What Is Pokemon Go Cheats and How to Use Pokemon Go Cheats Safely

Few mobile games have developed such a wide fanbase as Pokemon Go. Today, it has become one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. This AR game is loads of fun and constantly updates new events. As with all popular games, players are continuously looking for methods to improve their odds. However, are Pokemon Go cheats possible? The answer is complex, but there are practical exploits you can take advantage of.

Pokemon Go Cheats

Part 1. Actionable Pokemon Go Cheats

Spoof Location

By using a GPS spoofer, you can make fake locations and routes. Therefore, Pokemon Go believes that it is somewhere other than your real location. However, some Pokemon Go accounts have been banned for engaging in this activity. Fortunately, imyPass iPhone Location Changer still allows you to do the job on iOS devices.

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How to Cheat Pokemon Go without Being Banned

Step 1Connect to your iPhone

Once you install the best Pokemon Go cheat on your PC, launch it. There is another version for Mac users. Next, hook up your iPhone or iPad to the same machine with a lightning cable. Click the Start button to move on after your handset is recognized.

Connect iPhone to Computer Step 2Choose a mode

There are four modes in the main interface: Modify Location, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. Here we choose Modify Location. The other three modes are used to make virtual routes. If you wish to stimulate movement when playing mobile games, choose one of them according to your needs.

Modify Location Step 3Cheat Pokemon Go

Now, you will be presented with the map screen. Either type in a precise address in the pop-up dialog or click on the target position on the map. At last, click on the Confirm Modify button. Then, open Pokemon Go on your iPhone and catch the Pokemon easily.

Change Location

Use Bots

Use Bot

This type of Pokemon Go cheat refers to using a third-party app to play the AR game. It can detect Pokemon around you and catch it automatically when you are doing something else. Some bots can even travel the PokeScape and collect as many high-level Pokemon as possible. A player has used a bot to reach the game’s maximum level.

However, Niantic is always attempting to make this cheat harder and less useful than it was in the past. Once it catches you using a bot application, you will be locked out of the game and lose any progress and Pokemon you have caught.

Create Multiple Accounts

Pokemon Go Account Login

You can make more than one account in Pokemon Go with email addresses and social media credentials. Then play the game on multiple devices. It is more like hunting in pairs or groups. So that you can light up multiple PokeStops with lures, and attract more Pokemon. The more accounts, the more lures, the more Pokemon.

This type of Pokemon Go cheat is against the spirit of playing mobile games. However, it is difficult to detect. It just looks like a group of friends constantly playing the game together. Of course, once the activity is caught, some or all of your accounts will be banned.

Check IV

Check IV

IV stands for individual values. It is the stats of a Pokemon involving three aspects: Attack, Defense, and HP. Players can only see the CP or Combat Power of a Pokemon in the game. With a third-party IV checking app, you can learn the potential of a Pokemon.

Similar to bots, this kind of Pokemon Go cheat is dangerous, too. Any third-party apps can lead to a ban, but it allows you to maximize your Pokemon.

Turn off AR Mode

Turn Off AR

It is well known that Pokemon Go is an AR game. It cannot be denied that it is pretty awesome to see that Pikachu spawn on your way home, but locating the Pokemon around you and keeping it in the frame can be challenging. There is a quick Pokemon Go cheat, turning off the AR mode. You will lose the cool effect, but the Pokemon Go will be centered on your screen and won’t move. Moreover, this cheat does not break any laws or terms.

Find Raids and Rare Pokemon Spawns

Pokemon Go Raid

There are maps online that extend the range of searching beyond what is offered in Pokemon Go. These maps tell you where you can find the raids and Pokemon spawns. Of course, you still have to drive to a specific area to catch them. If you do not want to go out, this Pokemon Go cheat will become useless. Or you have to use a location spoofer.

Note: There may be more Pokemon Go cheats online, such as sharing your account, cheat codes, and more. They are either useless or pose too much risk to your account. Therefore, we do not recommend you to try.

Part 2. Is Pokemon Go Cheats Safe

Are Pokemon Go cheats safe to use? Yes and No. A few cheats won’t be against any laws or terms, such as turning off AR mode. However, you should avoid the dangerous ones, like sharing your account. Niantic keeps an eye on players’ actions. If it catches you using cheats, you could be banned, though that comes in three strikes:

Firstly, shadow bans. You will receive a warning that you have been caught using unauthorized third-party software and will be limited access to the game for one week.

If you are caught continuing to use Pokemon Go cheats, your account will be shut down for 30 days.

On your third strike, you have to say goodbye to all the Pokemon that you have caught and all the hard work you have put into the game, including the money.

Therefore, you should be cautious when using Pokemon Go cheats.

Part 3. FAQs about Pokemon Go Cheats

Do Pokemon Go cheat codes work?

No. Even if you see Pokemon Go cheat codes out there online, they are almost certainly wrong. Almost every promo code is crafted to be for one-time use only. If Niantic hopes everyone to be able to receive a shiny Pokemon, they will release an event.

How do you use the teleport cheat in Pokemon Gold?

If you wish to use the teleport cheat in Pokemon Gold, you will need to type in the code and replace XX with the ID number of the location where you hope to travel. Then you will immediately be teleported.

Can you cheat Pokemon Go steps on an Android phone?

Yes, with a location spoofer app, you can add stops on the map, and create a virtual route without moving one step. However, you’d better use a spoofer app that does not appear on Niantic’s blacklist.


Pokemon Go is an amazing mobile game, but it is still a financial enterprise by a mega-corporation. In other words, some players are at a disadvantage. It makes sense that a part of them look for Pokemon Go cheats to get ahead of others. We have listed the actionable cheats and avoid high-risk ones. imyPass iPhone Location Changer is the best location spoofer for Pokemon Go players with an iOS device. More questions? Please write them down below.