How to See Screen Time on iPhone & Unlock Screen Time Passcode

Are you curious about your iPhone screen time? Uncover the mystery behind your digital hours with a simple check. Navigate to Settings, tap on Screen Time, and unveil insights into your app usage and daily habits. But that's just the beginning! Our in-depth guide goes beyond the basics, offering tips to optimize your screen time for a healthier digital lifestyle. Ready to take control? Dive into our comprehensive post for a closer look at mastering your iPhone usage. Take advantage of this; read on to discover how to check screen time on iPhone!

Check Screen Time on iPhone

Part 1. What is iRemove Tools?

Screen time on iPhone is a built-in feature that monitors and provides insights into your device usage. It is located in Settings and delivers a detailed daily and weekly screen activity breakdown, showcasing time spent on specific apps and categories. Furthermore, you can use it to set app limits, schedule downtime, and promote healthier digital habits for a more balanced and mindful interaction with your devices. To learn how to view screen time on iPhone, here is a guide you can follow:

Step 1

Begin by unlocking your iPhone device and launching the Settings app. Once inside, locate and tap on the Screen Time option.

Step 2

Activate Screen Time by tapping Turn On Screen Time and following the on-screen prompts. Confirm your selection by choosing This is My iPhone. This step ensures that the feature accurately tracks your device usage.

Step 3

Dive deeper into your digital habits by tapping See All Activity. Here, you'll discover detailed insights, such as daily and weekly usage patterns and average app usage. This will help you gain a complete understanding of how you interact with your iPhone.

Part 2. What is the Best Screen Time Period

When determining the best screen period, you must consider some factors. Weighing these factors, you can create a balanced and personalized screen time period that aligns with your lifestyle and promotes overall well-being.

◆ Assess the time needed for work-related tasks and ensure sufficient screen time for professional responsibilities.

◆ Allocate time for social interactions, both online and offline, to maintain connections and relationships.

◆ Factor in time for personal activities, hobbies, and self-care to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

◆ Consider breaks and moments of screen-free relaxation to prevent eye strain and mental fatigue and promote overall well-being.

◆ Be mindful of potential distractions during screen time and implement strategies to stay focused and productive.

◆ Ensure sufficient time for quality sleep by establishing a screen-free period before bedtime to improve sleep hygiene.

Part 3. What to Do if You Forgot Screen Time Passcode

If it happens that you forgot your screen time passcode, we highly suggest using imyPass iPassGo. This professional unlocker can help you take control of your screen time settings to make any changes. Furthermore, the tool can disable and change the screen time passcode without jailbreak, and no data will be compromised. In addition to screen time, you can also use it to bypass iCloud passwords, Face ID, and Touch ID. To discover how to unlock screen time without a passcode, follow the walkthrough beneath the key features.


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Step 1

Install the Screen Time Unlocker

Install the software by clicking the Free Download button overhead. Ensure you follow the prompt command to install it on your computer completely.

Step 2

Select Screen Time

Next, open the software and click the Screen Time mode from the main interface. After that, link your iPhone to the Windows or Mac computer where the unlocker was installed. Then, hit the Start button to continue.

Step 3

Start Removing Screen Time Passcode

On iOS 12 or later:

For iOS 12 or later, imyPass iPassGo instantly unlocks Screen Time passcodes. After completion, configure device settings. On the Apps & Data page, choose Don't Transfer Apps & Data to prevent loss. Opt for Set Up Later on the Screen Time page in Settings for complete removal.

On iOS 11 or later:

For iOS 11 or earlier, the tool instantly recovers the restrictions passcode if your unencrypted iTunes backup. If encrypted, input the passcode to decrypt the backup, then initiate retrieval. Be patient during the process. Once complete, the program reveals the current Restrictions passcode for resetting.

Pick Mode And Unlock Screen Time


  • How do I see screen timeout on the iPhone?

    To check the screen timeout on your iPhone, navigate to Settings and select Display & Brightness. From there, tap on Auto-Lock, where you can choose the desired timeout duration. This setting determines how long your iPhone's screen stays on when not in use, helping to conserve battery life and enhance privacy.

  • How do I see activity on my iPhone?

    To view activity on your iPhone, utilize the Screen Time feature. Access Settings, scroll down, and tap on Screen Time. You'll find a comprehensive breakdown of your daily device usage, including time spent on specific apps and categories. This insightful tool empowers you to make informed decisions about digital habits and set healthier usage patterns.

  • How do I measure the time on my iPhone screen?

    The Screen Time feature is invaluable for measuring your iPhone screen's time. Head to Settings, tap Screen Time, and explore the detailed activity report. This report overviews your daily screen time, breaks down usage by app, and offers insights into your device habits. It's an effective way to gauge and manage your screen time for a more balanced digital lifestyle.


Learning how to see screen time on iPhone is pivotal for fostering a balanced digital lifestyle. Understanding daily usage and analyzing app breakdowns empower individuals to take control of their screen time. With this knowledge, you can optimize productivity, enhance well-being, and balance your digital and offline worlds harmoniously. Explore the possibilities today and cultivate a healthier relationship with your iPhone.

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