Spotify Change Country - How to Get the World as Your Playlist

Due to licensing arrangements, Spotify Change Country presents access to varying music libraries from different locations. By changing it, you can access music available in the new location. You can perform this method manually, or the app will automatically adjust your content based on location. If you are new to this idea, you should rely on this article as we showcase different approaches you can take to change your location on this music library app.

Change Spotify Country

Part 1. When Will You Need to Change Spotify Country?

Changing your Spotify country can be beneficial for several reasons. First, it allows you to access local content specific to your new location. Different countries have varying music libraries due to licensing agreements, so updating your country ensures you can explore music available in your current area.

Second, changing your Spotify country ensures seamless service if you travel or relocate. Although Spotify automatically adjusts content based on your location, manual changes can be helpful.

Third, consider billing and payment methods. Some payment options may only work across some countries, especially for Spotify Premium users. By updating your country, you can use a valid payment method. Lastly, personalization matters. Spotify tailors recommendations, playlists, and localized content based on your country settings.

Part 2. What Will Happen If You Change Your Spotify Country?

If you own a free Spotify account, you can listen to tune in a different country for up to 14 days. After that period, you must return to your home country or create a new account in your new location. To listen during those 14 days, you'll need to change the appropriate setting. However, if you have Spotify Premium, you can use Spotify anywhere in the globe for as long as you like without needing to change your account settings. If you permanently move to another country, you must update your country settings on Spotify and change your payment method to one issued in your new country. So, whether traveling or relocating, Spotify has options to accommodate your music preferences.

Part 3. Best Tool for Faking Spotify Country & Go Around the World

If you want to change your Spotify country, imyPass iPhone Location Changer is reliable. It lets you modify your iPhone's location, indirectly affecting your Spotify region. This tool allows you to access Spotify content from different countries without physically being there. In addition to one-stop, you can enjoy other moving features such as a joystick, multi-stop, and modified location, which enhances the spoofing and makes it move better. So, if you are interested in using this app to change your location so you will hear more music around the globe, read the tutorial below:

Step 2

Prepare a USB cable connected to your iPhone and insert it into your computer USB port to establish a connection.

Connect iPhone
Step 3

Choose Modify Location as your change location mode. Although there are several other options, the Modify Location is best for this reason.

Choose Modify Location
Step 4

After that, select a region or country you want to visit and confirm it so it will start changing your location virtually without moving an inch from you.

Select Region

Part 4. Simple Way to Changing Spotify Country for Free & Premium Account

Whether you are a free user or a Spotify Premium subscriber, adjusting your Spotify country can enhance your music experience to the next level. Here is a complete tutorial on how to do it, whether you have a free or premium account!

When You Have a Free Account:

You can use Spotify in a different country or region for up to 14 days without changing your account settings.

Step 1

Logged your Spotify account and click Edit Profile.

Free Version
Step 2

Scroll down to the Country or Region section and select your new country from the list below. Your new country will only show when you are there.

Step 3

Click Save Profile to apply the changes you have made.

When You Have a Premium Account:

If you have the premium version, you can travel anywhere without changing account settings like the previous one. However, if you still want to change your country or region, follow the steps below.

Step 1

After logging into your Spotify account, go to Account and click Update next to the payment method.

Step 2

Enter a new payment method issued in your new country or region.

Step 3

The modifications will take effect from your next billing date.

Bonus: How Many Countries Spotify Have You Can Select On?

How many countries does Spotify have? Currently, it has over 237 countries and territories globally. Its presence allows music lovers to enjoy their favorite tunes across diverse regions. Whether you are in bustling cities, serene countryside, or tropical islands, Spotify has you covered!


  • Does changing region affect Spotify?

    Yes, changing your Spotify region can impact your experience. It affects the availability of content such as songs, albums, and playlists based on licensing agreements in different countries. Some content may not be accessible in certain regions.

  • Can you only use Spotify abroad?

    No, you can use Spotify in any country. However, the available content may vary based on your location. Premium users can travel without restrictions, while free users have limitations.

  • Why won't Spotify let me change my country?

    Spotify restricts frequent changes in the country to prevent abuse. If you encounter issues, follow the correct steps and consider contacting Spotify support for assistance.

  • How often can I change my Spotify country?

    Spotify allows you to change your country once every 14 days. This restriction prevents abuse and ensures a fair experience for all users. Changing your country affects the availability of content based on licensing agreements in different regions.

  • Can I use Spotify in multiple countries simultaneously?

    Absolutely! You can use Spotify across different countries. However, remember that the available content will vary based on your location. Premium users have more flexibility. They can travel without restrictions and enjoy their favorite tunes wherever they go. Free users, on the other hand, might encounter limitations.


How do you listen to Spotify in other countries? This can only become possible if you change your location through the default method we have here, or you can use a location changer app to assist you. So, if you want to enjoy listening to diverse songs globally and dive into their genre, you better do it now since it is legal and Spotify supports you. Be one with a different country and see which one fits your taste as a music lover!

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