Unveiling Secure Location Changer Tools: Reviews, Insights & Features

Whether for accessing region-restricted content, enhancing online privacy, or conducting market research, location changers offer a gateway to many possibilities. Finding the best location changer can be daunting with a vast collection of options available in the market. This article aims to simplify that process by presenting a thorough review of the most effective and reliable location changer tools.

From Virtual Private Networks to geolocation spoofers and beyond, this exploration will delve into their features, performance, security aspects, and overall effectiveness. It will give readers valuable insights to make informed decisions about location-changing needs. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a privacy-conscious user, or someone seeking unrestricted access to global content, this article is the companion that helps you discover the top location changer tools available today.

Best Location Changer Reviews

Part 1. When Do You Need to Change Your Location?

Best free VPN location changes are valuable solutions in various scenarios, offering a range of benefits and functionalities. Understanding when to employ a location changer tool can significantly enhance your online experience. Here are some everyday situations where changing your digital location becomes essential:

1. Accessing Geo-Restricted Content

Numerous streaming platforms, websites, and online services limit access based on geographical location. A location changer tool, such as a VPN or a proxy server, allows you to bypass these restrictions, enabling access to region-locked content like movies, TV shows, or websites available only in specific countries.

2. Enhancing Online Privacy and Security

Protecting your digital footprint is crucial in today's interconnected world. Changing your location through a reliable VPN can encrypt your internet connection, safeguarding your data from hackers, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), or potential surveillance, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks.

3. Overcoming Censorship and Government Restrictions

A location-changer tool is a gateway to unrestricted information in regions where internet censorship is prevalent. It helps bypass government-imposed restrictions, allowing users to access content, social media platforms, or news websites that might otherwise be blocked.

4. Optimizing for Better Pricing and Deals

E-commerce websites and online services often vary their pricing based on users' locations. By changing your digital location, you can avail yourself of better deals, discounts, or more favorable pricing for various products or services.

5. Testing and Development Purposes

Simulating different geographical locations is essential for developers, marketers, or researchers to test website functionalities, conduct market research, or analyze localized content strategies. A location changer tool facilitates this by providing access to various virtual locations worldwide.

Understanding these scenarios and recognizing the need to change your digital location can empower you to leverage location changer tools effectively. Whether for accessing global content, fortifying your online security, or conducting professional tasks, changing your location digitally offers a versatile solution in today's digitally connected landscape.

Part 2. 5 Best Location Changers for iPhone & Android That You Might Not Hear Of

1. imyPass iPhone Location Changer

imyPass iPhone Location Changer is designed to facilitate easy alteration of locations, providing features for GPS spoofing and simulated movement. Also, it is an iOS-exclusive tool focused on altering iPhone locations. This iPhone location changer provides a user-friendly interface and a suite of features to manipulate GPS data seamlessly.

imyPass iPhone Location Changer

Key Features:

◆ Simulate your movement with One-stop, Multi-stop, and Joystick modes.

◆ Set a custom speed from 1 m/s to 50 m/s for faster movement.

◆ 100% safe to use for hiding actual location and protecting privacy.

◆ Accessible on any iOS device, including the latest release of iPhone and iPad.

◆ Check and use previous locations and save common-used spots.


◆ Compatible solely with iOS devices

◆ It can be monitored and change your location on Windows and Mac


◆ A 1-month license for Individuals costs $9.90

◆ 1 quarter license for Individuals costs $19.90

◆ 1-year license for Individuals costs $39.90

◆ Lifetime license for Individuals costs $69.90

◆ Business plans can range from $54.90 up to $99.90


  • Best for playing location-based AR games.
  • Best intuitive interface
  • Accurate location manipulation
  • Multiple simulation modes
  • Catering to diverse iOS user requirements.


  • It is unavailable for Android devices.

2. Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Fake GPS Location Spoofer offers simplicity and effectiveness and aims to provide an uncomplicated yet robust solution for modifying GPS location data, which is suitable for location changer apps.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Key Features:

◆ Allows manipulation of GPS data

◆ Setting customized coordinates

◆ Direct movement simulation on the map.


