How to Change Location on Skout on iPhone and iPhone Devices

Unlock fresh social possibilities on Skout by tweaking your location! Explore an in-depth guide on effortlessly changing your Skout location in our post. Whether connecting with friends in different cities or expanding your social circles, this straightforward yet powerful process is your gateway. Take advantage of the fun; dive into the post for exclusive insider tips. Your next thrilling connection could be just a location change away! Stay ahead to learn how to change location on Skout and elevate your social experience!

How to Change Location on Skout

Part 1. What Makes You Change Location on Skout?

There are various reasons why individuals opt to change or fake location on Skout, a social networking app designed to connect people globally. Whether seeking new friendships, expanding professional networks, or exploring diverse cultures, changing your location can open up possibilities.

Global Networking. Change your location on Skout to connect with individuals from around the world. Expand your social horizons, exchange cultural insights, and foster international friendships.

Local Exploration. Discover local events and activities by adjusting your Skout location. Whether you're a traveler or simply looking for nearby happenings, this feature enhances your ability to explore your immediate surroundings.

Professional Networking. Optimize your professional connections by changing your Skout location. Connect with like-minded individuals in your industry or explore opportunities in different geographical areas, fostering career growth and collaboration.

Privacy and Security. Adjust your Skout location for enhanced privacy and security. Whether safeguarding personal information or seeking to control who sees your location, this feature empowers users to manage their online presence effectively.

Part 2. How to Change Location on Skout [iPhone & Android]

1. Fake Your Location on iPhone

If you want to fake your location on Skout on your iPhone, you can use imyPass iPhone Location Changer. This cutting-edge tool allows you to customize your whereabouts effortlessly, creating favorite spots for seamless position changes. Its intuitive map display will enable you to monitor your real and fake locations. Beyond the Skout app, you can use it for location-based AR games like Pokemon Go, Run!, Zombies, and more, enabling you to reap the rewards without taking a single step. Plus, it is compatible with famous iOS devices, including the latest iPhone and iPad; imyPass iPhone Location Changer simplifies location management for optimal privacy control. Here’s how to spoof location on Skout:

Step 1Get the Skout Location Changer

Install the software using the Free Download below. The software can be installed whether you are using a Windows or Mac computer. After the installation process, launch it and get familiar with its user interface.

Step 2Link the iPhone Device

Next, make a connection between your iPhone and the computer where the software is saved. You can use a lightning cable to do this. Once done, a notification will display on your iPhone. Tap the Trust button to confirm it.

Connect Mobile to Computer Step 3Choose Location Mode

After completely connecting your iPhone, hit the Modify Location button from the software's main interface. This mode instantly lets you change or fake your iPhone’s location.

Hit Modify Location Step 4Confirm the Location

Once finished, a map focused on your present location will be displayed. You can place the pin in any desired site to spoof your location. After pinpointing the preferred spot, click the Confirm Modify button to adjust your site.

Select Fake Connection Step 5Check the Skout App

Finally, check your Skout app and see that the location has changed. You can use it without worrying about your privacy. Also, depending on your preference, you can save the location on the imyPass iPhone Location Changer.

2. Spoof Location on Skout with Android

To alter your location on Skout for Android, consider deactivating the device's location services and opting for GPS-only mode. Then, you can utilize the Fake GPS application, which proves valuable for testing or simulating scenarios in various apps, including games and Skout. The tool facilitates swift location changes, enabling users to set locations. Its simple, one-click functionality ensures user-friendly operation, prioritizing privacy for a straightforward, quick, and secure process. Follow the guide below on how to change location on Skout Android.

Step 1Install and launch Fake GPS by ByteRev from the Google Play Store. Enable Developer Options on your Android by navigating to Settings, tapping About, and locating Build Number. Then, continuously tap until a notification confirms entry into the Developer Mode. Step 2Activate the mock location on your device by accessing Settings, tapping Developer Options, and picking the Select mock location app. After that, select the location changer downloaded from Google Play. Step 3Utilize the downloaded app to modify your Skout Android's location. Enter specific coordinates or locations, tap OK to confirm, and easily save the locations for future use. Once done, check your Skout app to see the location changed. Fake GPS Interface

Part 3. FAQs About Changing Location on Scout

Does Skout show your location?

Skout does provide a location-sharing feature, but it is optional. Users can choose to share their location to connect with others nearby. However, it's entirely within the user's control, and one can adjust privacy settings to limit or turn off location sharing.

Why can't I change my location on Skout?

If you're experiencing difficulty changing your location on Skout, ensure your app is updated to the latest version. Additionally, check your device's location settings to confirm that location services are enabled for the Skout app. Restarting or reinstalling the app may help resolve any glitches affecting the location-change functionality if issues persist.

Why is my dating profile showing a location mismatch?

A location mismatch in your dating profile on Skout may occur due to outdated location data or GPS inaccuracies. To address this, ensure that your device's location settings are accurate and that you have a stable internet connection. If the problem persists, consider restarting the app or checking for updates. Reviewing and adjusting your Skout privacy settings to control how and when your location is shared on your dating profile is also beneficial.


In conclusion, mastering the art of how to change your location on Skout on computer opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to connect with new people and explore diverse interactions. Understanding this feature not only enhances your social experience on the platform but also adds an element of flexibility to your virtual connections. Whether for travel, networking, or personal preferences, altering your location on Skout empowers you to curate your digital encounters. Take advantage of this skill to enrich your online interactions and make the most out of your social networking experience.