Tips to Help You Hatch Eggs without walking in Pokémon GO

Hatching eggs is a crucial aspect of the exciting world of Pokémon GO. The whole point of playing Pokémon Go is to get up and move around, so you can hatch the eggs. Sometimes life can get in the way. You just don't have a lot of time to go look for eggs that are going to be hatched. This guide will give you valuable information about how to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking, whether you're facing time constraints, physical limitations or just looking for an alternative strategy.

Once you've got these strategies, you can use them to live your life without giving up the game. In this article, we will share some expert suggestions on how to get the eggs in Pokémon GO without walking around. These proven techniques are not only saving time and effort, but also improving your experience in playing the game.

Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Without Walking

Part 1. How to Hatch Eggs in Pokémon without Walking

Let us begin by introducing you to the Pokémon Go game and its eggs before we jump in the best ways of hatching an egg without walking. Depending on where and when you pick up the eggs, the Pokémon eggs can hatch different Pokémon. This is because some of the Pokémon are exclusive to certain locations, which means they're no longer able to reproduce from their eggs anywhere else. In addition, certain Pokémon can only be exclusive to ongoing events and can hatch from eggs during certain periods of time. The rarity of the eggs determines their classification. There're seven kinds of eggs in here. Each will need you to walk a certain distance to get to the hatch.

You can get your eggs in three ways:

Explore the map, and you may find them. The rarer Pokémon aren't as easy to be found.

From Pokémon that you've already caught.

The game may also award you Pokémon eggs as leveling up rewards.

So what is the most effective way of hatching Pokémon GO eggs on Android or iPhone devices? Would it be possible to simulate the locations quickly without walking more than a mile, create routes with specific speed and pause at any time? We'll give you 8 methods and tips and show you the pros and cons as well, please keep reading.

Way 1. Use imyPass iPhone Location Changer to Hatch Eggs

First of all, we'd highly recommend you using imyPass iPhone Location Changer if you're iOS users. So this is the most desirable tool designed to help you fake locations on your phones and also secure your privacy. It could help you hatch eggs in Pokémon without walking by using GPS spoofing on your device. And it could also integrate with almost all location-based apps like Instagram, Google Maps and WhatsApp as well. You can first download and install this location-changing tool on your computer and have a free trial.

Step 1

Download and open imyPass Location Changer, and connect your device to a computer using a USB cable. Wait till it recognize your device.

Step 2

Choose One-stop Mode or Multi-stop Mode from the home interface. Then you can just input your desired address or search it in the bar.

One Stop Mode
Step 3

On the map, please mark the starting spot and the ending spot for the route. You can even decide the speed of the movement. Once you finish, just click on the Start Move button to start this moving. Therefore, the location on Pokémon will also follow your settings here for you to hatch eggs in a different location while you're still at home.

Start One Stop Moving

Way 2. Exchange the Friend Code with Other Users

Do you know that friends not only could make the game more enjoyable, but they can also help you catch eggs? Additionally, you can exchange Pokémon with friends and give them eggs as gifts.

Just go to Friends tab in the game and select Add friends. You will see the friend code and the box to enter the code for new friends. Once added, you can exchange the gifts and get eggs without walking.

Way 3. Use Your Skateboard or Bike

Riding a bike or skateboarding are also practical options. However, if you move too fast, the game will notice that you're not walking at all. I mean, you can take your phone to the bike or carry it with you. If you want the game to think that you're walking, you might have to ride slowly.

Way 4. Purchase More Incubators

If you have Pokecoins then everything could be easy as well. Just ensure you have enough coins by either earning them or purchasing them through the in-game shop. And then you could visit the in-game shop and purchase eggs and incubators using the coins you have acquired.

Way 5. Make Use of a Turntable

If you happen to have a turntable at home then you may use it! This can be used to trick the phone into thinking that you're walking.

Just place your smartphone on the outermost edge of the disc and turn on the turntable. Please make sure your phone can remain in place and adjust the speed and check if your eggs are starting to hatch.

Way 6. Use A Roomba

Putting the phone on the Roomba also works. All you need to do is attach your phone to the Roomba. To protect it, you can tape it. So, as in cleaning a house, the Roomba will go and help you look for eggs in Pokémon without yourselves walking. You just need to chill and rest.

Way 7. Put Your Phone on a Drone

Drones can serve as a clever way of hatching the eggs if they're properly used. But you'd better strap your smartphone on it and lock the device carefully to avoid it falling off. And please keep an eye on its movements.

Way 8. Make A Model Railroad

If you already have a model railroad at home, then try it! Simply place your phone on a miniature train and ride it around the tracks. But like riding a bike, make sure your phone is secure and set the train speed at a lower level.


  • Do you have to walk to hatch an egg in Pokemon?

    Not necessarily as long as you have ways to trick your phone into thinking that you're walking like using location changers, then you could hatch eggs in Pokémon without having to walk around yourselves.

  • Can you trick Pokemon Go into thinking you're walking?

    Yes, there's multiple ways. You could use location changers like imyPass or you can just use a bike or turntable to carry the phone moving at a speed.

  • Will walking on a treadmill hatch Pokemon eggs?

    Not likely since the game will determine your movement by tracking you GPS location.


Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games played all around the world. It is an interesting game that demands walking, which could help you stay healthy. In this article, eight options were set out to help you hatch eggs on Pokémon without walking. However, using location changers like imyPass might be easier since it does not demand physical activities.

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