Ultimate Review of 7 Best Distance Calculators

In today's increasingly connected world, it's more important than ever to quickly and easily calculate distances. Distance calculators are essential tools for travelers and fitness enthusiasts. These tools can provide accurate measurements between locations, which is crucial for various planning aspects. If you are looking for a great distance calculator, you are coming to the right place! Today, this article reviews the 7 best distance calculator apps for you. This review highlights the unique features, advantages, disadvantages, and other performances of every distance calculator. Choose one tool you like now! logistics

Distance Calculator Reviews

Part 1. Top 7 Distance Calculators [Best Picked]

Top 1. imyPass iPhone Location Changer

imyPass iPhone Location Changer is one of the best coordinate distance calculators in the market. It allows you to measure the distance between different locations. Therefore, you can better simulate and plan your walking route and speed on the map. It can highly enhance your experience in VR gameplay, such as Pokémon Go. Besides the precise distance measuring, this tool supports modifying your current location around the world. So that you can protect your location privay without the leakage risk. Now, get the distance calculator to start your measuring!

Change Location

Top 2. Apple Maps

Apple Maps is an ultimate navigation and mapping application developed by Apple Inc. It is the built-in mapping app for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS devices. Apple Maps can measure the driving distance between two addresses. But you need to enable your location. (Location is not available?) Meanwhile, it offers some key features, including real-time traffic updates, indoor maps, flyover mode, and turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, cycling, and public transportation. Once you use the map, you will see what a place looks like before you go there using 360-degree panoramic images. Then, make your travel or workout plan according to the distance!

Top 3. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps is a user-friendly navigation app that makes it easy to find your way. This app provides clear and concise directions, as well as a variety of other features such as voice navigation, traffic avoidance, and fuel station finders. With the help of MapQuest, you can measure the distance between 2 addresses in one click. After that, you can edit or export the distance information in a .gpx file without limitations.


Top 4. DistanceCalculator - Map tool

DistanceCalculator is a powerful navigation app that offers a variety of features to help you get around town or on the road. With DistanceCalculator, you can easily measure distances between two points. Simply enter the addresses or coordinates of the two locations, and DistanceCalculator will calculate the distance for you. In addition, it is easy to plan your routes with its clear and concise directions. And it allows you to select from a variety of options, including the shortest route, the fastest route, or the most scenic route.

Distance Calculator

Top 5. Distance Calculator Pro

Distance Calculator Pro is a powerful app that allows you to calculate distances between points on a map. It is a great tool for a variety of purposes, including planning trips, tracking workouts, and measuring the size of a property. With this tool, you can locate yourself on the map and create a pin at your current location. And you can search and save your routes for future reference or share them with your friends or family. More importantly, you can create an unlimited number of pins on the map, and the app will automatically calculate the distances between them.

Distance Calculator Pro

Top 6. Google Maps Distance Calculator

Google Maps Distance Calculator is a cross-platform map tool. It is compatible with mobile, desktop, and web browsers. This tool seamlessly integrates with Google Maps to provide accurate distance measurements. It allows you to effortlessly calculate the distance between two or more locations, whether you're planning a road trip or simply curious about the distance between two points of interest. Besides, it provides a visual distance representation that helps you view the calculated distance graphically on the map.

Google Maps

Top 7. Distance Calculator Free

Distance Calculator Free is a comprehensive and accurate app that is perfect for tracking workouts and drives. It is easy to use and provides various features that make it a valuable app for anyone who wants to stay fit or track their driving habits. This free app can track your location, distance, speed, and time. It graphically represents your location on a map. Meanwhile, it provides detailed metrics, including total distance covered, average, minimum, and maximum speeds. Moreover, the app offers a convenient pause feature, allowing you to halt the recording and resume it later temporarily.

