How to Factory Reset Samsung Phone/Tablet Without Password

How to reset a samsung phone that is locked if I forgot the password?

It is possible to factory reset a Samsung phone without the password for whatever reason it is locked. This guide identifies four practical methods to get the job done. Moreover, you can learn the explanation for each method from our guide.

Samsung Factory Reset Without Password

Part 1: An Ultimate Solution to Factory Reset Samsung Without Password

Factory reset Samsung phone means to bring your device to the factory status. All your data and settings will be removed from your phone. It is easy to get the job done if you can access your device. When you forgot your password and are locked out of your device, EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android is a simple way to factory reset your device.

Key Features of EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android

1. Factory reset Samsung Galaxy devices without a password.

2. Bypass any type of screen lock easily.

3. Support a wide range of Android models including Samsung.

4. Easy and safe to use.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Without Password

Step 1 Connect to your phone

Start the simple factory-reset software after you install it on your computer. Next, hook up your Samsung phone to your computer with a USB cable. Then choose Remove Screen Lock in the home interface to move on.


To bypass Samsung factory reset protection, choose Unlock Google FRP, and follow the instructions to complete it.

Launch Easeus Mobiunlock For Android

Step 2 Select the device brand

Choose your phone brand on the list. Here we select Samsung. Then choose your device model to move on.

Choose Phone Brand

Step 3 Factory reset Samsung

When you are ready, click the Unlock button. When prompted, input the verification code to begin resetting your Samsung phone that is locked without your password.

Unlock Complete

Part 2: 3 Ways to Samsung Factory Reset Without Password

Way 1: How to Factory Reset a Samsung Phone via Find My Device

Find My Device is the tracking service released by Google for Android devices including Samsung phones and tablets. If you have added your Google account and turned on Find My Device on your phone, follow the steps below to factory reset your Samsung tablet or phone without a password.

On Web

Find My Device Web
Step 1

Visit in a browser, and log in to your Google account.

Step 2

Select your device name if you have multiple phones under the same account.

Step 3

Click Factory reset device on the left sidebar. Read the alert and hit Next to begin factory resetting your phone.

On an Android Phone

Find My Device App
Step 1

Open the Find My Device app on an accessible Android phone. Tap Sign in as guest, and sign in to your Google account.

Step 2

Next, select the locked Samsung phone. If prompted, enter your Google password.

Step 3

Once your device appears on the map, click the Settings button with a gear icon, and choose Factory reset.

Way 2: How to Factory Reset Samsung Using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is the device tracking service released by Samsung for customers. If you activate your Galaxy phone with a Samsung account, this way can help you factory reset a locked Samsung phone quickly. Currently, Find My Mobile has been integrated with SmartThings.

Step 1

Access in a browser, and sign in with your Samsung account.

Find My Mobile
Step 2

Select the locked device on the left side, and you will get a toolbox. Click Erase data on the toolbox.

Step 3

If prompted, enter the verification code that appears on your phone screen, click Verify, and then hit Erase data.

Reset Find My Mobile
Step 4

At last, click Erase to confirm your action. Then enter your account password, and hit Next to begin the process.

Way 3: How to Factory Reset Samsung in Recovery Mode

Like all Android devices, Samsung phones and tablets include a Recovery Mode, which offers the option to perform a factory reset on a locked Samsung device without the password. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Enter the Recovery Mode:

On Samsung devices with volume and Bixby/Power keys, power off your phone, and hold down the Volume Up + Power buttons for 5 seconds.

On Samsung devices with volume, Bixby, and Power keys, shut down your phone, and hold down Volume Up + Power+ Bixby keys for 5 seconds.

Recovery Mode Buttons
Step 2

When the Recovery Mode screen appears, use the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons to highlight the Wipe data/factory reset option. Then press the Power button to access it.

Factory Reset Recovery Mode
Step 3

Next, highlight Factory Data Reset, and perform it by hitting the Power button. When prompted, select Yes.

Step 4

Wait for the factory reset of your locked Samsung to finish, and choose Reboot System Now to boot into the normal mode. Then you will see the welcome screen.


  • What happens if you get locked out of your Samsung phone?

    Once you are locked out of your Samsung phone, you cannot access your device and data. The good news is that you have multiple ways to unlock your phone without the password.

  • Can I factory reset my Samsung phone if I forgot my Samsung password?

    When you are locked out of your phone and forgot the password to your Samsung account, you can reset your device with Google’s Find My Device or using third-party software.

  • Does factory reset remove FRP on Samsung phones?

    In most cases, factory resetting your phone through its settings will automatically remove all the associated accounts and free your phone from FRP. However, it may require you to enter your Google account password when setting it up again.


This guide has explained how to reset a Samsung phone that is locked. Apparently, you can bring your device to the factory status even if you forgot the screen lock passcode. Find My Mobile and Find My Device allows you to do the job online or using another Android phone. For beginners, EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android is the best option. If you have other questions, please write them down below.

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