Check GSM Unlocked Meaning and How to Use GSM Unlock Tools

When you learn how to unlock the SIM restrictions on your phone, you may encounter something like GSM unlock. What is that? What are unlocked GSM phones? This concept has yet to be widely known but will influence SIM unlock to some extent. This article will explain what GSM unlocked means and introduce two ways to unlock GSM phones. It will help you remove SIM restrictions easily.

Part 1: GSM Unlocked Meaning - What Are GSM Unlocked Phones?

What does GSM unlocked mean? First, you should understand GSM, a widely used phone band and communication standard within many phones. This concept was first used in second-generation (2G) wireless communication. However, the terminology GSM is still used in new communication technology.

Many phone brands, such as T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, use GSM technology. Therefore, GSM unlocked means that you can switch between any carrier using GSM, such as T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Gsm Phones

However, there's still another communication technology and phone band - CMDA. It is not compatible with GSM. It means that unlocked GSM phones still can't change to network carriers using CMDA, such as AT&T and Verizon. Also, if you unlock a Verizon phone, you still can't use GSM network carriers.

Part 2: Check How to Use 2 GSM Unlock Tools

If you've learned the GSM unlocked meaning, then why not keep on learning how to use some powerful GSM unlock tools? This article will introduce two excellent ways to unlock your GSM phones.


DirectUnlocks is a powerful GSM unlock tool. It only asks for your phone's IMEI number to unlock the SIM restrictions.

Step 1

You should find the IMEI number on your phone before you get the GSM unlocked. Dial *#06# to see the IMEI number of your phone. But if you have an iCloud-locked iPhone, and the phone is locked, you can tap the Information button on the bottom to check the IMEI number.

Check Imei Uumber
Step 2

Go to DirectUnlocks and select the country or region of your carrier. Then, check your carrier brand. Finally, enter your phone's IMEI number. Click the Unlock For Any Carrier button to get an unlocked GSM phone. This tool will unlock the SIM remotely, and you must pay for the deal.

Unlock Gsm Directunlocks


UnlockBase will help you unlock your GSM from an email. You still need to provide your phone's IMEI number. What's thoughtful about it is that you can view specific phone models it supports.

Step 1

Go to UnlockBase and choose your phone brand. It will show exactly what phone brands can be GSM unlocked.

Choose Phone Brand Unlockbase
Step 2

Offer your phone's IMEI number and your valid email address. UnlockBase will send you an email that tells you how to unlock the GSM. You also need to pay the bill to unlock the SIM restrictions.

Offer iMei and Email

Part 3: Easily Bypass Screen Passcode Before Unlocking GSM

It's really easy to get an unlocked GSM phone. However, let's assume you buy a second-hand phone with an unknown screen passcode; how can you keep using another carrier? What you should turn to is Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. It will unlock your screen when you have yet to learn the passcode. When you get a GSM-unlocked phone, you will encounter no restrictions if you can also keep 4uKey for Android for yourself.

Main Features:

Erase the screen lock passcode on any Android brands and versions.

Confirm your phone brand so that the screen lock can be removed accurately.

Remove screen lock on older Android phones without data loss.

Unlock your screen while changing the OS version.

Step 1

Launch Tenorshare 4uKey for Android and connect your Android phone to your PC or Mac. Click the Remove Screen Lock on the main interface.

Select Screen Unlock 4ukey
Step 2

You'll see two options. If your phone is in old model, you may unlock it without data loss. If your phone is not old, it will reset your phone to unlock the screen lock. Please select a plan.

Unlcok Screen With Data Loss
Step 3

You can click the Start button to unlock the screen passcode on your Android phone. After that, you can get an unlocked GSM phone with full access to a mobile phone's features.

Screen Unlock 4ukey


  • Can I use carriers abroad on an unlocked GSM phone?

    Yes, you can. When you have your GSM unlocked, you will be able to use any carrier in the world, as long as it uses the GSM band and telecom technology.

  • Are GSM unlock tools free to use?

    No, they aren't. You should pay to ask the GSM unlock services to unlock your phone. In most cases, they will send you an unlock code, which is never free to obtain.

  • Will GSM unlock tools unlock eSIM restrictions?

    No, they won't. GSM doesn't support virtual SIM. Therefore, no eSIM is included in GSM technology.

  • Will unlocked GSM phones get privacy loss?

    No, they won't. GSM will remove the technique inside your phone that regulates what SIM is available. Even if you remove it, it won't affect your data and privacy.

  • How do I tell if I have a GSM phone?

    You can go to Settings on your phone and locate an option like About phone. Then, see if there's an IMEI number. If so, then your phone is a GSM phone.


You've learned what GSM unlocked means. This article also provides two excellent GSM unlock tools to help you use any carrier within the GSM technology. When you don't know the screen passcode, you can still unlock the SIM restrictions, but how can you access your phone? Take advantage of Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. This program can quickly erase screen passcode and other restrictions. You can obtain full features on your unlocked GSM phones.

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