◆ Available on Android 6.0 or later


◆ Free to download


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customization options for location settings
  • Ability to save frequently used locations


  • Ads in the free version

3. iMoveGo

iMoveGo emphasizes precision in location spoofing and route simulation, presenting itself as a reliable tool for accurately altering iPhone and Android GPS data.


Key Features:

◆ Provides precise location spoofing

◆ Movement simulation

◆ Location-based sharing functionalities

◆ Import or export GPX files

Platform: iOS and Android


◆ VIP 1-month Plan $14.99

◆ VIP Lifetime Plan $89.99

◆ SVIP 1-month $19.99

◆ SVIP Lifetime $119.99


  • Replicate GPS movement with a joystick in games
  • Easy to use
  • Available on any latest version of devices


  • Limited features on the free version

4. iTools Location Changer

iTools Location Changer offers GPS manipulation and support for geolocation-based gaming, targeting seamless location changes, which is best for being an iOS location changer.

iTools Location Changer

Key Features:

◆ It supports GPS location manipulation

◆ Restoring and backing up iOS data

◆ Mirror iOS screen on PC or Mac

◆ Customized ringtones from saved audio on the device

Platform: iOS 12 or lower


◆ Platinum price is $69.95 to $129.95

◆ Premium License $30.95 to $34.95


  • Extensive features supported
  • Efficient location spoofing capabilities
  • Best performance for iOS 12 or lower version


  • Accessing the best features requires a premium subscription
  • Requires Apple driver installation on computer
  • Error popup on screen without driver

5. GPS JoyStick

GPS JoyStick offers a unique interface with joystick-like controls for precise location manipulation and map movement simulation.

GPS Joystick

Key Features:

◆ Keep GPS location private

◆ Simulate GPS movement more freely to Joystick

◆ Flexible GPS modes for routes and speed

Platform: iOS devices


◆ 1-month $8.99

◆ 1-quarter $16.99

◆ 1-year $39.99

◆ Lifetime Plan $55.99


  • Customizable speed settings
  • Joystick-like controls
  • Ensuring precise manipulation of location data


  • Not supported on Android
  • It has bugs and glitches


  • What is the best location changer for PC?

    Some highly regarded options include well-established VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Surfshark, which are known for their large server networks, strong encryption, and user-friendly interfaces. Other location-changing software includes free tools like ProtonVPN or TunnelBear, which offer limited features but can be suitable for basic location spoofing needs.

  • What is the difference between a VPN and a location changer?

    A VPN or Virtual Private Network primarily focuses on encrypting your internet connection, routing it through servers in different locations, and providing online privacy and security. While it can change your apparent location by masking your IP address, its primary function is to secure your internet traffic. On the other hand, a location changer alters the geolocation data your device sends, such as GPS or Wi-Fi-based location information, to provide a virtual location different from your actual physical location. Location changes are often used for specific applications or services that rely on geolocation information, whereas VPNs offer a broader scope of online security and privacy features.

  • Can someone track my phone while using a VPN?

    A VPN on your phone encrypts your internet traffic and changes your IP address, providing an added layer of privacy and security. While a VPN masks your IP and makes tracking more challenging for most entities, like your internet service provider or potential hackers, it doesn't make you untraceable. If someone has access to the underlying system or uses other tracking mechanisms, they may still track your device to some extent.

  • Can location changer apps bypass geographically restricted content like streaming services?

    Location changer apps, especially VPNs, are commonly used to bypass geo-restricted content by altering your digital location to a region where the content is available. However, the effectiveness can vary depending on the service and its measures to prevent location spoofing. Some streaming platforms employ sophisticated methods to detect and block VPNs, making it more challenging to access geo-restricted content.

  • Do location changer apps impact internet speed?

    Yes, location changer apps, particularly VPNs, might impact internet speed. Encrypting and rerouting your internet traffic through servers can introduce a slight decrease in speed. Premium VPN services often invest in better server infrastructure to minimize this impact, providing faster speeds compared to some free VPN or location changer apps.


With the GS location changes we have reviewed here, you can make your location private for various purposes so that no one can track where you are today. We hope the information gathered here widens your idea about this timely topic.

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