Detailed IP2Location Review and How to Find IP Address

Starting from 2002, IP2Location has received 10 billion API calls for its non-intrusive IP address lookup. With a web API and numerous databases, it offers IP geolocation services for both online users and businesses. This review will help you understand what IP2Location can do and how to use it. If you happen to need such a tool or are simply curious about it, read the post and find your answer.


Part 1. Get to Know IP2Location

Whenever you want to access the location through an IP address, you need a tool like IP2Location. It can track the IP and give you geo-related information like city, country, coordinates, time zone, and more. There are numerous such tools in the market, but IP2Location stands out for its frequently updated databases. Apart from IP address lookup, it can also detect anonymous proxies, VPNs, data center IPs, etc. After testing its features, we've summarized what we like and dislike about the IP location finder.

IP2Location Verdict


  • Able to integrate into software and platforms.
  • Some free databases are available.
  • A long list of FAQs and guides on its website to help beginners.
  • The IP geolocation databases are updated frequently.


  • It's not as accurate as GPS location.
  • Expensive fee for the commercial plan.
  • Complicated process to use the database.

IP Geolocation Lookup

Enter the IP address, and you can get the following geolocation information: country, region, city, latitude, longitude, domain, ISP, time zone, net speed, etc. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6, which means you don't need extra lookup tools for different IP types. Moreover, IP2Location uses a non-intrusive way to retrieve geolocation information. The whole IP tracking process is unknown to anyone.

Proxy Detection

To detect proxy detection, you can rely on IP2Location for its up-to-date database. It owns a large IP2Proxy database that contains IP addresses of anonymous proxies, open proxies, and VPNs. Therefore, you can use it to detect suspicious visits, potential online fraud, and more. The IP2Proxy database gets updated every day for more accurate proxy detection.

Various Levels of IP Lookup and Proxy Detection Details

IP2Location offers extremely detailed information via an IP address. However, some users may only need part of the information. For different needs on IP address lookups and proxy detection, especially for businesses, it provides dozens of plans on databases. The less information it contains, the lower it costs. It's a fair deal for all users, since they can choose the specific database that suits their needs most.

Pricing Plan of IP2Location

It offers databases and web services for IP geolocation lookup and proxy detection. The price of the IP2Location Database varies from $980 to $33980; the IP2Proxy Database offers plans from $7980 to $79980. For its web service, it provides, location batch lookup, and proxy batch detection. You can pay for the web API service monthly or yearly. Pricing

Part 2. How to Use IP2Location

Here, we use the IP2Location demo version to show you how to get the geolocation on its web API.

Step 1

Go to its official website,, and click on TRY DEMO. Try Demo
Step 2

On the interface, you will see your IP address automatically appear in the search box. Below is the detailed geolocation information based on your IP analysis. If you want to look up another IP address, enter it in the search box and click on the LOOKUP button. IP Lookup
Step 3

If you want to share the information, check the information you need and click on the Share The Result button. You can share it as a link, image, BB code, or HTML. Share Result

Now, you have learned how to look up the geolocation information with IP2Location. The lookup process is easy without any expert knowledge. After the lookup, you can share the geolocation easily and quickly with four options available.

Tips: Is IP2Location Accurate?

Since IP2Location specializes in IP address lookup, is it always accurate? According to the official data, it has a 99.5% accuracy for country lookup and over 75% accuracy for city lookup. It indicates that it can't guarantee the exact location tracking. In fact, no IP location finder can ensure 100% accuracy. The results are largely affected by dynamic IP addresses, ISPs, proxies, VPNs, etc.

Part 3. Bonus Tip: Best Way to Prevent Location Tracking

As you browse websites, shop online, and chat with others on apps, your location is exposed to them via their servers. And it is what IP2Locaiton works for. IP trackers not only help you get IP geolocation. It also serves these businesses to enable them to analyze your information. Is there a way to avoid it? Luckily, we have solutions to prevent the tracking issue without violating privacy or interrupting your online activities.

imyPass iPhone Location Changer is the right tool to help you protect your location privacy on various apps and platforms. It's a reliable location changer for all iOS devices. You can hide and fake your location and change it to anywhere in the world with one single click. In this way, the apps on your phone can't get your real location, and your privacy is well-protected. Download it now and learn how to hide your location for higher security.

Step 1

Download and install the location changer on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2

Open it and connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. Remember to trust this computer on your iPhone when you are asked.

Connect iPhone to Computer
Step 3

Click on the Modify Location button on the left to change your iPhone location.

Modify Location
Step 4

Drag the map and zoom in and out to find the place you want to change to. Or directly enter the address at the top left corner. Finally, click on Confirm Modify.

Change Location

Above is how you can hide and change your location with imyPass Location Changer. You no longer need to worry about being tracked by apps or other trackers. As a powerful location changer, imyPass gives you more options for managing your location. Aside from changing location, you can also use it to make virtual routes, play location-based AR games, and customize GPS movements for your iPhone.


  • Is IP2Location safe to use?

    Yes. It won't steal your data and can detect suspicious visits using a proxy or VPN.

  • Can someone track my location?

    Yes. Some apps offer services to track you, and it's hard to detect. But you can use a phone location changer to turn location off in Life360 or other apps.

  • How many free IP addresses can I query using IP2Location?

    Without signing up, you can query 50 IP addresses per day with the free IP2Location demo. If you sign up, you will get a 200 daily query limit. Or you can choose the Free plan of for 30,000 IP Geolocation API queries per month (attribution is required).


IP2Location offers comprehensive services in IP geolocation lookup and proxy detection. In general, it's a relatively accurate, efficient, and trustworthy IP location finder among its competitors. However, some may be concerned about location leakage brought by these tools. To address these worries, you certainly need a reliable helper like imyPass Location Changer. As a mature and trusted product, it can defend any location tracking to ensure your online privacy.

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