iTools Location Spoofer Review and Best Alternative

To fake your location on your iPhone is difficult. But it's possible with certain third-party software. ThinkSky iTools is a popular location spoofer of this kind. If you've ever searched for it, you will find it offers many features for iPhone/iPad/iPod management. Actually, iTools is not only a powerful iPhone manager but also a location spoofer.

If you want to learn more about its virtual location feature, simply read through this article. We will give you a detailed review of iTools Location Spoofer, including its features, pricing, pros and cons. Besides, we recommend the best alternative in case iTools doesn't match your needs.

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Part 1. Overview of iTools Location Spoofer

iTools location spoofer can change your iPhone location by faking the GPS data. iTools is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or later. Its location-changing feature is greatly helpful in many cases. You can use it to protect your location data. Or get access to some websites and services that are restricted in certain areas. As long as you want to fake your location without unlawful intention, iTools Location spoofer can help.

iTools Virtual Location


iTools Virtual Location – Protect Your Location Information

In this day and age, many apps and platforms require our location information. If you prefer not to give away the information to them, you can use iTools to fake your GPS location and protect your privacy.

iTools offers a straightforward process to change your iPhone location. It has a toolbox where you can easily find the Virtual Location feature. You can set the location to any place you want.

iTools Pokemon Go – Ideal for Location-Based Games

iTools Location Spoofer also brings more fun to location-based games like Pokemon Go. You can change your location to capture Pokemon without leaving your home.

iTools helps you with Pokemon Go game playing by simulating the GPS movements. It offers three modes, including move mode, walking mode, and pin mode. You can customize the route by adding many pins and adjusting the speed. On Pokemon Go, you will be really walking somewhere to get the Pokemon, even if you don't move in the real world.

iTools Location Spoofer: More Features to Explore

Repeat the route: If you want to repeat the virtual route you have set, you can use its cycle or repeat feature. It allows you to set the cycle from 1 to unlimited times. It's super convenient if you need to repeat a certain route many times.

Save location list as a GPX file: Sometimes, you may have more than one favorite location and find it hard to manage. In this case, you can export the location list as a GPX file for quicker viewing and sharing.

Return to the previous place: iTools offers a quick way to return to the previous location with a single click. It greatly saves you time if you have mistakenly set a wrong location.


Premium License Platinum License Bundled Package
iTools & AirPlayer
Price $ 30.95 $ 34.95 $ 69.95 $ 129.95 $59.95
PCs 1 5 15 30 5
  • PROS
  • Easy process to spoof iPhone location.
  • Multiple handy tools for iOS device management.
  • CONS
  • Take up too much storage space as a location spoofer.
  • Unstable performance in spoofing location.
  • Trigger alerts from antivirus software.

To sum it up, iTools Virtual Location is easy to use and offers basic location-changing options. You can set a virtual location and simulate GPS routes with various modes and speeds. However, it seems too big as a location changer. Besides, the instability in location spoofing is a big problem that can't be ignored. That's why we need an iTools Virtual Location alternative.

Part 2. Best iTools Virtual Location Alternative

If you want an expert and lightweight location changer for your iPhone, you shouldn't miss imyPass iPhone Location Changer. It focuses on location spoofing and can fulfill any location-changing needs on your iOS devices.

iPhone Location Changer

4,000,000+ Downloads

Spoof your iPhone location with history records.

Perfect match for location-based AR games.

Customize virtual routes and speed with three modes.

Support almost all iOS devices, including the latest iOS 17.

Free Download Free Download
Step 1Download and install imyPass Location Changer. Next, launch the location changer and connect your iPhone to your computer. Connect iPhone to Computer Step 2To spoof your iPhone location, click on the Modify Location option on the left. Modify Location Step 3You will see a map and your current location on it. Enter the place you want to change to in the search box in the top left corner. Or directly find the place on the map and click on it. Finally, click on Confirm Modify. Change Location

After following the steps above, your location will be changed to any place you want. imyPass Location Changer is purely designed for location spoofing. Unlike iTools Location Spoofer, it won't take up much of your storage space, and it has a more stable performance. Since its small size and excellent features, it has become a popular choice worldwide. If you simply need a location changer for your iPhone, imyPass Location Changer will be a wiser choice. For iPhone users, here are some additional solutions and tips for your iPhone management. Read the tips below if you find it is helpful.

Part 3. FAQs of iTools Location Spoofer

Where is the virtual location on iTools?

Open the iTools and click on the Toolbox at the top. You can find Virtual Location in the Device Toolkits on the left.

Is iTools compatible with Android?

No. iTools supports iOS devices only.

Are location spoofers illegal?

It depends on whether you are using it legally or not. If you use it simply for playing a game, it's not illegal. However, if you use the location spoofer for unlawful purposes, it's illegal.

Can location spoofing be detected?

Yes. There are possible ways to detect location spoofing. For example, you can verify the IP address. If the IP address doesn't match the GPS location, you'll know it is location spoofing.

Does a spoofer hide your IP address?

A spoofer doesn't hide your IP address. It only changes your GPS location. You can hide your IP address only by using a proxy or VPN.


As a management tool for iOS devices, iTools also offers a great feature: Virtual Location. This article gives a detailed review of iTools Location Spoofer. We discuss its main features, pricing, and limitations. iTools is powerful but not perfect in location spoofing, for its big size and unstable location spoofing. Therefore, we recommend a better alternative for you to consider. To better manage your Apple devices, we also recommend several tips and related tools in case you might need them.