How to Unlock Spectrum Phones Easily in 2 Excellent Ways

When you want to switch Spectrum to another carrier, you may find your phone can't recognize the SIM. That's because your phone is from the Spectrum mobile plan. Those phones are cheap but have SIM restrictions. So, how can you unlock Spectrum mobile phones to use other SIM carriers? Luckily, there are feasible ways to do that. This article will focus on Spectrum unlock phone. Please keep reading and you will how to unlock Spectrum phones in 2 ways.

Part 1: What You Need to Unlock Spectrum Phone

When you keep using your Spectrum phone, you can't unlock the SIM restrictions. Only when you put another SIM card in your phone, can you see the unlocking screen on your phone, and then you have a chance to get your Spectrum unlock phone. Besides, it would help if you had a way to unlock your phone. You can call Spectrum to unlock your phone or resort to an unlock service. In general, what you need are:

1. Another SIM card or eSIM.

2. A SIM unlocking service.

Part 2: 2 Ways to Unlock Spectrum Mobile Phone

There are 2 types of Spectrum unlock phone solutions - One is when a Spectrum phone can be unlocked, and the other is when it is not. What does it mean when your Spectrum phone can be unlocked, you only need to call the carrier to help you do that. When your phone can't be unlocked, which means it is a carrier-plan phone, you can only unlock the Spectrum phone through an unlocking service.

Use a Unlocking Service

Let's see how you can get a Spectrum unlock phone via a SIM unlock tool online. There are many methods to unlock SIM restrictions on your phone. To do that, you should know your Spectrum phone's IMEI number and specific phone model. IMEI number is crucial. You can even bypass the iCloud activation with IMEI on your iPhone.

Step 1

You should check your IMEI number first. Use your phone to dial *#06#, and then you will see the IMEI number of your phone.

iMei of Spectrum Phone
Step 2

Go to an online Spectrum unlock tool. Choose the network carrier of your phone and its country or region. Then, enter your Spectrum phone's IMEI number. Click the Unlock For Any Carrier button, and then you can have a Spectrum unlock the phone.

Unlock Spectrum Phone

Call the Carrier to Unlock Spectrum Phone

If your phone is not a promotional plan phone, you can easily get a Spectrum unlock code free from Spectrum. You should call your carrier - Spectrum and explain that you want to change to another SIM card. Then, you can unlock your Spectrum mobile phone with an unlock code given by Spectrum. Remember that the unlock code can only remove the SIM restrictions but can't reset a locked iPhone or iPad.

Sim Unlock Code

Part 3: Easily Unlock Forgotten Screen Passcode Before You Unlock Spectrum Phone

Since you want to unlock a Spectrum mobile phone, what if you forget the screen passcode of your Android phone? Even if you hard reset your phone, you still can't access your phone, let alone remove the SIM restrictions. In that case, you should not miss Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. This is a screen-unlock program for all who forget the screen passcode of a mobile device. You can quickly remove the screen lock and unlock your Spectrum mobile phone without effort.

Main Features:

Unlock the screen passcode on Android with one click.

Choose your phone brand to unlock the screen precisely.

Remove the screen lock while changing to another Android version.

Support various Android phone models and versions.

Step 1

Launch Tenorshare 4uKey for Android and plug your Spectrum phone into your PC or Mac. Then, click the Remove Screen Lock button to start unlocking your Spectrum mobile phone.

Start Spectrum Screen Unlock
Step 2

You should select your specific phone model and choose an unlock plan. If your phone model is old, you can choose Keep device data. Then, click the Start button to unlock your Spectrum mobile phone.

Choose Spectrum Phone Model


  • Are Spectrum phones unlocked after manufacture?

    It depends. Some phones are under a promotional plan, which is low price but has a SIM lock. In that case, you need to unlock the Spectrum mobile phone.

  • Is it legal to unlock Spectrum phone?

    Yes, it is. Every method you can find to unlock a Spectrum mobile phone is associated with the Spectrum official, which means no infringement.

  • Does a Spectrum unlock phone have any limitations?

    No, it doesn't. You only remove the SIM unlock on your phone, which won't affect other settings or features on your phone.

  • Will unlocking Spectrum's mobile phone erase my data?

    No, it won't. Unlocking SIM on a phone only removes the SIM-restriction technology within your phone. After you do that, your phone will not be reset and data not be erased.

  • Does a Spectrum unlock phone remove the FRP?

    No, it doesn't. There's no association between FRP and SIM restriction. When you unlock the Spectrum mobile phone, you still can't bypass the FRP on your phone.


This article tells you how to unlock Spectrum phone in 2 ways - one is from the official source, and one is with an unlocking tool online. Even though you have a method to unlock the Spectrum mobile phone, you can't do that with a forgotten screen passcode. How can you unlock the screen on a phone easily? You should try Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. This is the best way you can find to access your phone without any restrictions.

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