Distance Calculator Free
Distance Calculators Platforms Best for Pros Cons
imyPass iPhone Location Changer Windows, macOS Users who want to spoof or modify their iPhone’s location coordinates for security or privacy reasons. 1. Can be used to simulate location changes.
2. Easy to use with 4 location modes.
3. Support customizing routes and speed.
Only available for iOS devices to modify locations.
Apple Maps iOS, macOS, watchOS, iPadOS Users who want a comprehensive mapping and navigation app with a built-in distance calculator. 1. Support a variety of routing options.
2. Offer turn-by-turn directions.
3. Include the traffic information.
It can be difficult to use on small screens.
MapQuest iOS, Android, web Users who want a reliable and easy-to-use distance calculator with a variety of features. 1. Can be used to generate route maps. 2. Offer a variety of other features, such as weather forecasts. Be cluttered with ads on the web map.
DistanceCalculator – Map tool iOS, iPadOS, watchOS Users who want to do route planning, find the shortest distance, and travel. 1. Share location to third-party social media apps easily.
2. Support editing path directly on the map.
The free version has many ads.
Distance Calculator Pro iOS, iPadOS Users who need a powerful and versatile distance calculator with a variety of features. 1. Create an unlimited number of pins on the map.
2. Customize your preferred distance unit in the meter or feet.
It has bugs sometimes.
Google Maps Distance Calculator iOS, Android, web Users who want a reliable and accurate distance calculator that’s integrated with Google Maps. 1. Support accurate distance measurements.
2. Offer various transportation modes.
It may not be as easy to use as some dedicated distance calculators.
Distance Calculator Free Android Users who want a free and easy-to-use distance calculator. 1. 100% Free to use.
2. Track your workouts and drives.
Lacks some of the features offered by more comprehensive mapping apps.

Part 2. How to Measure Distance Between Two Addresses

If you need to measure the distance between two addresses, you can use any of the distance calculators listed above. Let’s take the imyPass iPhone Location Changer as an example.

Step 1

Download and run this distance calculator on your desktop. Then, you can lick Start to enter the main interface.

Step 2

You should connect your iOS device to this computer now by reading the on-screen prompts. Tap Trust on your iPhone and enter the screen passcode to trust this computer.

Connect iPhone to Computer
Step 3

Here you will see 4 modes in the main interface. You can choose the Multi-stop Mode to view the map and start distance measuring.

Multi Stop Mode
Step 4

Simply enter your starting point in the top left corner. Then, mark your desired destination directly on the map. Now, the distance calculator will display the precise distance between the two points.

Measure Distance on 2 Points

Now, you can view the distance on the map. Meanwhile, you can add 2 or more locations to view the single distance. Just explore more sites as you like.


  • How to measure the distance between two addresses on Google Maps?

    Measuring distance on Google Maps is a straightforward process. Firstly, navigate to in your web browser. Secondly, search for the address you want to use as your starting point. Thirdly, you can click the Directions icon in the top left corner of the map to choose the target location. After that, you can view the single distance.

  • What is the best way to calculate distance?

    The best way to calculate distance depends on the specific application. In general, the Haversine formula is the most accurate method for measuring the distance between 2 points on the Earth's surface. Besides, if you want to calculate the actual distance in life, you had better use a map!

  • Can I use a distance calculator to plan a trip?

    Of course. Any walking or driving distance calculators can be used to plan a trip. These calculators can provide you with the distance between multiple points, as well as turn-by-turn directions.

  • What are the different units of distance used by distance calculators?

    Distance calculators typically support a variety of distance units. It includes meters, kilometers, miles, and nautical miles.

  • Can I use my iPhone or iPad to measure distance?

    Yes. You can download some distance calculator apps from the Apple Store. Most of them support measuring the distance between 2 points. For example, you can use one calculator to measure the flight distance.


After reading this review, you get 7 calculator apps to measure distance. It includes imyPass iPhone Location Changer, Apple Maps, MapQuest, DistanceCalculator, Distance Calculator Pro, Google Maps Distance Calculator, and Distance Calculator Free. You can read the review carefully and pick one distance calculator accordingly. More questions about distance calculators? Comment here!

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