GPS JoyStick Review and Tutorial for iPhone Users

GPS JoyStick is a tool to fake and change location on your iPhone. The location changer program can help you change your GPS in playing AR games, protect your privacy, and mock yourself on social media. However, still, there are users having the following questions: Is GPS JoyStick reliable? Is GPS JoyStick safe? Is GPS JoyStick free for iOS?

To find the answers, check this review. In this article, we will review this software and show more details. Continue reading and explore more.

Review GPS JoyStick

Part 1. What is GPS JoyStick?

GPS JoyStick is a tool to mock your iPhone location and think you are in San Francisco, London, or other cities worldwide. Such location changer apps enable you to fake your location in playing games and spoof your GPS in social media to secure your privacy. It lets you input any latitude or longitude directly to locate anywhere or drag and drop the direction in the map to navigate where you want to be.


◆ Modifies GPS position quickly and simply.

◆ Using any number of points on a map, create and save a route, then walk automatically.

◆ 4 modes to change iPhone location and plan the routes.

◆ GPX files can be imported and exported to custom markers, routes, or favorites.

◆ Adapt the speed on a route map.

◆ Many configuration possibilities for total user personalization

Part 2. GPS JoyStick Review

Change iPhone Location in Real-time

GPS JoyStick lets you change the iPhone location in real time. You just change the location by clicking the place. Then your iPhone GPS will be varied immediately. You can use it to create a virtual location without root requirements. Therefore, when you play an AR game like Pokemon Go on your iPhone, you can change your location to catch more Pokemon.

Control Direction via Arrows

The feasible arrows are simple to manipulate when you pretend to be where your iPhone is. All you have to do is adjust your directions accordingly. Then, using the up and down arrows, navigate forward or backward to find the location you wish to reach.

Move GPS by Keys

You can use the arrow keys and hotkeys for W, A, S, and D to control your GPS movement instead of dealing with annoying mouse clicks. With a single key, you instantly jump to any point on the map. It showcases two distinct scenes: GPS movements done automatically and GPS movements performed manually.

  • PROS
  • Version without cost for basic needs.
  • Simple and easy-to-use UI.
  • Able to quickly alter GPS location.
  • Excellent client service.
  • CONS
  • Limited time in the free trial version.
  • The app is not very intuitive.
  • Cybersecurity risk.

Part 3. How to Use GPS JoyStick

To use GPS JoyStick for changing iPhone location, just free download this software from your computer.

Step 1Connect your iPhone to your computer, and run GPS JoyStick on the computer.

Then unlock your iPhone, and tap Trust on your iPhone to confirm the establishment.

Once the connection is done, GPS JoyStick show your iPhone automatically.

Click the Start button in the interface.

Start GPS JoyStick Step 2Here are 4 modes for your selection:

Teleport Mode: Change iPhone location instantly

Two-spot Mode: Emulate the movement along a route using GPS.

Multi-spot Mode: Simulate movement along intricate, multi-stop routes.

Joystick Mode: Manually control movement.

Select the mode that you need. Here we will take changing iPhone location as an example.

Just select Teleport Mode, then search for a location to select your wanted destination.

Find the Faked Location

Or zoom and pan the map to locate the place.

Finally, click Move Here, and your iPhone’s location will instantly change to the new location.

Change iPhone Location

Surely, you can use the other modes to arrange your route in the fake GPS.

Remember that GPS JoyStick has a limited time in hours, and you have to quickly decide to purchase it before the time expires.

Part 4. GPS JoyStick Alternative

When GPS JoyStick is not working or crashes, you can try GPS JoyStick alternative.

To spoof your location immediately, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1Connect Your iPhone to the Computer

Begin by plugging your iPhone or iPad into your computer using a USB light cable. You'll also need to download a location faker software on your computer.

Step 2Alter Your Location

To change your location and create a fake one, simply click on the Modify Location option. A map displaying your current location will appear. You can either drag the map to your desired spoofed location or use the Search option to input a specific place.

Modify Location

Once you've decided on the location, click the Confirm Modify button to implement the change and fake your location.

Change Location

Afterward, you can find your iPhone location has been changed. It's quite simple, isn't it? You can also explore three other modes: One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode, to initiate a movement plan.

Part 5. FAQs of GPS JoyStick

Is GPS JoyStick safe?

GPS JoyStick is a tool that allows users to spoof the GPS location, primarily for gaming or other location-based applications. Its interface is clear and safe. However, it would help to be careful when using it in specific circumstances.

Can fake GPS locations be tracked?

An application simply retrieves the GPS data provided by the device, meaning that if you manage to manipulate the location, the monitoring app will detect the altered location rather than the device's genuine one. Deceptively altering your location isn't a simple task.

Is faking GPS location illegal?

Illegally manipulating someone's device to alter its location without their permission is a prohibited act. Falsifying a GPS location can cause disruptions to essential public services, and authorities treat such violations with utmost seriousness.


When looking for an iPhone location changer app, GPS JoyStick is an option to have a try. In this review, we focus on the features, pros, and cons of this software, to help you get a deep understanding of this tool. Also, you can follow the tutorial to use this software in playing location-based games like Pokémon GO, geocaching, or for privacy and security reasons. Besides, we also provide an alternative to GPS JoyStick, when this program shuts down or locked. Also, keep in mind that some uses of GPS spoofing can violate the terms of service of certain apps and games and may be against the law in some cases.