How Can You Tell if Someone Is Tracking Your iPhone

Privacy and phone tracking concerns have become increasingly prevalent in a world dominated by digital connectivity. As our smartphones seamlessly integrate into various aspects of our lives, it's essential to explore the question: Is your phone being tracked? This article delves into the methods and indicators that suggest your phone is under surveillance. From built-in features to external applications, understanding the signs and taking necessary precautions can empower you to safeguard your digital privacy in an age where personal information is more valuable than ever. Let's begin learning how to tell if your phone is being tracked.

Is Your Phone Being Tracked

Part 1. Why Do People Track Your Phone

Here, we explore a range of possible motives behind phone tracking, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of this situation and emphasizing the need to safeguard your personal information. You must know why before knowing how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone. Below are some potential reasons why people may track your phone:

• Parents are tracking their children for safety and security reasons.

• Employers are tracking company-issued phones for productivity and accountability.

• Apps and services that provide location-based features, like maps and weather updates.

• Sharing location voluntarily on social media platforms for check-ins or location-based features.

• Tracking in case of emergencies to provide assistance or locate individuals.

• Unethical tracking for malicious purposes, such as stalking or harassment.

• Malicious actors follow phones for espionage or theft.

• Advertisers use location data for targeted advertising.

• Surveillance by government agencies for security or legal reasons.

• Companies collect location data for analytics and market research.

Part 2. Signals of Your Phone Being Tracked

After knowing why someone is tracking your mobile device, you must be aware of the signs of it. Below are some of the common tips on how to tell if someone is tracking your phone. Keep note of them as your reference.

Abnormal Battery Drain: Excessive battery consumption can result from hidden tracking apps running in the background. These apps constantly gather and transmit data, leading to accelerated power depletion. It may be a red flag if your phone's battery life significantly diminishes without a clear explanation.

Unknown Apps Installed: Stealthy tracking apps often disguise themselves as harmless utilities. Check your app list for unfamiliar applications, especially those that request unnecessary permissions. Remove any suspicious apps immediately and regularly audit your installed apps for potential threats.

Abuse of Internet Traffic: Tracking software may utilize your internet connection to send gathered data to a remote server. Monitor your data usage closely, and if you notice unexplained spikes or increased consumption, it could signify unauthorized data transfers associated with tracking activities.

Uncontrolled Reset: If your phone experiences unexpected and frequent resets, it may indicate external interference. Some tracking methods involve remotely triggering a phone reset to conceal traces of their presence. Investigate the cause of these resets to ensure they do not result from malicious activities. That’s how to tell if the phone is being tracked.

The screen is Out of Control: Remote access to your device can manifest in erratic screen behavior. Observing your screen behaving independently, with apps opening or closing without input, could indicate a compromised device. Run through security scans and consider resetting your device to eliminate potential threats.

Phone Warning

Part 3. How to Prevent Phones from Being Tracked

1.Fake Your Location with a Professional Tool

There’s no better way to secure your phone information than using imyPass iPhone Location Changer. With the help of this software, you can instantly fake your current location on your iPhone. This helps if someone tracks your phone without your consent. Furthermore, the software is available for Windows PC or Mac computer. Also, it allows you to customize the location depending on your liking. With its sleek interface, you can quickly navigate it without the professional skills needed. If you learned how to tell if someone is tracking your iPhone location, you must change your current location with this tool below.

Step 1

Download the Location Changer

Download the software by hitting the Free Download button under this step. Ensure that you obtain the tool’s installer for a seamless process. After downloading, open the software and move to the following steps.

Step 2

Attach iPhone Device to Computer

Next, get your lightning cable to connect your iOS device and your computer. Once the connection is established, the software will analyze your iPhone until the tool’s main interface appears.

Connect iPhone Device
Step 3

Confirm Location Mode

After that, the tool’s interface will resurface. Select the mode that you want for the process and click on it. For instance, you can click the Modify Location to change the location to a specific one.

Check Location Mode
Step 4

Choose a New Location and Apply

Finally, the map will appear. Pick your preferred location by using the pin to point it. Once done, hit the Confirm Modify button to apply the location. You can now freely use your iPhone without data leaks and concerns about being tracked.

Apply Latest Location

2.Delete Unusual Apps

If you are using an Android phone, you can delete unusual apps to prevent them from being tracked by someone. Malware and similar applications aren't exclusively accessible through the Google Play Store; they require manual installation, a process known as sideloading. Explicit permission is required to install apps besides the Play Store from unknown sources. If you've never enabled this, the feature should be disabled. If it's active, it implies someone else allowed installations from unknown sources. To verify if your phone can install anonymous apps, open Settings and navigate to Apps. Tap on Special app access. Then, choose to Install unknown apps. Review all visible apps, ensuring none are marked as Allowed.

Delete unusual Apps

3.Factory Reset iPhone

Executing a factory reset on an iPhone is a process that erases all data and settings, returning the iOS device to its original factory state. Before proceeding, it's important to back up your data to iCloud or iTunes to ensure you keep important information. Here are the actions to factory reset an iPhone:

Step 1

Open your iPhone’s Settings and choose the General tab from the options.

Step 2

After that, select the Reset button from the choices and hit Reset All Settings.

Step 3

Lastly, input your passcode and hit Reset All Settings to confirm.

iPhone Reset All Settings


  • How do I know if my phone is linked to another device?

    Review your device settings to check if your phone is linked to another device. On Android and iOS, navigate to the Connected Devices or Devices section. Look for unfamiliar devices or connections. Additionally, monitor your accounts for suspicious activity, such as unrecognized logins or unauthorized access. Regularly review and manage connected devices to ensure your privacy and security.

  • Can someone be tracking my phone without me knowing?

    Yes, someone can track your phone without your knowledge. Tracking can occur through malicious apps, spyware, or unauthorized access. Monitor your device for uncommon behavior, such as unexpected battery drain, unknown apps, or unexplained data usage. If you suspect tracking, conduct a thorough security check and remove any suspicious apps or connections.

  • How do I block my phone from being tracked?

    To block your phone from being tracked, check and limit app permissions, especially for location services. Also, perform regular security audits to recognize and eliminate potential threats. You can also regularly review and manage connected devices in your settings to ensure authorized connections only.


In the finale, vigilance is crucial in identifying potential phone tracking. Unusual battery drain, unexpected data usage, and inexplicable background noises during calls may indicate tracking apps. Frequent and unexpected system glitches, overheating, or unexplained pop-ups can also be red flags. Regularly check your phone settings, permissions, and installed apps for anomalies. That's how you can tell if your phone is being tracked. Stay informed about cybersecurity threats, employ strong passwords, and use reputable security apps. If suspicions persist, seek professional assistance to ensure privacy and security.

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