How to Reset Your Microsoft Password When You Forgot It or Not

Today, Windows is still the most popular operating system around the world. According to a recent survey, the market share reaches about 85%. More importantly, Windows is believed a highly secure system that protects your data and document with login password. Firstly, experts suggest people to reset Microsoft password frequently to enhance the security. That may lead you to forget the current password. This guide will tell you several ways to do the job in various situations, so that you can keep your data safe.

Microsoft Password Reset

Part 1: How to Reset Microsoft Password If You Remember It

Firstly, you should know that there are two types of accounts on Windows, Microsoft account and local account. The former is an account to log in your Windows 10, Microsoft website, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive and other services. The latter, on the other hand, is based on device, so you can only use and change it on the PC where you created it. Since Microsoft account lets you access across apps and Windows 10, you can reset it on your computer. Here are the steps.

Step 1Click the Start menu at bottom left side of your screen. Find and open the Settings app, and select Accounts, which sub-headed Your account, email, sync, work, family. Settings Account Step 2Here, you will get the Accounts menu with six options. To reset Microsoft password, click the Sign-in Options on the left hand column. Sign in Options Step 3Then you will get more options on the right panel. Scroll down to find the Password option. Click on it and you will be presented the Change button. Press it and enter your PIN to verify that you are the owner of the Microsoft account.

Tip: If you have set up the two-factor authentication on your Microsoft account, you will have to authenticate your identity with your mobile device or another PC.

Change Password Step 4Follow the onscreen instructions and you will be taken to the Microsoft password reset screen. Here you need to enter your current password, input the new password and confirm it. Step 5Finally, click on the Next button to finish it.

Note: This is the normal way to reset Microsoft password on computer if you did not forget the current passcode. If you already forgot your password, keep reading and you will find the methods to reset or bypass it.

Part 2: How to Reset Forgot Microsoft Account Password on PC

In most cases that you need to reset Microsoft password because you have forgotten the current password and cannot access your computer or Microsoft services. The normal method is not available in such situation. However, you can still reset forgot Microsoft account on your computer if you are using Windows 10.

Step 1Power on your PC and wait until you reach the sign-in screen. Instead to enter the forgot Microsoft password click on I forgot my password to move on. When prompted, type the characters showing under Enter the characters you see, and hit Next. Forgot Password Step 2On the Recover your account screen, type in your account, which is usually an email address associated with your account. Then click the Next button at the bottom right side. Recover Account Step 3Then you will be asked to verify your identity. You have two ways to receive the security code, email and message. Choose the proper channel and leave your email address or phone number, and click Send code. When you get the security code, enter it into the field and hit Next.

Tip: If you cannot get the security code, press I didn’t get a code or I don’t have access to these. Then your PCs will ask you to verify your identify with your security questions.

Reset Password Step 4If you have entered the information correctly, the Your password is changed screen will pop up. Click on the Sign in button to return to the sign-in screen and log in your Microsoft account with the new password. Step 5After sign-in your system, find the Sign-in options in Accounts menu in Settings app. Locate the Password section and click Update your security questions. When prompted, enter your password. Next, you can set three questions and unique answers to these questions. When it is done, click on the Finish button. The next time you reset Microsoft password from the Sign-in screen, you can verify yourself by the security questions. Security Questions

Note: Since Microsoft is associated with all Microsoft services, such as Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, and more, you have to use the new password to log in them after reset.

Part 3: How to Reset Microsoft Password Online

In addition to your computer, you can also reset forgot Microsoft password online. In fact, you can do it on multiple websites, like,,,, etc. The workflow is similar and we use Microsoft’s account page to show you the procedure.

Step 1Open a web browser on an accessible computer when you forgot your Microsoft account password. Copy and paste into the address bar and hit Enter key on your keyboard to visit the webpage. Step 2Click the Sign in option at the upper right corner, type in your Microsoft username and hit the Next button. In the password page, press Forgot my password instead of entering password. Sign in Page Step 3Next, select I forgot my password option and press the Next button to move on. Of course, you can choose other option if it fits your situation better. Forgot My Password Step 4As long as you enter the process of forgot password reset, you need to enter the CAPTCHA in the Enter the characters you see area. Hit the Next button to continue. Step 5Similar to PC, you will be presented two channels to get the verification code, an alternative email address and phone number. To get the information through email, for example, select it and leave your email address, and click Send code. Step 6Visit your email and see the verification code from Microsoft message. Next, enter it into the Enter the code box on the Verify your identity page. Reset Your Password Step 7 Click the Next button and you will reach the Reset your password page. Input the new password for your Microsoft account, enter it again in the next field, and click Next to confirm the change. Step 8If you are presented the Your account has been recovered page, it means that the process is successful. Click Next to finish the password reset.

How to Verify Yourself without Alternative Email or Phone Number

If your alternative email and phone number are not available, follow the steps below to verify your identity during Microsoft password reset.

Step 1Select I don’t have any of these on the verify your identity page, and click the Next button. Verify Identity Step 2Now, you will be asked to enter a contact email address. The email address should be accessible and not be the same with your Microsoft account. Click the Next button to receive a code. Step 3Find the code in your email and enter it into the box. Press the Verify button. Verify Button Step 4Then you need to write down several email address that you just sent mails recently and the email subjects that you recently sent. Hit the Next button and click OK. Microsoft will review your information and give you feedback within 24 hours. Then you can reset forgot Microsoft password if it is passed.

Part 4: The Easiest Way to Reset Microsoft Windows Password


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In short, it is the easiest option to reset your Microsoft account password if you forgot it.

How to Reset Microsoft Account Password

Step 1Create bootable media

When you forgot Microsoft account password, find an accessible computer and install the password reset utility on it. If you want to create a bootable DVD, put a blank disc into the DVD drive. Turn to the utility and locate the Create Password Reset CD/DVD section. Expand the dropdown menu and select the disc. Hit the Burn CD/DVD button.

To make a bootable USB, plug the flash drive onto the computer and go to the Create Password Reset USB Flash Drive section instead. Choose the USB from the dropdown menu and click Burn USB button. Wait for the bootable media to finish and remove it.

Run imyPass Windows Password Reset Step 2Reset Microsoft password

Switch to the computer associated with your Microsoft account. Insert the bootable DVD or USB into the PC and power it on. Make sure that it boots into the bootable media and you will get the Windows Password Reset window. Firstly, select the proper operating system, and choose the right account. Next, press the Reset Password button and select Yes if prompted. Now, you can enter the new password and confirm it. When it Microsoft password reset is done, remove the bootable media, reboot your PC, and sign in with the new password.

Reset Password Windows

Part 5: FAQs about Microsoft Password Reset

What is my Microsoft account password?

Microsoft account is the username that you used to sign into your Windows 10 and Microsoft services, such as Outlook, Office, Skype, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Bing, Microsoft Store, MSN, etc. If you forgot your account password, you can reset it following the guide above.

How can I unlock my Microsoft account?

Microsoft will lock your account in order to protect it from fraud or abuse. To unlock your account, sign in your Microsoft account and follow the instructions to get the security code.

Why cannot log into my Microsoft account?

The reasons include:
1. Caps Lock is turned off and your username or password is spelled incorrectly.
2. The sign-in form is not working in your browser.
3. There is something wrong about your internet connectivity.


This guide has shared four ways to reset Microsoft account password in various situations. If you still remember the current password, the normal method is available. To reset forgot Microsoft password, you can do it on Windows 10 and in your web browser. More importantly, imyPass Windows Password Reset is able to help you simplify the process and lets you reset password easily. If you have more questions, please leave a message below this post.