How to Share Your Location with Others on Your iPhone or iPad

There are many reasons why you need to share your location on an iPhone or iPad. When you arrive at a great vacation spot, for example, you may hope to share the location with your best friends immediately. If you want a friend to join your party, the easiest way is to tell him or her your current location. Whatever the reason, this article explains how to send your current location on an iPhone or iPad using the native tools properly.

How to Share Location on iPhone

Part 1. How to Share Location on iPhone

No matter you do location sharing on your iPhone with the built-in channels or using third-party apps, the first thing is to make sure that you have turned on the Location Services feature in your Settings app.

Way 1: How to Send Location on iPhone with Find My

Once you share your location on your iPhone with a friend, he or she will get a notification. So that your friend can get your position in the Find My app immediately. This app is pre-installed on all iPhones and iPad running iOS 13 and later.

Find My
Step 1

Open the Find My app from your home screen.

Step 2

Go to the People tab at the bottom, and tap Start Sharing Location.

Step 3

Then you will be presented with the contacts that you recently kept in touch with on your iPhone. Choose one or more people, and tap the Send button at the top right corner.

Step 4

Next, choose the duration of location sharing, such as Share for One Hour. At last, tap OK on the alert. Now, the recipient will get the notification.

Way 2: How to Share Location on iPhone Using WhatsApp

As a popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp is popular among iPhone and iPad users. When chatting with one of your friends on WhatsApp, you can share your location on your iPhone or iPad, too.

Step 1

Open your Settings app, go to Privacy, and tap Location Services. Tap WhatsApp on the list, and choose While Using the App or Always. Toggle on the Precise Location option.

While Use This App
Step 2

Back to your home screen, run the WhatsApp app, and choose the conversation where you want to send your location on your iPhone.

Step 3

Press the + button at the bottom left corner, and choose Location. Now, WhatsApp will discover your location via GPS, and show it on the map. Tap Send Your Location.

Share Location WhatsApp iOS


If it is the first time you use this feature, permit WhatsApp to access your location.

Way 3: How to Share Location on iPhone by Messages

Some iPhone users prefer to keep in touch with their friends and family using the built-in Messages app on their devices. Of course, Apple has added iPhone location sharing into the app.

Share Location Message
Step 1

Start your Messages app, and open an iMessage thread.

Step 2

Press anywhere next to the contact, and touch the Info button. Then you will face two options:

Send My Current Location: This option sends an iMessage with a map thumbnail showing your current location.

Share My Location: This option will share your location in the Find My app.

You can choose one option according to your needs.


The recipient can check your location sharing on either an iOS device or a Mac within an iMessage conversation.

Way 4: How to Send Location on iPhone via Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the built-in navigation app on iOS devices. Although it only comes with basic features, you can send your location on your iPhone to a wide range of contacts. That makes it another easy way to let someone learn your location.

Apple Maps
Step 1

Open your Maps app, and tap the Current Location button to indicate your position on the map.

Step 2

Next, press the blue-dot button on the map, and choose the Share My Location button.

Step 3

When prompted, choose a channel to send your location, like Messages, WhatsApp, and more. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.


To send a location rather than your current position, tap on the desired point on the map, pin it, and tap the Share button. Then choose the desired channel.

Part 2. How to Share Fake Location on iPhone

Sometimes, you just do not want others to know your current location. The best option is sharing a fake location on your iPhone using imyPass iPhone Location Changer. It simplifies the workflow so that beginners can master the application quickly.

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Here are the steps to help you share a fake location on your iPhone:

Step 1

Connect to your iPhone

Launch the best location spoofer software after you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Next, plug your iPhone into the same computer with a Lightning cable. Hit the Start button to move on.

Connect iPhone to Computer
Step 2

Choose the Modify Location mode

There are four modes in the main interface, Modify Location, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. Here we choose the Modify Location mode.

Modify Location
Step 3

Share a fake location on your iPhone

Now, you have two ways to make a fake location for your iPhone. If you have an accurate address, write it down on the Modify Location dialog. If not, click on the desired destination on the map. Finally, click on the Confirm Modify button. Then share the location on your iPhone using any app.

Change Location


  • How to stop sharing location on iPhone?

    If you wish to stop sharing location with specific persons, open your Find My app, go to the People tab, select the desired contact, and tap Stop Sharing My Location. Or enter the Me tab in your Find My app, and tap Turn off Share My Location. Then all people cannot get your location data. The ultimate solution is turning off the Location Services feature on your iPhone.

  • Can I access someone's iPhone location?

    Yes, if you get the permission. Head to the People tab in your Find My app and tap the name of the person that you want to locate. If your friend can be located, the mark will appear on the map.

  • Is it legal to track someone's iPhone location?

    It is legal if you get the permission of the target people. Parents, for example, monitor their kids' location to keep them safe. If you do not have the permission, it may be illegal to track others' location on any platform.


Now, you should understand how to share your location on your iPhone or iPad quickly. The Find My app lets you send your current location in real-time. iMessage, WhatsApp, and Apple Maps enable you to share a static location with your friends or family members. imyPass iPhone Location Changer is the easiest way to share a fake location on your iOS device. If you have other questions about this topic, please write them down below.

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