Ultimate Guide of Lenovo Factory Reset in Windows 10/8/7

How to factory reset Lenovo laptop?

To resolve some big problem like Windows system corruption, virus attack, driver failed to initialize, and program cannot find the service partition, and so on, you may finally turn to the Lenovo factory reset solution. Restoring system to factory defaults is one kind of thorough way to fix issues.

Lenove Factory Reset

This post gives you 2 easy ways to factory reset Lenovo laptop with Windows 10/8/7. Before you do that, make sure you have backed up all necessary data. Note that, the Lenovo factory resetting process will erase everything on your computer.

Part 1. Lenovo Factory Reset with OneKey Recovery

Lenovo OneKey Recovery is one preinstalled software on Lenovo and idea pad laptops. It is able to factory reset Lenovo laptop with ease. This Lenovo factory resetting method only works in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Window 10. Now you can take the following guide to reset your Lenovo laptop to the initial state.

Step 1Shut down your Lenovo laptop and then press the NOVO button to start the Lenovo OneKey Recovery system. The Novo button is either a small button, or pinhole with a backwards arrow icon next to it that resembles an upside-down U. Step 2Under the Novo Button Menu, there are several options offered there, such as Normal Startup, BIOS Setup, Boot Menu and System Recovery. Here you can select the last option to factory reset Lenovo laptop. NOVO Button Menu

You can also select the System Recovery option in the home window of OneKey Recovery.

Lenovo Onekey Recovery Step 3Now you will be guided to the Choose an option window. Choose the Troubleshoot option and then click on the Reset this PC. Toubleshot Reset this pc Step 4There are two options available, Keep my files and Remove everything. Pick the second one and then choose All drives. After that, you are given 2 choices, Just remove my files and Fully clean the drive. Select one based on your need and then click on the Reset button. Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop

Using this method to factory reset Lenovo laptop, you are required to select a Windows user and key in the password. What’s more, you should ensure the AC adapter is plugged in during the whole process.

Follow the similar steps, and you can easily factory reset HP, Dell, and more Windows laptop models.

Part 2. Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode

To restore Lenovo laptop back to factory settings, you can also do it in the Safe Mode. The follow steps will show you how to enter Safe Mode and factory reset your Lenovo computer.

Step 1Power off your Lenovo laptop and wait for a few seconds. Restart it and then press the F8 key repeatedly as soon as your laptop starts booting. Step 2Now you can see the Advanced Boot Options. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt and then press Enter. Open Advanced Boot Options Menu Step 3When the Command Prompt is available, you can type the rstrui.exe command and then press Enter. After that, you need to enter the password for the Administrator. Step 4Select System Restore under the System Recovery Options. Then you can follow the instructions to factory reset your Lenovo laptop. System Recovery Options

This method can be used in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. If you only need to fix some issues, you can also use the Repair Your Computer feature.

Part 3. How to Reset, Remove or Bypass Forgotten Password on Lenovo Laptop

When you need to factory reset Lenovo laptop, you are required to sign in your Administrator account. What if you forgot the password? Are you looking for a way to remove or bypass forgotten Administrator password?

Here we sincerely recommend the powerful imyPass Windows Password Reset for you to bypass or remove forgotten password with ease. It has the capability to erase any Windows administrator and other user account passwords.


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Part 4. FAQs of Lenovo Factory Reset

Question 1. What is Lenovo OneKey Recovery?

OneKey Recovery the backup and restore software which preloaded on Lenovo laptops. It is mainly designed to back up and restore your computer. OneKey Recovery system has a hard disk which contains a hidden partition to store system image file and OneKey Recovery system program files. But you should know that, Lenovo OneKey Recovery is not applicable to Think brands like ThinkPad. If your Lenovo laptop doesn’t have one, you can download it from the official site.

Question 2. What can I do with the NOVO button?

NOVO button can be be used to start Lenovo OneKey Recovery in Windows. When your Lenovo laptop can’t boot normally, you can press the Novo button in shut down state and then use the OneKey Recovery or System Recovery to fix issues.

Question 3. What's the difference between factory reset and hard reset?

Factory reset will remove all data and settings entirely from a device. It cleans the entire system and makes the device function again in a new form. Hard reset is mainly used to fix some issues when device does not function properly. It mainly resets the settings and clears all the memory associated with the hardware.


This post mainly talked about the Lenovo factory reset. You can learn 2 effective methods to factory reset your Lenovo laptop. If you forgot the Windows password, you can rely on the recommended imyPass Windows Password Reset to access your computer again.