Can You Change Administrator on Windows 10? Here are 4 Easy Ways You Should Know

Is it possible to change administrator on Windows 10, especially when you do not have a password? Since the administrator account has the full privileges to the computer, such as control over your PC, change the settings, and access all the files. Here are 4 easy methods to change administrator user account on Windows 10 from the article.

Change Administrator User Account on Windows 10

Part 1: Change Administrator on Windows 10 as Professional

imyPass Windows Password Reset is an efficient and workable method to change administrator on Windows 10 if you forgot the password. Whether you need to create a new Administrator account, or reset the current Administrator on Windows 10, it should always be a reliable password cracker to change the administrator account without losing data.

1. Efface the forgotten passwords to the local accounts for the administrator.

2. Change the administrator account on Windows 10 without the password.

3. Remove and reset the forgotten Windows password and create an account.

4. Provide a professional support team to answer and solve all your problems.

Step 1Download and run the imyPass Windows Reset on an available computer, you can create a bootable disk, such as Create Password Reset CD/DVD or Create Password Reset USB Flash Drive. Once you have created the desired file, you can click the OK button before exiting. Run imyPass Windows Password Reset Step 2Insert the device into the locked computer. Restart the computer and press F12 or ESC on the keyboard to enter the Boot menu. You can enter the Boot Menu interface by selecting the CD-ROM Drive or others. Then save and exit the Boot Menu. Your computer will restart automatically. Boot Menu Windows Step 3Select the operating system and select the account that you want to reset the password for. Click the Reset Password button to reset a password or even set the user password to be blank. After that, you can eject the burned disc and restart your computer. Reset Password Windows Step 4Right-click on the This PC on the desktop, you can select the Manage option to enter the Computer Management window. Expand to the Local Users and Groups option and choose the Users option. Then you can select the Rename option to change administrator on Windows 10. Rename Administrator Account

Part 2: Change Administrator on Windows 10 from Settings

It is another method to change administrator on Windows 10 with the privilege of the administrator. Just go to the Family & other users option to manage the accounts.

Step 1Click the Start button on your Windows. You can click the Settings icon and go to the Accounts option. It enables you to manage the account, email, sync, work and family. Step 2After that, you can choose the Family & other users option. Head to the Change account type button to change and manage the Administrator account and the Standard account. Step 3Select the Administrator option in the dropdown list. You can click the OK button to confirm. Then you can repeat the above steps to change administrator on Windows 10. Change Administrator Settings

Part 3: Change Administrator on Windows 10 via Control Panel

Control Panel provides a default method to change administrator on Windows 10. Whether you want to change the current administrator account, or revise the name for another administrator account on the same computer, it should always be an efficient method. Make sure you should log in to the account with the administrator privileges.

Step 1Enter the user account into the search bar next to the Start menu. You can click on the User Accounts window to open the user accounts settings in Control Panel. Then you can click on the Change your account name option to make changes to the account. Step 2Once you have entered the Change Your Name window, you can click on the Change Name button and enter the name you want to change for the administrator account, which will appear on the Welcome screen and Start screen. Enter New Account Name Step 3If there are multiple Administrator accounts within the computer, you can choose the Manage another account option. Select the Administrator account and choose the Change the account name to type in the new account name with the Change Name option.

Part 4: Change a Microsoft Account Name from Microsoft Website

If you have any difficulty changing the administrator account on Windows 10 with the above ways, you can log in to the Microsoft account to manage the account on the website. It is a method to manage your own account information with the email address and password.

Step 1Click on the Start menu, you can choose your account on Windows 10. Select the Change account settings option and choose the Manage my Microsoft account option on the website. Step 2Go to the Account settings, you can click on the Your info tab and tap on the Edit name link. Then you can enter the First name and the Last name within the Profile menu. Step 3After that, you can click the Save button to change the Administrator account on Windows 10. Moreover, you can also change the other information within the Contact info menu online. Manage Microsoft Account

Part 5: FAQs about Changing Administrator on Windows 10

1. What are the Differences between Administrator and Standard Accounts?

The Administrator account has the full privileges to manage your computer within all aspects. The Standard account only enables you to open the app, change the settings for the user account, and more others. It is the reason that you should find it difficult to change administrator on Windows 10.

2. Is It Possible to Change the Administrator on Windows 10 via Command Line?

You can go to the Command Prompt on Windows 10 and enter the net user and press the Enter keyboard. It will list all user accounts on your computer, including the administrator account and password want to change. Type the following command to change your user name.

3. How to Change Standard User to Administrator on Windows 10?

Go to the Control Panel menu and choose the User Accounts option on Windows 10. On the Manage Accounts window, click to select the standard user account you want to promote to the administrator. Click the Change the account type option to select the Administrator option.


When you need to change the administrator account on Windows 10, here are the 4 best efficient methods from the article. Of course, you can simply use the default settings to change the administrator if you have administrator privileges. But if you lost the password of the administrator account, you can choose imyPass Windows Password Reset to crack the account and change the administrator on Windows 10.