Why and How to Fix No Location Found on My Find Friends

The Find My app is the location application to share your GPS with friends and families. Once enabled, your live location can be shared and synced with others with Find My. Even if you are in the movement, they can get your direction fast. However, it is frustrating to see the message 'No Location Found' on Find My Friends, when you try to check your friend's location in the Find My app.

What does no location found mean on Find My Friends?

Why does the message appear?

How do I fix that and access the location again?

Here, we will explain that message in detail, provide quick solutions to repair it, and help you find the location quickly.

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Part 1. What Does No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends?

No Location Found on Find My Friends is an error message on Apple devices.

When you have set up Family Sharing and enable Location Sharing, your family members and friends will automatically show in the Find My app.

To access the live location of the members, all Apple devices should run:

◆ watchOS 6 or later

◆ iOS 15 or later

When you or your members turn on Share My Location, all of you can share and see the live location.

However, if you see the error, No Location Found, on Find My Friends, that means the location of the Apple device that you want to check stops sharing.

For the detailed reasons for this location was not found, that is the next part will explain.

Part 2. Reasons and How to Fix No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends

There could be various reasons for this message: No Location Found on Find My Friends:

Location Services Are Disabled

Solution: To solve that, you need to share your location with your friend first and can send a request to ask them to share their location back.

Step 1Share your location with your friend.

Open the Find My app on your Apple device and select the People tab.

On the right corner, hit the Add button, choose Share My Location, then input the friend's name or phone number that you want to access. After that, select Send, and choose the share location time.

Share My Location iPhone Step 2Send Ask To Follow request

Launch the Find My App on your device and navigate the People tab. After that, find your friend from the contact list and scroll down to hit Ask To Follow Location.

Ask to Follow Option Step 3Access your friend's location

After your friend agrees to share their location with you, they must run the Find My app on their device and find the People tab. Navigate your name, and choose Share under your name to let you access your friend's location.

Access Friend Location

After that, you can see and follow the directions to that friend's current location.

Poor GPS Signal or Internet

Reason: Most Find My features rely on cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. But sharing location can also be available with the satellite. So, when you cannot find the location or find my friends not updating location on My Find Friends, it may be led by the poor Internet connection to the GPS signal.

Solution: Just move outside with a clear vision of the sky and horizon.

Tips :

To use Share My Location with satellite, turn it on before disconnecting from Wi-Fi or cellular data. Open the Find My App, hit Me, then toggle on Share My Location to enable it.

Offline Apple Device

Reason: Once the device of your friend is powered off or in airplane mode, then this app will not work to share the real-time location.

Solution: Just turn it on and use the device normally.

Technical Issues

Reason: Sometimes, technical issues with the app or the person's device can prevent it from reporting their location accurately. Or, you can only get an approximate location from my friends updated last time.

Solution: To solve that, you need to contact the Apple support team or restart the device to check this problem is fixed.

The above explains why and how to fix the error, No Location Found on Find My Friends. It is easy to follow the solutions. However, it is important to respect the privacy and preferences of the person you are trying to locate.

Part 3. How to Spoof Your Real Location on My Find App

As mentioned above, your friend may not want to share their location to protect their privacy. Just the opposite. You may be unwilling to share your location with the others. To safely keep your location private, you can fake your location. That is why imyPass iPhone Location Changer appears.

imyPass iPhone Location Changer is an easy GPS spoofer for iOS users. It can change and fake your location on Find My iPhone and iPad. It lets you select the location through the world and pretend it is yours. Besides, it can plan your routes in 3 modes and customize the speed to pretend you are moving. No matter whether you want to set a fake location in playing a game or share a spoofing location to protect your privacy, it can be the best mate

Follow the steps below to spoof your location right now.

Step 1Plug Your iPhone to computer

Free download this location faker on your computer. Get the USB light cable to plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer.

Step 2Change Location

To change your location and fake yourself, just click on the Modify Location option.

Modify Location

After, a map will appear with your current location. Just drag the map to any location that you want to spoof. Alternatively, you can also use the Search option to input a place.

Once you decide on the location, click the Confirm Modify button to change and fake your location.

Change Location

After that, you can turn on the Find My app and share the fake location.

Easy, right? You can also select the other 3 modes, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode, to start a movement plan.

Part 4. FAQs of No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends

No Location Found vs. Location Not Available, what is the difference?

They are both the message errors found in the Find My App. No Location Found means technical issues caused this error or the other stopped sharing location. Location Not Available means the person has stopped sharing the location.

How do you know if someone turned off their location?

If someone turns on their location, you will see the message Location Not Available.

Why can't I see someone's location even though they share it on iPhone?

There are various reasons for you not seeing someone's location even if they are sharing:
Poor internet connection or satellite signal.
You did not add someone to your Family Sharing.
Someone's iPhone is in airplane mode or powered off.

Do you get notified when someone stops sharing a location?

It all depends. To receive a notification from a friend, you need to make the notification settings. Then, once your friend changes or stops a location sharing, you will be notified. However, you can add up to 25 Notify Me notifications.


Accessing your friend's location can help you arrive at a place correctly or know their safety. However, the message, No Location Found on My Friends App, may be concerning. This article explains the reasons and provides four solutions to fix this error. It is also essential to respect their privacy if they do not want to share the location. So, we also recommend a GPS location changer tool to spoof your location and keep you safe. Free download this tool to have a try when you want to fake your location.