How to Reset Samsung Account Password [Online & On Your Phone]

For Samsung phone and tablet users, the Samsung account is an essential feature to use Samsung services on their devices, such as Galaxy Store, Samsung Pay, Bixby, SmartThings Find, and more. It means that you cannot access these services as long as you forget the credentials. Fortunately, you can reset your Samsung password by following the right steps. This guide will show you everything you should know about this task so that you can regain access to your Samsung services.

Samsung Reset Password

Part 1: How to Reset Samsung Account Password

Depending on whether you enable two-step verification for your Samsung account, the workflows of Samsung password reset are a bit different. We demonstrate the steps for each method respectively below.

How to Reset Samsung Password Without Two-step Verification Enabled

Step 1

Go to in a web browser.

Step 2

Enter your Samsung account ID, which is usually an email address. Then click the Reset password button to move on.

Reset Samsung Account Password
Step 3

Next, select an email address to receive the reset link, and hit Continue.

Reset Samsung Password Phone
Step 4

When you receive the email from Samsung, click Reset password, and then input your new password, and confirm it. Finally, hit Next to complete the process.

Reset Samsung Password


After resetting your password for Samsung, you need to update the credentials on your phone, tablet, and other devices.

How to Reset Samsung Password with Two-step Verification Enabled

Step 1

Also, input your Samsung account ID on the password reset web page, and click Reset password. To reset your password on your Samsung phone, go to the Settings app, tap Samsung account at the top of the screen, press Sign out, and hit Sign out again. Then tap Reset password to redirect the web page to your mobile browser.

Step 2

Input your two-step verification phone number and hit Continue.

Sign Out Samsung Account
Step 3

Then you have four options to reset your Samsung account password.
With an account ID: Choose your account, click Continue, and then click Reset password in the email that you receive from Samsung. Then enter and confirm a new password, and hit Next.
With a recovery number: Click Verify with recovery number or email, select recovery phone number, and hit Continue. Select your recovery number, click Send code, and then enter the verification code from the text that you receive on your phone. Hit Verify, set a new password, and click Next.
With a recovery email: Press Verify with recovery number or email, select Recovery email, and hit Continue. After you receive the email from Samsung, click Reset password. Set a new password, and hit Next.
With security question and answer: Click Verify with security question, answer your security question, and hit Verify. Enter and confirm the new password, and hit Next.

Part 2: How to Reset or Remove Password from Samsung Phone

After resetting your Samsung account password, you need to update the changes to your Galaxy phone or tablet. Otherwise, the Samsung services will report errors or won't be working. Here are the steps to remove and reset password for your Samsung phone.

Step 1

Turn on your Samsung phone, and open the Settings app.

Step 2

Go to the Accounts and backup tab, choose Manage accounts, and select your Samsung account.

Step 3

Tap the Remove account button, read the alert message, and hit the Remove account button again.

Remove Samsung Account
Step 4

Press Sign out and follow the instructions to remove your Samsung account from your phone.

Step 5

Next, go back to the Settings app, navigate to Accounts and backup, and Manage accounts. Tap Add account, and enter your Samsung account ID and new password.


If you still remember your Samsung account password, you can reset it on your phone directly. Go to the Settings app, tap on your Samsung account ID at the top of the screen, choose Security and privacy, and hit Password. To reset the Samsung password, enter the old password in the first field, enter a new password in the second field, and press Next.

Recommend: Best Password Reset Tool for Samsung Phone

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If you are locked out of your Samsung phone and you forgot the lock screen password, you can unlock your device with your Samsung account credentials. If you cannot remember your Samsung password either, you will need powerful unlocking software, such as iToolab UnlockGo for Android. It helps you remove the password from your Samsung phone or tablet without any restrictions.

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  • What is a Samsung account?

    A Samsung account is used to access Samsung's services on Galaxy phones, tablets, Samsung TVs, and other products. Every customer can create one using an email address and a memorable password.

  • What is two-step verification for Samsung accounts?

    2-step verification is an enhanced security feature that blocks someone else from logging into your Samsung account without permission. It strengthens the security by using two different authentication factors to verify your identity, a password and a security code.

  • How do I manage and recover my Samsung account?

    You can set up and manage your Samsung account on your phone, tablet, computer, and TV since these devices have Samsung account software built in. If you forgot your Samsung account ID, you can find it back on Samsung's website.


Now, you should understand how to reset password for your Samsung account on a computer or your smartphone. The process may require a verification code, your email, the associated phone number, or your security questions and answers. Plus, we also shared a powerful tool to reset passwords on your locked Samsung phone or tablet. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to leave a message below this post and we will reply to it quickly.

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