Unlocking Mobile Legends Location Change Strategies

Discover the strategic advantages and diverse reasons behind how to change location on Mobile Legends with this comprehensive guide. Learn this on iPhone and Android, exploring tools, apps, and essential tips for optimizing your gaming experience. Uncover the secrets to accessing region-locked content, addressing server issues, and enhancing privacy and security concerns.

Mobile Legends Location

Part 1. Why Is It Necessary to Move Mobile Legends' Location?

The ability to alter one's in-game location serves as a pivotal feature that players frequently explore. Unlocking a realm of strategic advantages, this option addresses diverse needs, shaping the gaming landscape for enthusiasts seeking an optimized and personalized experience. Below are some reasons why people alter their location on Mobile Legends.

Accessing Region-Locked Content: Some apps or games may have region-specific content or features. Changing your location could allow you to access content that is not available in your current geographical location.

Server Issues: If you are experiencing connectivity or server issues in Mobile Legends, some users might attempt to change their location to connect to servers in different regions, hoping for better performance.

Gaming Strategies: In games like Mobile Legends, players might change their location to participate in tournaments or events in specific regions or play with friends in different locations.

Testing and Development: Developers and testers change device locations to simulate diverse geographical conditions, aiding in comprehensive testing. This practice ensures robust functionality under various scenarios and enhances the overall development process.

Privacy and Security Concerns: Some users change their location to bolster privacy or security, although not foolproof. This method, while providing an added layer, requires supplementary measures for comprehensive protection in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Part 2. Changing Mobile Legends Location on iPhone Guide

Explore the use of imyPass iPhone Location Changer, a tool that claims to provide a way to alter your location within Mobile Legends. Keep in mind the importance of adhering to the game's terms of service and ethical gameplay practices as we navigate through the process. Let's delve into the steps in changing your Mobile Legends location using imyPass on your iPhone.

Step 1Download and install imyPass iPhone Location Changer on your PC. Once the installation is complete, launch the tool to proceed with the subsequent steps. Step 2Proceed by clicking the Start button to begin modifying or simulating your smartphone's location, enabling you to present yourself as being in a different geographical location. Location Changer Home imyPass Step 3Following that, you will encounter a prompt to link your iPhone to the computer. Utilize a lightning cord to establish this connection. Connect PC iPhone Step 4Then, navigate to the main interface, and on the left menu, select Modify Location to change the location of your device easily. Select Modify Location Step 5Finally, opt for a location on the map or input the address directly. Trigger an instant transition to your chosen destination by selecting Start Move. Afterward, open the Mobile Legends app, and you'll observe the altered location in effect. Start Move Location

Part 3. Change Mobile Legends location on Android: 2 Ways

Using a Fake GPS Location App

An additional method for simulating a different location on Mobile Legends on your Android device is by utilizing a Fake GPS app. Follow the procedure below for an easy location change.

Step 1Initially, acquire any fake GPS application for your Android device through the trusted App Store. Step 2Next, find the settings icon on your phone and access the Developer Options. Locate and tap on Allow Mock Location. Subsequently, a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to select the Fake GPS app you installed earlier. Developer Locations Android Step 3Now, open the Fake GPS app and select a fictitious location. You can effortlessly move the pin to any spot on the map using your finger, and by tapping the start button in the bottom right corner, confirm your choice. Alternatively, you have the option to manually input the desired location by typing it into the search bar. Fake GPS Location App

2. Using a VPN Application

To fake your location on Android, use a VPN app for anonymity and virtual positioning. Follow these steps to alter your location on Android devices seamlessly for various purposes.

Step 1Choose a VPN app, download and install it from a reputable app store, and open the application to finalize the setup. Step 2Afterward, briefly wait as the VPN searches for its optimal server. It will automatically select one, and the app's main interface will display Connected once the process concludes. Searching Server Connected Step 3After that, click on the Globe icon in the interface's top-right corner. This action will direct you to a list of available locations or countries. Choose your preferred country from the list, and you're finished. Tap Globe Country

Part 4. FAQs About Mobile Legends Location

What country is Mobile Legends from?

Mobile Legends is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Moonton, a Chinese game developer. The game was first released in 2016 and has gained popularity globally, particularly in Southeast Asia and other regions.

Is Mobile Legends famous worldwide?

Mobile Legends is popular worldwide, with a significant player base in Southeast Asia, South America, and other regions. Its accessible gameplay, mobile platform, and constant updates have contributed to its widespread popularity, making it one of the most played mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games globally.

How do I set my location in ML?

Mobile Legends doesn't have a specific in-game setting for location. The game determines your location based on your device's settings. Ensure your device's location services are enabled, and the game will use that information for features like matchmaking and regional events.

How do you securely save the Mobile Legends password on your iPhone?

To securely save passwords on your iPhone, enable iCloud Keychain in Settings, use Safari to log in, and save the password when prompted. Access and manage saved passwords in Settings > Passwords & Accounts for convenient and secure storage.

What's the best Android password manager for Mobile Legends?

The best password manager for Android, including Mobile Legends, is LastPass. It offers robust security features, seamless integration with mobile apps, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring your gaming credentials are secure and easily accessible on your Android device.


Exploring location manipulation in Mobile Legends unlocks various possibilities for players. Whether for accessing exclusive content, resolving server issues, or safeguarding privacy, this guide empowers gamers. Stay ahead with the knowledge shared and elevate your Mobile Legends experience seamlessly.