Can You Delete Screen Time on iPhone? Find the Answer Here

Unlock the freedom to manage your iPhone without constraints by learning to delete Screen Time. Whether you want to customize your usage tracking or address privacy concerns, the process is essential. Discover step-by-step instructions to remove Screen Time on your iPhone and regain control over your device. Ready to take charge? Continue reading the post to delve into the simple yet effective process and liberate your iPhone experience. Don't miss out - scroll down to continue and empower yourself with newfound flexibility on how to delete Screen Time on iPhone.

Delete Screen Time on iPhone

Part 1. How to Delete Screen Time on iPhone

Screen Time is an integral iOS feature that can't be completely deleted. However, you can eliminate associated data by turning off the feature. Once Screen Time is disabled, it ceases to log individual app usage times. If your Screen Time is already off, there's no need to concern yourself with any existing Screen Time data. Follow these steps to deactivate Screen Time:

Step 1

On your iPhone, access the Settings app. Scroll through the options and select Screen Time from the menu.

Step 2

Then, move to the bottom of the page, tap Turn Off Screen Time, and confirm the action to disable it.

Step 3

Confirm the action to deactivate it. After that, you won’t see Screen Time data on your iPhone when using it.

Disable Screen Time

Part 2. How to Delete Screen Time on iPhone Without Passcode

Suppose you find yourself locked out of Screen Time settings due to a forgotten passcode. In that case, accessing and deleting the existing history becomes a challenge. imyPass iPassGo provides a solution by effortlessly removing the screen time passcode on your iPhone. This tool ensures no data loss except for the screen time history, allowing you to regain control. Discover the seamless process of utilizing imyPass iPassGo to eliminate the screen time passcode and easily manage your Screen Time settings.


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Step 1

Download and install the imyPass iPassGo application on your computer. Then, proceed to run the program to initiate its functionality.

Step 2

Opt for the Screen Time option to commence the procedure. Connect your iPhone to the program using a USB cable. Once the program detects your iPhone, click on Start. Ensuring that Find My iPhone is turned off before proceeding is essential.

Step 3

If you use iOS 12 or later, select Don't Transfer Apps & Data in the Apps & Data settings to prevent data loss. Pick Set Up Later in Settings when prompted on the Screen Time page to ensure the complete removal of the Screen Time passcode.

Step 4

After that, your iPhone will restart automatically. Once it boots up, disconnect it from the computer to completely access it.

Screen Time Unlock Mode


  • How to delete Screen Time history?

    To delete your Screen Time history on your iPhone, go to Settings, tap Screen Time, and select See All Activity. Swipe left on individual entries and tap Delete to remove them. For a complete reset, scroll to Screen Time in Settings and tap Clear Usage Data.

  • How to delete Screen Time data?

    To delete your overall Screen Time data, navigate to Settings, select Screen Time, and scroll down to the bottom. Tap Clear Screen Time Data to reset all your usage statistics.

  • How to delete Screen Time history for one app?

    To delete Screen Time history for a specific app, visit Screen Time in Settings, tap See All Activity, swipe left on the app, and choose Delete to remove its usage history.


In conclusion, removing Screen Time on your iPhone is a straightforward process. Following the outlined actions, you can easily delete the Screen Time passcode and regain control over your device usage. So, yes, you can disable Screen Time and customize your iPhone experience to suit your preferences better. Furthermore, occasionally checking your Screen Time activity to know your most used apps is advisable. There’s no more wondering if can you delete Screen Time, as this post covered everything you should know.

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