Change Apple ID Region Using 3 Effective Solutions [Updated]

Embarking on a digital journey often requires adapting to new settings, and changing your Apple ID country can be a key aspect of this process. Whether you've relocated or wish to access region-specific content, understanding how to switch your Apple ID country seamlessly is essential. This article delves into the step-by-step guide, exploring the intricacies of changing your Apple ID country. Uncover the details, avoid potential pitfalls, and unlock a world of personalized digital experiences as we navigate the Apple ID country change process.

How to Change Apple ID Country

Part 1. How to Change Apple ID Country

1. Change Apple ID Country on iPhone/iPad

This method offers a direct and uncomplicated solution. You can swiftly achieve the desired outcome by adjusting the country/region settings of your iPhone or iPad's Apple ID directly on your device. Below, we've outlined detailed steps to walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition to your preferred country or region.

Step 1

Touch the Settings icon, then select your account's name. Next, opt for Media & Purchases. Proceed by tapping View Account, which will prompt you to sign in.

iPhone Settings
Step 2

Navigate to Country/Region and select Change Country or Region. Choose your new country and region, then tap to confirm.

Step 3

Review the Terms & Conditions, and tap Agree in the upper-right corner. Finally, tap Agree again to confirm your selection.

Pick Country

2. Modify Apple ID Country on the Computer

Aside from changing your Apple ID address on your iPhone or iPad, you also have the option to do so using your computer through iTunes. Below is an outline of the steps to learn how to change the Apple ID country on your computer.

Step 1

Begin by activating iTunes on your computer, then proceed to launch the application.

Step 2

Navigate to the top of the page and locate the Account option. From the drop-down list that appears, select Account Settings.

Step 3

Log in using your Apple ID credentials and access the Account information page. Click on Change Country or Region and select your desired new country or region from the options.

Change Apple ID Country iTunes

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  • Why can't I change my Apple ID country?

    Apple restricts country changes if you have active subscriptions, outstanding balances, or your Apple ID is associated with Family Sharing. Resolve these issues by canceling subscriptions, settling payments, or leaving Family Sharing.

  • Is there a limit to changing Apple ID country?

    Yes, Apple allows changing your Apple ID country once every 90 days. Frequent changes may be restricted to prevent misuse.

  • How long does it take to change Apple ID country?

    The process is usually fast, providing immediate access to region-specific content. However, additional verifications may be needed in certain cases, extending the process to a maximum of 24 hours. These protections ensure the security of your account and contribute to a smooth transition.


Changing your Apple ID region offers flexibility and access to region-specific content. Whether you opt for mobile or desktop methods through iTunes, the straightforward process ensures a seamless transition to your preferred area. Following the outlined steps and utilizing the appropriate tools, you can easily change Apple ID region to unlock new features and enjoy a tailored experience. Discover the versatility of your Apple device by exploring the possibilities that come with changing your Apple ID region.

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