Ultimate Guide to Freeze Location on Find My Friends

Find My is an effective app to track the location of your Apple devices. And the Find My Friends feature has become integral to social navigation. It allows you to keep connected with friends and family for safety. However, there are instances when you want to pause your location sharing temporarily. Today, this guide will give ways of freezing your location on Find My Friends, ensuring your privacy while still enjoying the app's benefits. Read on now!

How to Freeze Location on Find My Friends

Part 1. Benefits of Freezing Location on Find My Friends

Freezing your location on Find My offers several advantages. When you want to protect your location privacy, it is a direct way to turn it off. Meanwhile, it can reduce the risk of tracking by third-party apps or services. In addition, disabling the location on Find My can preserve the battery life of your iPhone. Therefore, you can freeze the location when it is not needed.

Part 2. 2 Ways to Freeze Location on Find My Friends

Way 1. Turn on AirPlane Mode

AirPlane Mode will turn off all wireless connections on your iOS device, including cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It can effectively freeze your location on Find My since the app relies on the network to update your location. Try this way directly!

Turn on Airplane Mode Step 1Please swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone screen first. Now, you can access the Control Center. Step 2Next, you can tap the AirPlane icon to activate the mode.


Once you turned off the AirPlane Mode, the location can be viewed on Find My again.

Way 2. Stop Sharing Location in Find My

Besides the AirPlane Mode, you can temporarily disable your location sharing in Find My. It can avoid your privacy leakage and protect your location security. Follow here to turn it off!

Free Location in Find My Step 1Open your iPhone and enter the Settings app. Step 2You can tap your name at the top of the screen. Then, choose the Find My option. Step 3Here you can toggle the switch off next to Share My Location.

After stopping sharing, Find My Friends is not updating its location anymore. Meanwhile, you will not feel like someone is watching whatever you do. Meanwhile, the others will receive the notification that says no location found on Find My.

Part 3. Bonus. Fake Location on Find My Friends without Them Knowing

If you want to fake location on Find My Friends, you can try professional software, imyPass iPhone Location Changer. It is a reliable tool to protect your location privacy without someone knowing. It gives you the direct option to modify any specific location globally. Whether you want to hide the actual location or enhance the gaming experience in VR games, you can try it! Moreover, it provides One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode to customize the walking route and speed. Therefore, nobody can know your actual location from Find My. Have a try now!

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Part 4. FAQs of Freezing Location on Find My Friends

Does Find My Friends work when iPhone is off?

No. The Find My app relies on the device's internet connection to update its location information. When your iPhone is off, it has no internet connection. Therefore, it cannot communicate with the Find My Friends servers. As a result, your location will not be displayed to your friends.

Can you set your location to somewhere else?

Yes. You can use some third-party tool to spoof your current location. Just choose one location you want to change with the help of the tool.

Is it safe to use third-party apps like imyPass iPhone Location Changer?

imyPass iPhone Location Changer are considered safe. When you want to use a third-party app, please choose a reputable app from a trusted developer before downloading and using it.

Will freezing my location affect other apps?

Of course. Turning on AirPlane Mode or stopping location services can affect other apps that rely on location data. For example, it is necessary if you want to use a map app.

Will friends be notified when I freeze my location?

No. Your friends will not receive a notification. However, they may see your location as Unavailable when they check your location status.


Whether for privacy, personal reasons, or simply to save battery life, freezing your location on Find My Friends can be done easily and discreetly. It provides a convenient way to maintain privacy or simply take a break from location sharing. With the methods outlined above, you can effectively control your location information. If you have any questions about turning off location on your iPhone, comment here!