Best 8 Password Managers for Desktop & Mobile [Free Incl.]

Everyone owns a unique password while creating a new account. Passwords are the keys to protect your personal and financial information. However, it's a challenge to remember multiple complex passwords. Fortunately, various professional password managers come into the market. These tools not only keep your passwords safe but also generate a strong one for you. When you want to try a reliable password manager, you come to the right place! With numerous options available, how to choose the best password manager? This article will give you a guide. Meanwhile, you can get a list of the top 8 password managers for desktop and mobile. Choose the best password manager!

Best Password Managers

Part 1. Why You Need a Password Manager & How to Pick It

Each of us owns various accounts and passwords, so the importance of password security cannot be overstated. Password managers play a crucial role in this landscape. It allows you to create strong passwords for all your accounts and store them securely. Additionally, password managers often include features like password generation, auto-fill, secure sharing, etc.

When picking a password manager, consider the following factors:

Security Features: End-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, two-factor authentication (2FA) and risk monitoring.

Interface: It should be intuitive and user-friendly.

Compatibility: Ensure it works across all your devices and platforms.

Pricing: Decide if you want to get a free or paid version.

Reviews: User reviews can provide insight into performance.

Part 2. Top 8 Password Managers [Best Picked]

Password Managers Pros Cons Platforms
imyPass Password Manager 1. Recover almost forgotten passwords
2. Scan all passwords stored on your iOS device.
3. It has a user-friendly interface.
It is not free. Windows, macOS
Dashlane – Password Manager 1. The password sharing is unlimited.
2. It offers dark web monitoring for passwords.
2. The free version is limited.
2. There is no available desktop version.
Web browsers, iOS, Android
1Password: Password Manager 1. Protect your various passwords and private information.
2. It supports a single tap using Fingerprint Unlock.
1. It offers a free trial for 14 days only.
2. It has lags sometimes.
All major platforms
Keeper Security 1. It is compatible with over 8 kinds of browsers.
2. It offers password risk monitoring and reminder.
1. The free version supports 1 mobile device only.
2. The password import process is complex.
All major platforms
NordPass 1. Stay logged in when switching different devices.
2. Scan the web browser for data breaches.
1. The free version has limited features.
2. Not support the password cloud backup.
All major platforms
Bitwarden 1. Share encrypted information and passwords quickly.
2. It supports use on unlimited devices.
1. The interface is old-fashioned.
2. The secure sharing feature is limited.
Windows, macOS, Linux
KeePass Password Safe 1. Generate strong passwords to improve security.
2. Provide a database for all passwords
The operation process is a bit difficult for beginners. Windows, macOS
Google Password Manager 1. Manage passwords across your devices.
2. It is free and easy to use.
1. It is not suitable for enterprise use.
2. No access without a stable network connection.
Android, Web browsers

Top 1. imyPass iPhone Password Manager

imyPass iPhone Password Manager is a reliable software to protect your data security. It is compatible with macOS and Windows 11/10/8/7. It can support the latest iOS version and iPhone series, including iOS 17 and iPhone 15/15 Pro/15 Pro Max. When you want to scan, view, share, and export all the passwords stored on your iPhone/iPad, it is a good helper. Moreover, you can use it to recover your forgotten password easily. For example, you can recover your Apple ID, Wi-Fi, Gmail, Facebook password, etc. Here, you can have a try!

iPhone Password Manager

4,000,000+ Downloads

Scan more than 20+ types of passwords.

Restore the lost accounts and logins.

Export all stored passwords in .csv at once.

Free Download Free Download

Top 2. Dashlane - Password Manager

Dashlane is one of the popular password management tools. It can protect your password and data with end-to-end encryption. Meanwhile, this password manager supports sharing passwords on desktop and mobile versions. Besides, it can fill, generate, and monitor passwords automatically to improve private security. More importantly, it provides a free version with various features. However, some users think its features are complex to use!


Top 3. 1Password: Password Manager

1Password is one of the best-paid password managers. It offers a convenient way to manage your passwords, credit card info, and more private info. Meanwhile, 1Password integrates with browsers and devices for easy login and form-filling. It provides a Watchtower feature to alert you of security breaches and vulnerable passwords. However, it only provides limited secure storage.

The 1Password Password Manager

Top 4. Keeper Security

Keeper is a versatile password manager software and digital vault. This tool uses a zero-knowledge security architecture, ensuring only you can access your stored data. Keeper offers various features, including unlimited password storage, secure record sharing, emergency access, etc. Additionally, it includes a security audit feature, multi-factor authentication, and breach watch services. It provides an extra layer of defense against identity theft. But sometimes the autofill feature is not working!

The Keeper Password Manager

Top 5. NordPass

NordPass password manager is a secure solution for your online life. This tool protects your passwords with robust encryption and a zero-trust policy. When you want to save passwords, passkeys, credit cards, etc., you can trust NordPass. Meanwhile, it can autosave and autofill your online passwords. It also can scan the web for data breaches and detect weak passwords. However, you must subscribe to the premium version for $1.49/month!

The NordPass Password Manager

Top 6. Bitwarden

Bitwarden password manager is one of the best free password managers. is one of the best free password managers. It can securely manage and save unlimited passwords across all your devices. And it supports using Bitwarden Send to send encrypted files or text. Bitwarden's core features include generating strong passwords, storing login credentials, and auto-filling these details on websites or applications. It also allows the secure sharing of passwords with other users, making it suitable for team collaboration. However, you must upgrade it to access full features.

The Bitwarden Password Manager

Top 7. KeePass Password Safe

KeePass is a free password manager. It helps you manage your passwords securely. You can save all passwords and its accounts in a database, which is locked with a master key. So, you only remember one master password to unlock the whole database. Besides individual use, KeePass supports group collaboration by handling multiple user keys. But it has a drawback that the interface is not user-friendly!

The KeePass Password Manager

Top 8. Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager is a secure tool built in Android and Chrome.. You can download Chrome browser and access it on your computer, mobile, and Linux. This tool is designed to help you securely store and manage your online passwords. And it can also autofill login details for faster access. In addition, it can generate strong passwords for security. More importantly, it is 100% free! However, you should note that it is not suitable for sharing passwords with other browsers.

The Google Password Manager

Part 3. FAQs of Best Password Managers

Is my Gmail password my Google password?

Of course. Your Gmail account uses the same passwords as your Google account.

Is a free password manager safe?

Most free password managers are safe, but it's essential to choose reputable ones. Some might lack advanced features found in paid versions.

Which one is better, an offline and online password manager?

Offline managers store data on your device, while online ones store data in the cloud. The choice depends on personal preference and trust in cloud security.

Can password managers be hacked?

It is possible theoretically. However, most reputable password managers use strong encryption, which makes hacking difficult.


After reading this article, you get 8 best password managers. It includes imyPass Password Manager, Dashlane, 1Password, Keeper, Keeper Security, NordPass, Bitwarden, KeePass, and Google Password Manager. Then, choose one as you need to improve your password security. More questions about password managers? Comment below!