one convenient summary for preventive password management. Consistent observation improves overall data security and helps avoid password breaches.

Security Dashboard

◆ Password security dashboard raises awareness of password strength. It offers dark web monitoring that monitors your password against data breaches, making you feel more confident that no one touches your accounts.

Dark Web Monitoring

◆ It offers a safe password-sharing tool if you wish to grant access to a specific individual, family member, or group. You may accomplish that in complete security using a Sticky Password.

Sharing Password Feature

◆ As the best password manager, Sticky Password securely stores and manages bookmarks, synchronizes them across devices and browsers, encrypts them, and safeguards your favorite websites.


  • Robust security features include dark web surveillance, 2FA, and encryption.
  • Cross-platform ease of use.
  • Simple UI for managing passwords.
  • Extra features like bookmark storing and safe memos.
  • Alternatives for reasonable prices.


  • Free plan limitations.
  • Some advanced features need to be included compared to competitors.
  • The interface could use a modern update.

Part 2. Review of Sticky Password Manager


Plan Price Features Platforms Number of Device Licenses
Free – – 1. Unlimited passwords
2. Form filling – Secure notes
3. 2FA
4. Biometric login
5. Portable password manager (Windows only)
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire 1
Premium Yearly: $9.99 / Lifetime: $39.99 1. All features of Free plan
2. Unlimited devices
3. Dark web monitoring
4. Password sharing
5. Guest access
6. Emergency access
7. Contributes to a manatee conservation fund
8. Priority customer support
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire 1
Teams $29.99 / year 1. All features of Premium plan
2. Number of device licenses: 2–100
3. Priority customer support
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire 2-100

Sticky Password Mobile App:

Mobile App Sticky Password

Sticky Password also has a mobile app available for iOS and Android. Similar to its PC software, the mobile app offers the following:


◆ Password manager.

◆ Password generator.

◆ Auto-fill capabilities.

◆ Identity and payment card storage.

◆ Secure notes.

◆ Cloud and Wi-Fi sync options.

◆ Sticky Browser for secure browsing.

iOS and Android users can easily navigate the Sticky Password mobile app thanks to its user-friendly layout. Payment information, notes, and passwords are all simple for users to add, arrange, and maintain. Simplifying the auto-fill procedure for payment information, IDs, and passwords is one way that the Sticky Browser feature increases convenience. The mobile version of 1Password has more capabilities and is more user-friendly, so some users might prefer it even if it looks a lot like its desktop counterpart.

Part 3. Best Sticky Password Alternative to Save iPhone Passwords

imyPass iPhone Password Manager is the most excellent alternative to Sticky Password Manager for iPhone users. For handling passwords on your iPhone, imyPass provides unrivaled convenience and peace of mind because of its remarkable interoperability, strong security features, and intuitive UI. To experience seamless password management, make wise decisions and switch to imyPass.

iPhone Password Manager

4,000,000+ Downloads

Supports the most recent iPhone series and iOS version.

Simple verification of the previously scanned passwords.

It retrieves every password from the iPhone all at once.

Displays Wi-Fi passwords, retrieves Apple IDs, and checks email passwords.

Free Download Free Download

Which One is Better?

Feature imyPass iPhone Password Manager Sticky Password Manager
Security Features Secure and safe Password security, dark web monitoring
Additional Features Export, share passwords, iPhone mode Priority support, extra security
Password Export Export passwords as CSV Not mentioned
Password Sharing Share passwords securely Limited password sharing
iPhone Mode Optimized for iPhone Not mentioned

The iPhone-specific enhancements that iMyPass iPhone Password Manager offers, such as sharing and password export options, set it apart from Sticky Password Manager. Furthermore, iMyPass guarantees safe and secure password management without requiring jailbreaking.


  • Are iOS devices and Sticky Password Manager compatible?

    iOS users can safely store their passwords on iPhones and iPads with Sticky Password Manager. This improves user experience and streamlines password management on mobile devices by guaranteeing easy access to accounts across several platforms.

  • Can passwords be exported from Sticky Password Manager to CSV format?

    Sticky Password Manager only allows users to manage passwords within the program and view saved passwords on Google Chrome, but it does not export passwords to CSV format. This limitation could annoy users who need password data in CSV format for different uses outside of the application's ecosystem.

  • Can I get priority customer assistance with Sticky Password Manager?

    According to its premium plans, Sticky Password Manager does indeed provide priority customer service. Priority support is provided to those who have paid for premium plans for any questions or problems they may have with the password manager software.

  • What is the secure password-sharing process like using Sticky Password Manager?

    Encrypting shared credentials and offering limited access through features like emergency access and guest access are just two of the ways Sticky Password Manager safely makes password sharing possible. This guarantees that passwords are transferred securely in an emergency or with authorized parties.

  • Is Sticky Password Manager equipped with an iPhone-specific mode?

    Sticky Password Manager's mode does not support the iPhone. However, it is cross-platform compatible, meaning that users may access their passwords on different devices and operating systems without any trouble at all, even iOS devices.


Users may now download Sticky Password with confidence, knowing they have a strong solution for their password management needs after reading this thorough review of Sticky Password Manager. Sticky Password Manager is dependable because of its robust security features, cross-platform compatibility, and user-friendly design. To further ensure seamless iPhone password storage, look into imyPass iPhone Password Manager, an option. Pick the most excellent choice to guarantee your ease and digital security.

Samuel Spenser
Samuel Spenser

Samuel Spenser, a senior editor from imyPass, is an expert on password unlocking and recovery. He has more than 3-year experience in writing tutorials about password recovery for Windows.

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