Detailed Review of Fake GPS Go App [Everything You Need]

Embark on a virtual journey with Fake GPS Go, an Android app designed for precise location manipulation, ideal for privacy and gaming purposes. Dive into our comprehensive article, where we conduct an in-depth review of Fake GPS Go Pro, exploring its features, pros, and cons. Moreover, we present an alternative solution that goes beyond the limitations of certain Android apps. Discover device compatibility, security considerations, and ethical usage tips. Don't miss out on informed choices and secure options! Read the full review now for a comprehensive understanding of these tools.

Fake GPS Go App Review

Part 1. What is The Fake GPS Go App?

Fake GPS Go is a mobile application designed to alter a device's location information, allowing users to place themselves anywhere in the world virtually. This tool is often employed for various purposes, such as gaming, privacy, or testing location-based apps. By manipulating GPS data, users can trick apps into believing they are in a different location. While it offers flexibility, Fake GPS Go raises ethical concerns, as its use can violate terms of service agreements and compromise the integrity of location-based services.

Part 2. Fake GPS Go App Review

Part 3. How to Use Fake GPS Go

Here is a simple guide to help you fake your location with Fake GPS Go. Follow it to minimize the time you spend familiarizing yourself with it.

Step 1Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device, enter Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer in the search bar, and proceed with the app download. Once downloaded, grant the app permission to access your device's location. Step 2Proceed by activating the Mock Location feature within the Developer Option menu. Head to Settings, click Software info, hit Built Number, and repeatedly tap the Built Number according to your Android device model to unlock the Developer Option. Once in the Developer Option, pick Select mock location app. Fake GPS Mock Location Step 3Within the Select mock location app section, activate the mock location feature by selecting FakeGPS Free. Subsequently, navigate to the Fake GPS Go Location app, pinpoint your preferred location on the map, and initiate the process by pressing the Play button. Opt for the Without Ads option to apply the changes seamlessly. Select Fake Location Step 4Ultimately, you've effectively modified your device's default location using the Fake GPS Go app. Close the application and launch Google Maps to verify your current location. You'll be astonished that the marker remains fixed on your chosen spot, effectively mimicking a location different from the original.

Part 4. Best Alternative for Fake GPS Go App

imyPass iPhone Location Changer is your go-to app if you want to fake your location on an iPhone device. This software is available for all Mac and Windows users for easy spoofing of locations. It has four different options to change your location. For instance, it has a Custom Speed, Joystick Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and One-Stop Mode. Whatever your preference in changing your current location, this tool has covered them all. Apart from iPhone, you can also use this app to fake your iPad location.

Step 1Get the iPhone Changer Location

First of all, hit the Free Download button beneath to get the Fake GPS Go alternative. Pass over the setup window to download the software ultimately. After that, open the app and familiarize yourself with it.

Step 2Get the iPhone Changer Location

Then, get your iPhone's lightning cable and use it to connect the iPhone device to your computer. The software will begin recognizing your iPhone. Once done, tap the Trust button on the notification that will appear on your iPhone to complete the connecting process.

Connect iPhone Step 3Select Changing Mode

Next, the tool's changing location mode will show up. You can select from the four options on how will you change your location. But since your goal is to fake your location, you can select the Modify Location.

Pick Mode Step 4Pick the Location and Confirm

Once done, a map will appear, allowing you to modify your location. To do so, drag the pin on any location you want. Also, you can use the Search bar to find a specific location you want. Afterward, hit the Confirm Modify button to change the location of your device.

Confirm Location Step 5Check Location History

Upon confirming the process, your iPhone will be relocated to the designated address. This specified address will also be reflected in other applications you have utilized. You can do the same if you wish to modify the location again.

Part 5. FAQs About Fake GPS Go

Is Fake GPS Go App Worth It?

The worth of the Fake GPS Go APK depends on individual needs. It's valuable for those seeking to simulate different locations for privacy, gaming, or app testing. However, consider ethical use and potential impacts on terms of service agreements.

Is Fake GPS Go App Safe?

The safety of the Fake GPS Go app depends on how it's used. When used responsibly, it generally poses no direct harm. However, misuse can lead to consequences, especially in violation of app terms. Always use such apps within legal and ethical boundaries.

Does Fake GPS Work with Pokemon Go?

Using Fake GPS with Pokemon Go is against the game's terms of service, and its effectiveness can vary. Playing games like Pokemon Go within the designated rules and guidelines is recommended to avoid issues.


The Fake GPS Go app provides an adaptable solution for users seeking location flexibility on their devices. With features like the ability to alter GPS data and simulate movement, it caters to various needs, from gaming to app testing. However, ethical considerations and potential violations of terms of service agreements underline the importance of responsible use. Users should be cautious and adhere to legal boundaries. If considering the Fake GPS Go app, download it from a reliable source to avoid potential risks associated with unauthorized Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer app downloads.